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Barbershop software

Power your barbershop with business management software that keeps your clients happy and your appointment book full.

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Barbershop business management software dashboard with metrics
Opened email offer for barbershop services

Boost your business with automated marketing

Attract new clients and turn them into regulars with automated text and email marketing tools built into your barbershop software. Convert lost customers and walk-ins with customized, personalized messages on a programmed schedule. Let smart lists target the right clients for your automated promotional messages. Easily fill slow days and last-minute openings. Request reviews from happy clients after every appointment and reward them for referring new customers.

Text conversation between barbershop client and AI receptionist

Turn missed calls into opportunities

Never miss an appointment booking again with a 24/7 AI receptionist that automatically texts back any customer who calls when you’re busy. Free up your front desk to provide the excellent customer service that keeps clients coming back while your barbershop’s virtual assistant books appointments, securely captures credit cards, recommends add-ons, and answers questions. And, keep all of your communications under control with a single, unified dashboard and app.

Product screens of digital forms, payment, check in, and booking

Low-contact booking, high-value results

From booking and checkout to rebooking, provide your barbershop’s clients and staff with a safe and seamless experience. Make appointment scheduling a breeze by putting a mobile-friendly, branded schedule directly on your website. Once they're booked, ensure clients show up ready for their appointment by automatically sending appointment details, forms, waivers, and contactless check-in texts. After they’ve enjoyed your services, Messenger[ai] handles rebooking automatically and checkout is made simple with payment info already on file in your software.

"The software has definitely helped all of the managers and has made it a lot easier for our accounting department, as well."
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Scott Finley

President, Finley's Barber

Everything you need in one software for your shop

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State-of-the-art barbershop software

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Frequently asked questions

What is software for barbershops?

Barbershop software is a technology used by barbers and barbershop managers to run their shop, manage their appointment schedule, and grow their clientele. It’s designed specifically with the daily needs of barbershop businesses in mind, so it can handle appointment booking, point of sale operation, inventory management, and much more. Even if you already have one or multiple third-party management systems at your shop to help you save time, barbershop software streamlines your operations by combining all of your software options into a single package. 


Plus, it’s built with growth in mind and can be scaled to meet the needs of any business. Whether you’re a small operation with a few chairs or a massive enterprise with locations all over the globe, barbershop software features can be tailored to fulfil any of your shop’s requirements. There are scalable, easy-access reports with important metrics, staff management controls, client profiles and data, and more—not to mention a dedicated support team that always has your back. 


But that’s just the basics. The best barbershop software solutions also offer your business new ways to stay connected to clients and expand your reach. Whether you need automated marketing tools that automatically send tailored messages to the right clientele, lead management solutions that organize your prospects into an intuitive CRM, a mobile booking app to stay with clients 24/7, or all of the above, barber software will always keep your shop on the cutting edge. The features included in barbershop software vary by package, so talk with a sales rep to find the right package for you. 

Does barbershop software make management easier?

Yes, barbershop software makes managing both clients and staff easier by centralizing all your operations and data into a single, unified system. It’ll give you the tools to keep barbers organized and clients happy by making sure that all of your details are exactly where they should be when your team needs them. 


When your shop is running on barbershop software, all of your client details like payment info, service history, and preferences are stored in easy-access client profiles. Your barbershop’s clients can log into their accounts and add additional billing info, view visit history, and redeem rewards points or gift cards. If you need it, the barbershop software can also send forms and waivers to clients that collect details and signatures before their appointment. There are even alerts in the barbershop software that let barbers know about their most important client details like first visits, birthdays, and more. 


Barbershop software also makes managing your staff easier. With barber software, all of your staff schedules are in the same place and everyone will have mobile access to manage their calendars. You can also control their access to the software features they need using detailed staff permission options. Your staff can even use the barbershop software to clock in, track hours, and calculate pay, tips, and commissions—plus it integrates with payroll partners like ADP. The barber software even has tools to allow your team to share their schedules on social media to bring in new clients and grow your business. 

What is a barbershop booking system?

Your business revolves around your calendar, and barbershop software brings it all together by serving as your barbershop booking system for clients. With the software, your barbershop schedule is posted everywhere clients look to book haircuts—on your website, on mobile, through social media, with Google, or on the Mindbody booking app. When they make an appointment with any of your barbers, your barbershop booking system updates your schedule instantly, so your clients and staff are all on the same page. You can even set your software up to collect payment details or deposits in advance to cut down on no-shows. Plus, your barbershop booking system lets barbers manage their own day by giving them the freedom to view and update their schedules online and from the Mindbody business app.

How much does barber software cost?

There are a few different pricing and packaging options available for Mindbody’s barbershop software. There’s a package to get barbers and barbershop owners started with the no-frills basics, an option with the most robust solutions available, and choices with everything else in between. No matter how big your barbershop is or how many clients you serve, there’s a package for every business need. There are also additional add-on products available like Messenger[ai] front desk or Insights advanced reporting to round out any solution you choose. For more details on barbershop software pricing and packaging, please view the salon pricing page

How do I get a barber mobile app?

Barbershop software can help your business offer clients a sleek, personalized barber mobile app to keep them connected to your business 24/7. When you add-on a branded mobile app to your barbershop software, we’ll put together an app with your logos and colors that captures the look and feel of your business, and with your feedback we’ll make sure your app looks just the way you envision it. Once it’s ready, we’ll help you put it on the app store for clients to download on both iOS and Android. Clients can use the barber app to book appointments, manage profile details, and access your business directly from their phones. You can send them push notifications through the app with deals and events announcements, automatic “we miss you” messages, and even cancellation notices. And, continuous updates are included, so your app will always be up to date.

How does barbershop software help with my POS?

Your barbershop needs a reliable point-of-sale system, and barbershop software can ensure that your payments are seamless. When all of your payments are managed directly through your barbershop software, admin work becomes simpler, reporting processes are easier, and transactions are smoother—whether they’re online, mobile, or at the front desk. All of your client details are also saved within the barber software, so you’ll be able to offer them a contactless checkout when they’re done enjoying your services. Your barber point of sale can also keep the revenue rolling in by selling gift cards, autopay memberships, packages, and multiple sessions online and at the front desk. Plus, you can take your POS anywhere your clients go with the Mindbody business app.

Does barbershop software use AI?

Yes, barbershop software has some advanced AI components running behind the scenes to improve your business and delight clients. To start, the barber software supports the use of an AI front desk, Messenger[ai], that talks with clients via webchat or text, schedules appointments, makes sales, and answers frequently asked questions. With a little work, it can be trained to talk just like a member of your staff, and it frees up your barbers to focus on the clients in their chair. There’s also AI running in the background of the Mindbody booking app, recommending your appointments to the right clients and pushing last-minute offers to help your barbershop fill every spot. The barbershop software even has AI that looks at your client details and predicts which customers are most at risk of leaving your barbershop, helping you keep more of your customers.

Can the software help fill barbershop appointments?

Keeping your appointment books full is your number one priority, and barbershop software can help by reaching new customers and keeping existing clients coming back. With the barber software, you’ll be able to list your shop on the Mindbody app, the world’s largest wellness consumer network, where you’ll gain access to a whole new pool of potential clients. Once there, you can give those app users even more reasons to book with your business by highlighting your services with intro offers or other promotions. The barbershop software also has automated email and text features that convert walk-ins and lost clients by sending just the right message at just the right time. You can also create review and referral programs that reward clients for referring their friends and create some buzz around your brand. And, the barbershop software will keep you up to date on your marketing success with reports on click-through, unsubscribe, open rates, and other performance metrics.