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All-in-one martial arts software

Simplify your day, run your team, and scale your business on one powerful system. 

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Martial arts software dashboard with clients, schedule, metrics, and more

More time to do what you love

Martial arts client training with instructor and screen of client profile

Empower your staff to deliver tailored, personalized experiences for every student with easy-access client profiles and preferences in your martial arts software.

Trainer talking with students and product screenshot of membership options

Bring in recurring revenue and build stronger client connections to your dojo with easy-to-set-up autopay memberships.

Youth students in martial arts class and product screen of cart with autopay membership added

Move every transaction through the martial arts software you use every day. Choose the hardware that fits your business, and take payments online, on mobile, and at the front desk.

Person on mobile scheduling martial arts class using branded web tools

Place your karate school’s schedule everywhere clients are booking, and manage classes, appointments, and events in one convenient location.

Power your martial arts school with the leading tech

Young student working with trainer and progress tracking metrics in background

Level up your dojo with progress tracking

Say goodbye to clunky binders and notebooks to track your students’ progress, and hello to flexible, efficient progress tracking that helps you scale. Unlimited programs. Unlimited classes. Unlimited clients. And it’s all fully integrated with your software, so you can easily edit and access the details you need to personalize every client interaction and keep them coming back.

Mobile devices with the Mindbody and Classpass consumer apps

Expand your network, grow your business

Tap into a global network of wellness seekers looking for martial arts experiences like yours. Turn your unused inventory into extra revenue and let clients seeking something new find you on ClassPass. List your dojo on the Mindbody app and allow potential clients to discover and book your services where they’re already searching.

Automated marketing emails sent to different client groups

Stand out with powerful, automated marketing

Create impactful, AI-powered messages and marketing campaigns that reach new clients, motivate your regulars, and convert customers to members. Segment clients in your martial arts software by their visit history, message interaction, and more, so your messages are always targeted and tailored to the right audience.   

And when you’re unable to monitor the front desk? Messenger[ai] handles questions, makes sales, and books appointments for you—24/7. 

Color palette and mobile device with custom martial arts booking app

Your own app for everything you offer

Provide your students and their families with a convenient, user-friendly, on-brand way to access your business directly from their phones. A custom-made app lets them easily book and manage their experiences, while you maintain constant connection to your community.

"As new users to Mindbody, we found the system to be very user-friendly and intuitive to our business needs, as well as instrumental in client growth."
Carlos Barrios

Carlos Barrios

Owner and Head Instructor, Barrios Martial Arts

San Francisco, California

Everything you need in martial arts software

Automate your day-to-day and create stronger experiences at your dojo

  • Exclusive access to the industry’s largest global network of fitness consumers
  • Automated marketing tools that bring in and keep more new members
  • Unmatched support and services with real people focused on your business 

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Frequently asked questions

What is martial arts software?

Martial arts software is an online program that helps business owners and managers run their dojo, grow their following, and create amazing experiences for students. Martial arts software is created with the needs of martial arts businesses in mind. For example, it can help karate school owners streamline administrative tasks, simplify student management, access new reporting metrics, reach untapped audiences, and more. Whether you’re a small studio with a loyal community or a multi-location school with thousands of members, martial arts software scales to meet the demands of your dojo and clients so you can expand when you’re ready. 


There are many software options built for martial arts schools, as well as other programs simply made for general business management, but the best martial arts software options usually have tools that help create greater connections with clients. These are often automated marketing options for email and text, progress tracking systems for students, review and referral programs, branded mobile app solutions, CRM tools, and more. The features available within martial arts software vary by package, so talk with a sales rep to learn more about what’s the best fit for your dojo. 

How does software help me run a martial arts school?

The daily administration tasks for martial arts school owners and managers can be overwhelming no matter the studio size, but martial arts software takes the stress out of operations and saves time by streamlining or automating many day-to-day duties. When you run your business with a martial arts management program, you get a 360-degree view of your dojo right from the software dashboard, complete with your daily schedule, at-a-glance metrics, client info, and more. The software displays your entire daily schedule on one screen, gives clients new ways to book with your dojo, and even automatically notifies waitlisted clients when class spots open up. There are staff management tools in the martial arts software that clock staff in, track hours, and calculate payroll, and even a system that automatically finds staff substitutions when an instructor calls out. The data you need is always at your fingertips with instant access to saved favorite reports, as well as additional data on inventory, sales, and more. The best part? You can take it all on the go with a user-friendly, mobile business app that puts your martial arts software in the palm of your hand.

