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Physical therapy software

Run and grow your rehab practice with one powerful system.

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Mobile device and web browser with physical therapy software scheduling and reporting features
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Attract more new patients

And keep them coming back, with a suite of marketing features built into your physical therapy software. Smart contact lists that target the right patients with the right message. A customizable email campaign builder. Automated emails and texts. Everything you need to market your fitness and rehab business.

Color palette and mobile device with custom physical therapy booking app

A custom app for your business

We’ll design it with your logos, colors, and images. Your patients have another way to book physical therapy appointments and pay for rehab services, right in the palm of their hands. You can send confirmations, reminders, and announcements through the app, keeping your clients connected with your business.

Mobile device with physical therapy appointment scheduling through the MINDBODY app

A built-in network of new clients

Be part of the largest global community of fitness and wellness businesses and consumers. The Mindbody app connects you with clients looking for physical therapy services like yours and gives you a proven platform to market your services. Plus, listing your business in the app is free with your software.

"I’ve always seen Mindbody as a partner. It’s like an invisible group of people I can always call for help along my journey."
Kika Wise

Kika Wise

Founder and CEO, Kika Stretch Studios

Everything you need in one software to manage your PT practice

All-in-one therapy practice management software

  • Exclusive access to the industry’s largest global network of wellness consumers
  • Automated marketing tools that bring in and keep more new clients
  • Unmatched support and services with real people focused on your business

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Frequently asked questions

What is physical therapy software? Why is physical therapy software important?

Physical therapy software is an online application that helps physical therapists and practice managers simplify their day-to-day operations and grow their businesses. Whether you’re looking to organize your appointment schedule, handle client billing, reach new patients, or streamline just about any other vital practice-related task, physical therapy software can help. Plus, it’s developed with PT practices in mind, so you’ll always find the tools your business needs—like HIPAA-compliant SOAP notes. The best part? It’s built to scale with your practice, so whether you’re simply re-opening your books to accept a few new patients or turning the keys to your 20th location, physical therapy software has your back.


Physical therapy software is important because it frees up therapists and managers to focus on the clients in their practice. When you no longer have to worry about mundane administrative tasks, you can devote your energy to making sure that every patient has an amazing, restorative experience. Physical therapy software can streamline your payroll, integrate your transactions, generate the right reports, and even use AI to cover your front desk, so patient care can always be your number one priority.


Although there are many options on the market for PT practices, the best physical therapy software programs have features that help you stay connected with patients. Most often, these solutions include automated marketing emails and texts, review and referral programs, branded mobile app development, and dedicated consumer networks that expand your reach. These features can vary by physical therapy software package, so consult a sales rep to find the solution that best fits your practice’s needs.

Does physical therapy software help at the front desk?

Yes, physical therapy software brings the latest technology into your lobby so you can create the perfect front desk experience for your staff and patients. When your practice runs on physical therapy software, your front desk gets access to an easy-to-use dashboard with your daily schedule, performance data, client profiles, and more. It’ll keep therapists informed with notifications about important patient details like first visits, birthdays, and positive or negative balances, as well as offer them a daily snapshot of your practice’s most important metrics. The physical therapy software also processes all your front desk transactions, so your admin and reporting processes are simplified. And, if there’s no desktop computer available, you can check out patients using a mobile device with PT software running on the Mindbody business app.


Physical therapy software also supports an AI front desk receptionist that automatically answers phones, books appointments, and replies to questions, so your front desk can focus on the patients in your practice without worrying about missed calls. Messenger[ai] works to provide round-the-clock customer service for your patients, so your business is always available to attend to their needs. The AI receptionist’s speech patterns can even be customized to match the professionalism of your practice. Physical therapy software features for the front desk vary by package, so check with a rep to ensure that you’re getting the right plan for your business.

How can physical therapy software help with practice management?

