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Mindbody Capital

Business financing for the next era of wellness

Mindbody Capital equips fitness, beauty, and wellness businesses with the cash flow they need to grow and thrive.

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The freedom to invest in your future—your way

Let’s break down the barriers that stand in the way of where you want to take your business next. Want to hire more salon staff, add new wellness services, upgrade fitness equipment, or open new locations? With Mindbody Capital, you can.

“$11,500 so far for turf, equipment, supplies, payroll, and even a month of rent.  This allowed me margin while still fully functioning my studio, and is still allowing for me to stay ahead of things with less worry."

Emmanuel Sosanya, Intentional Fitness

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Tailored to your business, available any time

Mindbody knows your business is unique. Offers are based on the information in your Mindbody software, so they’re tailored to your specific fitness business, salon, or wellness studio. Accept as much as you need—leave aside what you don’t.

"Mindbody allowed me to feel ease in a stressful time of business. The payments are just deducted from the funds coming in... easy."

JoAnn Lockard, Breathe and Balance Yoga

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Simple, flexible funding designed for wellness

If you are eligible, you can view and accept offers right in your Mindbody software, and get the funds deposited in your account as soon as the next day. No interest, no hassle, no hidden fees—just simple access to the working capital you need to thrive.

"Fast, easy access to funding without a lot of hoops to jump through like a traditional business loan."

Jess Evans, Dance Factory Fitness 

"The speed of the process is great. I remember applying on a Thursday evening and finding out it arrived Friday afternoon. It’s almost like dipping into an existing bank account."
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Favad Malik

Owner, Yoga London

Ammon, Idaho

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Already a Mindbody customer?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is business financing used for?

Wellness businesses like yours rely on reliable access to working capital to meet a wide variety of business needs, including investments in equipment, hiring, or even just to have more cash on hand.

How is Mindbody Capital different from a standard loan?

Mindbody Capital is a cash advance, not a loan. With a cash advance, the offer is based on your sales and account history, and repayment includes a simple transparent fixed fee that you’ll know before you decide to accept the offer. A loan operates using interest, which can compound over time, and often includes other fees in addition to the stated interest rate.

What are the advantages of Mindbody Capital? 

Mindbody Capital is fast, simple, and aligned with the health of your business. With Mindbody Capital, you can access funds quickly, with no application or credit checks, and pay back only when your business generates sales. 

How much does a Mindbody Capital offer cost?

The total repayment amount of your Mindbody Capital offer includes just two things: the amount of the offer and the fixed fee—that's it. No hidden fees at any time.

How do repayments work?

A percentage of your daily sales is automatically deducted until your cash advance is fully repaid. If sales are up one day, you pay more; if you have a slow day, you pay less. On days you’re closed or don’t have any sales, you pay nothing.

How do you determine my business’s offer?

Offer amount and eligibility are based on a variety of factors related to your business, including payment processing volume, account history, and payment frequency.

Can I prepay?

You can make prepayments at any time at no additional cost after you have paid at least 25% of your Mindbody Capital advance through your Mindbody sales. The total amount you owe, including the fixed fee, does not change due to prepayments. There is no penalty for early repayment.

Is there any interest?

No. There is only one fixed fee.

Are there late fees?

No. There are no late fees or any other additional fees added to your total amount owed.

Does Mindbody Capital affect my credit score?

No, Mindbody Capital doesn’t affect your credit score. There are no credit checks, and we don’t require a personal guarantee for your business to get an offer.

How can I use the capital?

However you want, for any business needs. You’ll have the freedom to use the funding however you choose to invest in your business.

How can I learn more about Mindbody Capital?

Check out our infographic on Mindbody Capital.

How can I get started with Mindbody Capital?

If you're an existing customer, visit our support article to access Capital for more information.