Does martial arts software support progress tracking?

Belt promotions are an important part of the client experience of your dojo, and martial arts software simplifies the management and tracking side for instructors. In the software, the progress tracking system lets you assign belts to students, create requirements for belt promotions, and track how many classes per belt clients have taken. There are also advanced progress tracking features, as the software can support multiple programs and milestones, manage multiple programs from a student’s profile, and create a detailed rank history for each client's milestone progression. There’s even a special report in the martial arts software that tracks which students are eligible for the promotion, plus an inventory report that makes sure that you have enough uniforms and belts available for your upcoming promotions. Features can range by package, so talk with sales to find one that supports your progress tracking needs. 

Can martial arts software help with member management?

Students are the heart of your martial arts school, and martial arts software has all the tools to make sure your members and staff are organized, informed, and happy. Your martial arts software keeps all of your student details in a central location for easy access, and staff can review member preferences, payment info, and service history before classes so they have the info they need to create personalized member experiences. Memberships are also easy to set up in your martial arts software, and they can be combined with simple automated billing options so your dojo has a recurring revenue stream. The software also keeps school owners informed with important alerts about expiring payment info, important client details, and membership sales opportunities for new students who have intro offers expiring. Students can even manage some member details themselves, and can log in to their accounts to add billing info, view payment and visit history, and redeem rewards points and gift cards.

What kinds of marketing tools come with martial arts software?

Whether you’re trying to attract more students to your dojo or keep your current members loyal, martial arts software has the marketing tools to help you achieve your goals. When your business is running on martial arts software, you’ll be able to list your schedule everywhere prospective clients look to book martial arts classes—on your website, through Google, or on the Mindbody app. If you choose, you can also promote your classes by offering last-minute pricing or special intro offers in the app to encourage visitors to give your karate school a try, for example. Once they’ve enjoyed a class, they’ll enter your marketing funnel, where the software automatically sends tailored emails and texts to convert new customers to members or encourage loyalty with just the right rewards. The software also has review and referral programs to create buzz around your brand, an integrated email editor to create custom martial arts school messaging, and more. Plus, you can keep an eye on how your campaigns are performing with integrated, easy-to-use ROI dashboards.

Does martial arts software make payments easier at my dojo?

Yes, when you have a martial arts management platform, all of your payments are run directly through your software—online, on mobile, and at the front desk. Because everything is handled at one location, all of your admin and reporting process are simplified and all client payment details are stored in the system. Your martial arts software also collects membership fees automatically if recurring payments are set up, and expiring card details changes are handled automatically with the Card Updater feature. With the right hardware, you can even collect payments from anywhere using the mobile business app. And, you can rest easy knowing that all card data is securely stored at the highest industry standard available: PCI Level 1. 

Can martial arts software handle my lead funnel as well?

Absolutely. Whether you’re still managing your sales process with sticky notes and spreadsheets or using a third-party tracking software, getting a lead management system that’s built into your martial arts software will change your business. You’ll be able to view your entire sales pipeline with a single dashboard that tracks, nurtures, and turns sales leads into members of your community. When new profiles are created or leads are tagged in your martial arts software, they’re automatically pulled into your sales funnel. Your entire team will have easy access to all lead touchpoints in a single timeline, and to detailed account information and follow-up activity. And, of course, the martial arts lead management system will give you insightful metrics about your sales funnel so you can constantly hone your team’s performance.

How does the Mindbody app bring new clients to my martial arts business?

When you’re running your dojo on martial arts software, you have the option to list your business on the Mindbody app to showcase your services to millions of potential students. All you have to do is opt-in to list, and your martial arts software does the rest—after you provide a few additional details about your location, staff, service type, etc. It’ll expose your martial arts school to millions of fitness lovers, but you can also use additional promotion options to get them to choose your studio. In the martial arts booking system, you can promote your classes to get premium placement and offer last-minute deals or intro offers to users that may need a little extra incentive. Once they’re in your doors, you can use your dojo’s quality client experience and the marketing tools in your martial arts software to convert them into lifelong students.