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All-in-one group training software

Automate daily tasks, manage your team, and create powerful experiences—all with one software.

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Group training software dashboard with clients, metrics, schedule, and more

More time to do what you love

Client booking group training class on mobile using branded schedule

Manage client classes and staff schedules in one place. Allow your staff to manage their own calendars, and let clients find and book your services everywhere they’re looking.

Client working out on rowing equipment and screenshot of client profile

Easily view client profiles and preferences in your group fitness software and enable your staff to deliver the personalized experiences clients crave.

Clients lifting weights together and a screenshot of autopay membership in cart

Simplify your admin and reporting process by moving every payment through your group training software. Easily run comprehensive payment reports and get the right point-of-sale hardware for your business.

Client and trainer talking and screenshot of group training membership options

Build stronger client connections to your brand with membership options in your group training software. Automatic, recurring revenue for you—member benefits for clients.

People-focused, AI-powered software

Client lead with scheduling options for membership proposal

Bring in and manage leads to grow your community

Easily track, nurture, and convert more clients, with less effort. Your system predicts which leads are likely to become returning members, so you know exactly where to focus your attention. No spreadsheets, no manual tracking. Just accurate intel to help you make smart decisions for your business.

And when your staff is busy with clients? Messenger[ai], your very own AI-powered front desk, automatically handles questions, makes sales, and books client appointments for you.

Automated marketing emails sent to different client groups

Retain clients with powerful, automated campaigns

Marketing Suite simplifies your marketing strategy and reaches more clients for you—directly through your group training software. Increase retention, convert drop-ins, and boost your bottom line with automated, customizable marketing campaigns. Smart contact lists identify ideal clients to reach for you, and ensure your messages make a strong impression.

Classpass and Mindbody apps on mobile devices

Two apps, one global network

Listing your business on the Mindbody app inspires new clients to try your services through instinctive, AI-powered intro offer and class recommendations—while listing on the ClassPass app turns your unused inventory into extra revenue. These apps are designed to create new client relationships and strengthen your existing ones. Focus on crafting excellent experiences while your software brings in group training clients for you.

Branded mobile app for group training business with design options

Everything you offer, one convenient location

With your own custom branded mobile app, clients can easily book their next experience, manage their schedules, and edit their profiles themselves in real time. Reach out to them with your best deals, or let clients know you miss them when you haven’t seen them in a while. It’s an easy, affordable, powerful way to turn clients into loyal brand believers.

"There are other software options out there, but there's no way they could have all the tools that Mindbody and ClassPass have."
Mara Prendergast

Mara Prendergast

Founder, Unite Fitness

Golden, Colorado

Everything you need in one group training software

Focus on doing what you love

  • Exclusive access to the industry’s largest global network of fitness consumers
  • Automated marketing tools that bring in and keep more new members
  • Unmatched support and services with real people focused on your business 

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Frequently asked questions

What is group training software?

Group training software is online wellness technology that helps business owners and fitness professionals simplify their operations and create memorable experiences for clients. It's designed to streamline class scheduling, centralize payments processing, expand your audience, and more, so your business can always stay a few reps ahead of the competition. Plus, group training software is built to scale as your community grows, so whether you’re just opening your doors, franchising in new territories, or launching your 100th location, your fitness business will always find the tools that it needs to succeed.


It may be hard to choose the right platform for your business, but you’ll know you’ve found the best group training software option when it comes with new ways to engage with your clients. These can be tools like progress tracking to record client improvement during training sessions, automated emails and texts that send the right message to the right member at the perfect time, or a branded mobile app that keeps your brand accessible on mobile, 24/7. The features available within group training software vary by package, so talk with a sales rep to find the one that’s best for your gym or studio.

Can group training software help me track client progress?

Yes, group training software has progression-tracking features that trainers can use to create unique, personalized experiences during workouts. Instead of your staff relying on binders, notebooks, or sticky notes, they’ll be able to use your group training software to create records of important client progress—class attendance, skills, ranks, and other progress metrics that are valuable to your workout plans. You’ll have the ability to create milestones in the software that reward your members’ loyalty and dedication, and all progress tracking info can be accessed by any of your staff members so they can always pick up right where your clients left off. It’s also cloud-based and fully integrated with your group training software, so trainers can quickly pull up client info anywhere they have an internet connection.

Can group training software help me instruct group training online?

Yes, group training software can help your business evolve by empowering your team to teach group training classes online. The landscape of the fitness industry has changed, and supplementing your in-person experiences with virtual training sessions can help you expand your reach and gain new revenue streams. Group training software offers an integrated virtual streaming platform, so you’ll never have to learn or manage a third-party system. 


The most common way to offer group training online is by live streaming your training sessions directly through your software. All you need to do is schedule your virtual class while clients book and pay as usual, and they’ll receive a link to the session 30 minutes before it begins. Your staff members will have the same management features as an in-person class, plus the ability to switch camera views and analyze metrics reports afterwards. 


You can also offer group training online for your clients by setting up an on-demand video library in your group training software. You can fill the library with your recorded live stream sessions or custom-designed, branded workout content, and clients will have a new way to experience your business and keep up with their routines and progress. An on-demand library creates added value for your memberships and can even be combined with the marketing features of your group training software, so your gym will always stay top of mind for your members. 

Can I launch a mobile app with group training software?

Yes, group training software can empower your business to launch a mobile app for your clients and members. With your app on their phones, they’ll be able to access your business directly and book and schedule with you at any time, boosting your retention rates and increasing their engagement and spending. Your mobile app will communicate directly with your group training software, updating your schedule in real time with every booking. You'll be able to connect with clients by using push notifications, keeping them up to date with deals, event announcements, class cancellation notices, and more. Plus, it’s easy to set up your mobile app. We'll build it with your colors and logo, you’ll review our design, and we’ll help place it in the Android and iOS app stores for clients to download.

How does group training software improve my sales process?

Group training software can organize, streamline, and improve your sales process by giving you a lead management system that’s built directly into the platform that runs your business. Instead of tracking leads on pen and paper or a third-party offering, you’ll have a dedicated CRM system that manages your sales funnel by automatically pulling in new client profiles, sending scheduled follow-ups, organizing all touchpoints, and more. Your staff will have easy access to all the details they need to convert more leads into members, and you’ll have the data to further refine your sales process. Lead management isn’t available with every group training software package, so work with a rep to find the package that’s right for your fitness business.

How much does group training software cost?

Group training software comes in packages at various price points, and the number of features included depends on the option that you choose. There’s a package with a limited number of tools designed for businesses that are just starting out, a package created for more established group training gyms with larger client communities, and more. You can even bundle your package with add-ons, like FitMetrix performance tracking or on-demand and live streaming solutions for group training online. To learn more about Mindbody group training software plans and pricing, visit the fitness business pricing page.