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8 Reasons to Switch Your Spa or Salon Software Now

Running a salon or spa during a global pandemic was not easy (to put it mildly). Many salons and spas were operating on razor-thin margins before COVID-19, and with social distancing guidelines and increased time required for cleaning your salon or spa, there was even more pressure on your bottom line.

More than ever, you need the best salon software or spa software to support your business. It’s time to make up for lost revenue. Clients are eagerly returning to their beauty and wellness routines. Make sure you have the software in place to capture the surge in demand you’ve been waiting for.

Here are eight reasons why now might be the time to switch your salon or spa software.

1. Your spa or salon software doesn’t make it easy for you to stay in touch with your clients—automatically

Your relationship with your clients remains vital. You need software that does this for you, automatically. Your software should foster those relationships and keep clients coming back. With Mindbody, you can send your clients updates on new services or reach out to clients you haven’t seen in a while, keeping your business top of mind. Marketing Suite automates your customer marketing and helps retain clients even when you’re focused on other parts of your business.

Marketing campaigns are more powerful than ever in Marketing Suite, too. You can whip up emails (automated or not) easily with templates that reflect your salon or spa's needs AND brand. With customizable smart lists, you can reach precisely the right clients with just the right message. Want to increase your average ticket price? Marketing Suite can promote enticing add-ons to clients ahead of a scheduled appointment.

Check out our Complete Guide to Email Marketing for Salons, Spas, and Wellness Businesses.

2. Your software doesn’t answer the phone for you

Hiring has been TOUGH. While you may have had sufficient front desk support in years past, you’ve likely had to rethink how your business handles day-to-day operations. Why not have your software take on some of the tasks you previously had to dedicate staff to?

If your software isn’t saving you and the rest of your team time, it’s time to ditch it. Mindbody spares your team tasks so they can focus on what matters most—clients. While Mindbody’s Marketing Suite automates your client retention efforts with eye-catching emails, Messenger[ai], Mindbody’s AI receptionist, handles your incoming phone calls—24/7.

When the phone at your business rings now, someone at the front desk has to pick up (even if they’re in the middle of assisting an in-person client), or you miss the call. Unfortunately, clients aren’t likely to call back. Missing calls means missing additional appointments and revenue.

Rather than hiring a small army to handle the phones, you can do what Takamichi Hair Salon did, and leverage Messenger[ai]. The salon’s colorist Jackie Fusco says, “Out of the last 928 messages that we received, only six of them needed human intervention. I only needed to step in and help six people out of 928 messages. If that’s not a timesaver, then what is?”

See just how helpful Messenger[ai] is for Takamichi Hair Salon.

3. It's hard for clients to book appointments

The success of your salon or spa depends on getting clients through your door. Your software should make booking services a breeze. Your clients are consistently on their phones—why not make it easy for them to book their next service right in the palm of their hands? With Mindbody, your clients can book however they want, the Mindbody app, directly from your website, or even your own branded app—they're all mobile friendly.

4. You’re using multiple, disparate software solutions to do everything you need

You need more than just a calendar from your software. Scheduling, marketing, payments, staff management: your salon or spa is doing it all, and your spa or salon software really should, too. There’s no need to try to piece together a solution on your own.

With Mindbody’s suite of tools, your business can flourish. The time you’ve sunk trying to get different systems to talk to each other is better spent focusing on what you actually love—bringing joy to your clients. Coordinate your staff schedule, get client info, process payments, get and retain clients, and more—all with one powerful software.

Even better? Mindbody has a robust network of integrated partners with solutions that work seamlessly with Mindbody.

5. You don’t have access to the right numbers

You need visibility into your business. Because Mindbody is an all-in-one solution, you can gauge the health of your business and take action with reports. You can readily see your revenue sources, understanding which locations, employees, products, or services are generating the most sales. See who your salon or spa's big spenders are and show them a little extra love. Track staff hours and payroll. Get insight into which offers are bringing in the new business. It’s easy to see when you need to restock inventory, too.

Mindbody tracks it all so you understand where your business has opportunity to improve.

6. Your spa or salon software doesn't connect you to a network of beauty and wellness enthusiasts

Mindbody customers gain new clients—simply through listing on the Mindbody app. Over 1.8 million active clients* are eager to book their next service and can't book at your business if you're not listed. Intro offers can bring in even more new clients.

See why Mindbody app users are precisely the demographic you want coming to your salon or spa.

7. Your software isn’t secure

Cybersecurity is crucial—whether you’re a single location or a global franchise. The stakes are simply too high. Hackers are becoming savvier, and they’re unlikely to stop any time soon. You don’t want your spa or salon to be the next victim.

Your salon or spa software provider should have industry certifications, comprehensive security policies, a mature incident response plan, a mature cyber risk management program, and a dedicated chief information security officer. Mindbody has all of these in place so you (and your clients) can have peace of mind.

Learn more about Mindbody’s dedication to keeping data secure and confidential here.

8. Your spa or salon software doesn't encourage clients to rebook

Don't let your clients forget to rebook with you. It’s imperative that your software not only minimizes rebooking friction but even does it for you automatically. With the business app, staff members can readily rebook clients the moment the service wraps—there's no need for clients to even visit the front desk.

If your clients do make it out the door before rebooking, you need software that automatically reaches out to set up the next appointment. Thirty minutes after clients leave the salon or spa, Messenger[ai] sends a follow-up text and asks if they'd like to book again. Customize the text to make sure it's the perfect messaging for your brand.

If they're not ready to rebook straight away, with Mindbody, you can automate emails to check in and remind them to book their next appointment.

Now's not the time to stick with software (cloud-based or not) that doesn't work for you. Mindbody supports small businesses, multi-location businesses, and franchises by providing the tools they need today and building what they'll need tomorrow. When you're running a business, you need software on your side.

*Data reflects Monthly average Mindbody app usage globally from October 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019. 

Now's the time for software that supports you.

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About the author:

Katherine Wernet

Katherine Wernet

Senior Campaign Program Manager


Katherine leads the salon and spa marketing strategy at Mindbody and is part of the team behind the Mindbody Wellness Index. While she started her career in film and television, a passion for small businesses won out and led her to Mindbody. She earned her MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management.

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