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The all-in-one business software that powers your growth

Shape the future of your personal training business with our powerful fitness management software.

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Messenger[ai] features

The busier you get, the more you need help answering phones, booking appointments, and answering FAQs. Our AI-powered front desk assistant, Messenger[ai], is here to help.

Mindbody marketplace features

Join Mindbody today and put your business in front of the industry’s largest network of fitness lovers—you’ll get exclusive access to over 2.4M people who are discovering and booking on our marketplace.

Mindbody capital features

Mindbody Capital equips businesses like yours with cash flow to grow and thrive. No applications, collateral, or credit checks—just fast, flexible funding tailored to your business.

Manage your day-to-day

Get all the tools you need to run your personal training business

Mindbody scheduling features
Mindbody booking features
Mindbody marketing features
Mindbody staff management features
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Mindbody payments features
Mindbody reporting features
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Expand your reach

More revenue-boosting ways to run your business

Mindbody lead management features

Track client progress

Say goodbye to clunky binders and notebooks. We have flexible, efficient progress tracking integrated with each client profile, so you can edit and access the details you need to personalize every interaction.

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Build your brand

With our customizable and embeddable web widgets, your schedule will seamlessly integrate into your hosted site. Our code works with most major providers, including Squarespace, Wix, WordPress and more.

"If you want a million-dollar business, you need a million-dollar technology. For us, Mindbody is that technology."
Daniel Stein

Daniel Stein

Co-Founder, Special Strong

Personalize the way you work

With 90+ preferred integrations—from loyalty programs, to payroll, to door access and more—with Mindbody Integrations, you get your software, your way. 

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Trust our platform to help your personal training business grow

See how we’ll bring you:

  • More new clients
  • Increased membership revenue
  • Reliable, AI-enhanced tools

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with a personal training business? 

Opening your own personal training business is an exciting prospect. Here are a few things you’ll need to do to prepare:


  • Identify an optimal location
  • Draft a business plan
  • Secure financing
  • Ensure your space is well-equipped
  • Select the ideal management software
  • Recruit and maintain an exceptional support team
  • Create a remarkable and unforgettable customer experience

We have a comprehensive guide, with even more tips and links, on how to open a fitness business.

What kind of software should I use for online personal training? 

As your business grows, you need more centralized software that will help keep everything moving. Choosing an all-in-one software means consolidating 5-6 separate services into one. The Mindbody platform is designed to assist personal trainers, fitness professionals, and gym owners in managing their businesses, including scheduling sessions, tracking client progress, handling payments, and more.

Our software streamlines administrative tasks, automates essential functions, and provides valuable insights through analytics. By freeing up your time and offering tools to improve client engagement, you can focus on expanding your client base and enhancing your services.

My personal training classes are outside. Can I still list them in Mindbody app? 

Of course! The Mindbody Marketplace is the largest global community of people looking for fitness businesses like yours. Clients can find and book your personal training sessions wherever you have them, even if it’s in a location other than your business address. We’ve had clients conduct training sessions at public parks, community spaces, and even go to their client’s homes for an even more personal touch. You can add details in your listing and provide contact information.  

Not all features are available in all regions.