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Gym Management Software

Rethink the way technology can power your gym

Mindbody’s reliable platform and unmatched consumer network work together to grow your business more than any other software provider.

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Mindbody has the advantage of these unique revenue-driving features

Messenger[ai] features

With Messenger[ai] serving as your 24/7 front desk assistant, you can focus on providing the best in-person experience possible, without worrying about missing a potential booking.

Mindbody capital features

Mindbody Capital equips businesses like yours with the cash flow they need to grow and thrive. What does your gym need to grow?

Mindbody marketplace features

More than 2.4M+ active users are exploring our Marketplace—including the Mindbody app—each month. Mindbody business customers get exclusive access to this unmatched pool of potential new clients. 

Manage your day-to-day

Grow profitably, operate seamlessly

Mindbody scheduling features
Mindbody booking features
Mindbody marketing features
Mindbody staff management features
Mindbody client tools
Mindbody payments features
Mindbody reporting features
Mindbody business app features

Expand your reach

Streamline operations & boost membership

Mindbody branded web tools

Modernize your website

Our customizable web tools create a branded, seamless experience. You can easily embed our widgets right on your gym's hosted site, including class schedules, appointments, staff lists, and more. 

Mindbody lead management features

Organize your leads

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and sticky notes. Our built-in CRM tool helps your team track new leads, schedule follow-ups, and convert more one-time clients into gym members. 

"We wanted to be customer-focused online as well as offline—Mindbody spends the time to make sure the software works for you and your business."
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Mark Garrahy

Co-Founder and General Manager, HighLow Fitness

Sans Souci, New South Wales

Streamline your workflow with third-party providers

Want to work smarter? Extend your software with third-party tools and services like social, payroll, door access, and more. Available through Mindbody Integrations.

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Your gym deserves software built for growth

We can help you:

  • Bring in more new clients
  • Automate your marketing
  • Harness the power of AI/ML to work for you

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open a gym?

Opening your own gym is an exciting and rewarding prospect. You’ll want to start with planning out key aspects of your business well ahead of your opening day. You'll need to:


We have a comprehensive guide on how to start a fitness business with all the main considerations.

What software do gyms use?

Gym management software is specially built to streamline operations, provide insights through analytics, and adapt to evolving fitness trends. By investing in this type of software, you can position your gym for long-term growth and sustainability in an increasingly digital age.

You'll want to find software that includes online booking, digital check-ins, tailored marketing, and more, ensuring you stay ahead of competitors and meet your client's new demands. Learn more about five must-have features Mindbody offers to gyms and studios.

How can I manage members at my gym? 

A satisfied member today is more likely to remain loyal to your brand in the future, creating long-term success for your gym. Here are a few proven ways to manage members and retain your clients:

Build a strong community: Research shows again and again that it’s the personal interactions that make a big difference.

Remove the barriers: The easier it is for clients to sign up, become members, and make it to your classes, the more likely they’ll do it again and again.

Look out for warning signs: You do a lot to foster organic relationships, get glowing reviews, and connect with your community. But do you know what to look out for if things aren’t going well? Collecting honest feedback and looking at at-risk segments can help you adjust your offerings before it’s too late.

Not all features are available in all regions.