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All-in-one personal training software

Create amazing experiences and shape the future of your business with one powerful software.

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Personal trainer software dashboard with schedule, metrics, clients, and more

More time to do what you love

Client working with personal trainer and client profile screenshot

Impress clients and deliver the personalized experiences they crave by giving your staff easy access to their profiles and preferences.

Clients at front desk and screenshot of membership options

Build deeper client relationships and generate recurring revenue for your studio with easy-to-set-up autopay memberships.

Client working out with personal trainer and screenshot of payments window

Process and track every transaction through one personal training software and give clients the payment options they want: online, on mobile, or at the front desk.

Client booking personal training session on phone

Simplify the booking experience for your clients. Mindbody personal training software lets them easily reserve sessions and lets your team see who’s coming, all from the same schedule.

Increase your efficiency with AI-powered software

Client lead with personal training membership proposal queued up

Modernize your lead management

Track visits, nurture relationships, and convert clients—automatically. Your personal trainer software predicts which leads need a nudge, so you’ll know exactly where to focus your acquisition efforts. Easily access and measure your impact right from your software.

Targeted marketing messages sent to different groups of clients

Market with confidence

Create customized emails and texts directly through your personal training software and send them automatically based on criteria you set. Smart contact lists help tailor your messages with the right content for the right audience. 

And when the phone is ringing but you’re working with a client, Messenger[ai] is always ready to take care of client questions, bookings, sales, and more.

Mobile devices with Mindbody and Classpass app listings

Fill your classes, reach more clients

Listing your business on the ClassPass app exposes your brand to fitness lovers seeking new experiences and turns your empty spots into additional revenue. And with your business on the Mindbody app, you’ll increase visibility and attract customers with intro offers. The apps provide fast, easy booking for your customers.

Personal trainer mobile app with design options

Create your own branded mobile platform

A branded app provides clients with convenient, efficient booking at your studio—directly from their phones. Give clients a constant connection to your brand and easily reach out to them with your deals and important messages. It’s a simple, affordable, and powerful way to create loyal clients, and build a deeper relationship with your community.

"If you want a million-dollar business, you need a million-dollar technology. For us, Mindbody is that technology."
Daniel Stein

Daniel Stein

Co-Founder, Special Strong

Everything you need in personal training software

Manage your day-to-day with the industry’s leading software

  • Exclusive access to the industry’s largest global network of fitness consumers
  • Automated marketing tools that bring in and keep more new members
  • Unmatched support and services with real people focused on your business 

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Frequently asked questions

What is personal training software?

Personal training software is a digital platform that helps trainers manage their daily operations and create a better experience for their clients. From individual owner-operators to large-scale enterprises, personal training software helps businesses of all sizes streamline their day-to-day, improve their client management, power their point-of-sale system, simplify their class scheduling, grow their following, and more. With the right personal training software, trainers can spend more time focusing on the client at hand instead of worrying about all the details that keep their business running smoothly.


Although there are many brands on the market, the best personal training software options available usually include marketing automations, review and referral systems, and many other ways to connect with clients. Depending on the package, they can provide live streaming video options, lead management systems that track your entire sales pipeline, advanced data reporting, and more. Personal training software solutions range from the bare basics to all-inclusive bundles, so there’s a solution for practically any business need. Consult a sales rep to find the package that’s right for your business.

What kind of software should I use for online personal training?

Certain features of personal training software take the in-person experiences you create for clients and bring them online. Whether you’re looking to expand your audience or keep existing members engaged, offering your services digitally is a great way to help your business grow. Plus, with personal training software, it’s integrated with your business management system so there’s no need to use any third-party streaming services. 


The simplest way to take personal training online is to start streaming your classes live. It’s quick to set up, simple for your team, and easy for clients to use. All you need to do is schedule your virtual classes and let the software do the rest. Your clients will book and pay the same way they do for a regular session, and they'll automatically receive a link to the live stream 30 minutes before the class begins. You’ll still have all your usual class management features when live streaming, but you’ll also get options to record the session, switch views, and get virtual performance reports. 