Managing patients and staff at your practice can sometimes be a chore, but physical therapy software has the tools to free you up to focus on patient care and your practice’s future. When your business is run on physical therapy software, all of your patient details are organized in client profiles so you can access their preferences, payment info, and service history exactly when you need it. You’ll also save time managing the little details, as patients can log in to their accounts to add or update billing info, view payment and visit history, and redeem rewards points and gift cards. The software can even send electronic waivers for clients to fill out before they arrive, so they show up ready for their session. Plus, appointment scheduling is easier than ever, as your schedule updates automatically when patients book on your website, on mobile, or on the Mindbody app.

Physical therapy software also makes managing staff easier than ever. On the platform, they have the freedom to view and update their schedules online, so you’ll spend less time coordinating their day. You can control their permissions for specific tools in the software, as well as easily track their hours and run payroll directly from the software. The physical therapy software even has performance reports that’ll inspire your team and reward them for elevating your practice’s client experience.

What is scheduling like with physical therapist software?

When your practice is run with physical therapy software, your appointment schedule is available for patients 24/7 on all the platforms where they look to book. On your website, clients can book PT sessions from a personalized widget and pay directly from your site, and your schedule updates automatically. In your software, you’ll be able to see who’s signed up so you can prep for every session and create the best patient experience possible. You’ll also be able to create a waitlist that automatically notifies clients when an appointment opens up, so your schedule stays full. Plus, there’s even the option to list your PT services on the Mindbody app, so you can reach new patients looking for treatments like yours.


Your physical therapy software can also give you the tools to launch your own branded app, so clients can schedule with your practice and interact with your brand on mobile. Clients can manage their payment details, appointments, and more through the app, and you can keep them up to date with push notifications on deals and announcements. Plus, it’s simple to get the app up and running. We’ll build it with your logo, branding, and colors, you’ll review it, and we’ll help you list it on the iOS and Android app stores. And continuous updates are included.

How does physical therapy software grow my business?

Physical therapy software can help grow your practice by giving you tools to reach new patients and keep them coming back. To start, your physical therapy software can market your treatments on the Mindbody app, the world’s largest wellness consumer network, giving you access to an untapped pool of potential patients. Once listed, you can attract app users to book PT appointments with intro offers and deals for last-minute buyers.

After clients have tried your services, automated campaigns in the physical therapy software work to keep them loyal to your practice. Smart contact lists that update based on client info and visit and purchase history can deliver tailored messages that inspire patients to come back in. The physical therapy software will also send automated emails and texts to motivate patients and encourage them to come back to your practice with just the right rewards. There are even automated review, referral, and feedback programs that’ll grow your reputation and reward patients for recommending your practice to friends. Plus, your PT software will keep you up –to date on your marketing ROI with easy-access dashboards on campaign performance metrics.

Can physical therapy software make billing easier?

Physical therapy software simplifies payment processing and billing by integrating it with the same platform that runs your practice. Whether patients want to pay online, on mobile, or at the front desk, your physical therapy software runs every transaction through a single location, streamlining reporting and admin processes. The physical therapy software also tracks payment history and stores cards and billing details in patient profiles for easy checkout later. You’ll even be able to collect payments anywhere in your practice with the mobile business app and the right hardware, or use solutions in the software to set up medical insurance billing for patients. Plus, all card data and billing preferences are stored securely in the physical therapy software at the highest industry standard around.

How do SOAP notes work in the physical therapist software?

SOAP notes are an essential part of any practice, and physical therapy software gives you the tools to make HIPAA-compliant records and track progress in a standardized format for every patient. Each note is linked to the client’s appointment and separated into the standard SOAP categories—Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan, plus an Additional Notes section. In the physical therapy software, you’ll be able to easily access each patient’s SOAP notes history in chronological order, as well as view them from their Client Info screen. You can even set view permissions for individual staff members, so your patient’s important details stay private. SOAP notes are only available with certain software packages, so check with a rep to make sure you get the right physical therapy software package for your practice.

How much does physical therapy software cost?

Mindbody has a few different tiers for physical therapy software, and the number of available features varies depending on the option. There’s an offering for practices that only need the basic starter tools to run their business, an option with the most robust PT solutions on the market, and a few in between. Physical therapy software can also be bundled with add-ons that’ll round out any offering, like branded mobile app development, an AI receptionist program, and more. For more details on Mindbody’s plans and pricing, please visit the integrative health pricing page.