• Online Booking

    Online booking gives your clients the ability to book their next visit wherever and whenever it's most convenient.

  • Point of Sale

    Products, services, contracts and memberships—you name it. All tied back to the client who made the purchase.

  • Scheduling

    Keep the whole schedule in one place, and easily link everyone's work back to payroll.

  • Mobile

    MINDBODY Express™ is built to help you with your clients, from check-in to checkout.

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BOLD is living your passion, despite the odds

It’s about overcoming the obstacles and challenges along the way, and the risks you’re not sure will pay off. Wherever BOLD takes you, MINDBODY will help you get there.

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MINDBODY helps my business run smoothly and keeps me connected with my clients.

Garth Porterfield | Obsidian Crossfit

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