Your personal training software can also offer your services 24/7 by creating an online, on-demand library for clients to access. Whether you’re uploading your live stream sessions after class or creating new workout content, clients will enjoy an easy, virtual way to maintain their exercise routine. They can access the VOD library online or through your branded app in the comfort of their own home, and you’ll rest easy knowing they’re always connected to your business. You can even combine these videos with the other tools in your personal training software to promote your virtual services across platforms.

Why is personal training software important for my business?

Whether you’re prepping for a session, managing your busy schedule, checking reports, or doing any of your other countless daily tasks, your personal training business keeps you moving. You may have a few third-party solutions to help you manage some of your duties, or you might still be running your entire operation with pen and paper. While it might seem like bringing on new software could complicate matters, all-in-one personal training software can revolutionize the way your business is run. Getting complete personal training software is important because it keeps your business organized, improves the client experience, puts your training sessions everywhere clients look to book, and more. 


Ease of access is everything to the modern consumer, and personal training software makes booking your sessions effortless for new and returning clients. With a personalized branded web widget, you’ll be able to streamline the entire process by letting clients book and pay for your services directly from your personal training site. For a more sophisticated solution, you could also offer a branded mobile app that always keeps your schedule and brand close at hand for clients. To reach a larger community, personal training software can also connect your schedule to the Mindbody app, the world’s largest wellness consumer network, and introduce your workouts to millions of potential clients browsing for services like yours.


Personal training software also keeps your business operations running efficiently and your clientele organized. From a single dashboard, you’ll have easy access to your daily schedule, client details, important data, and more. With this data on hand, staff can personalize every interaction by checking client profiles for important details, booking history, and payment info before their sessions. Easy-access reports help you make sense of your data and plan for the future. With staff management tools, you can coordinate scheduling, payroll, and performance reviews from the same software that runs your business. Plus, you can take your personal training software anywhere you go with a mobile business app. 


Some personal training software options also offer a chatbot that handles your front desk, freeing you up to focus on the clients you’re working with. Whether it’s responding to missed calls, making class or appointment bookings, or driving sales, your clients will appreciate the extra level of attention and you’ll see more bookings and increased sales. The AI can even follow up with new clients after class and automatically pitch personal training packages and memberships via text and webchat. 


And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Personal training software can also automate your marketing efforts, support multilocation growth, create configurable reports and leaderboards, provide advanced booking options, and more. Feature availability can vary by package, so talk with a sales representative to learn more about what’s the best fit for your business. 

What does a personal trainer mobile app offer my clients?

For clients, a personal trainer mobile app combines the convenience of your Mindbody software with a look and feel that's entirely your brand. They'll have the ability to easily view, book, and pay for your training sessions on their devices. They’ll also have easy access to the deals and promotions you may have running, and they can even share their visit on social media instantly if they want. The personal training app will even recognize when your clients are nearing your door for their next visit, automatically sign them in for their class or appointment, and tell your front desk that they're arriving. It’s another great way to offer a unique, personalized experience for your personal training clients.

My personal training classes are outside. Can I still list them in Mindbody app?

Of course! The Mindbody app is the largest global community of people looking for wellness services, and clients can find and book your personal training sessions wherever you have them. If you meet your clients at a location other than your business address, like a public park, there's an additional option to enter the address you'd like to display in your personal training listing in the app. You can also add some more details about where and how to find your business in your personal training listing. For example, your listing could read, "Located by the picnic area at Santa Rosa Park.”

How does personal trainer software help manage my clients?

The client management features in personal trainer software give you the tools to stay organized and make every client feel important. Clients can save time for your team by logging into their accounts to add billing info, check their payment and visit history, and redeem rewards points and gift cards. From your end of the software, trainers can quickly view client profiles and check their preferences, payment info, and class records to create personalized experiences.  


You can also set up autopay memberships, client referral perks, and even automatic check-in via an app. Plus, your personal training software gives you access to all your client info from your phone with a mobile business app.

Can personal training software accept payments on the go?

Working in personal training takes you all over, and personal training software can free you up to accept payments anywhere you go. When you’re away from your front desk, you can use the business app to run transactions from your tablet or phone. In the app, you'll have access to most of the payment options available in your full software, including cash, check, credit/debit cards, ACH, gift cards, account payments, and third-party payers. You can easily charge a stored card that a client has on file, or you can swipe credit and debit cards—with the right hardware. Check what’s included in your package to make sure these options are available in your personal training software.