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All-in-one medical spa software

Booking and scheduling, client and staff management, payments, and more: Get the most comprehensive business management system that runs your day and grows your brand.

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Medspa software dashboard with notifications, schedule, client profiles, and more
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Make marketing campaigns automatic

Marketing Suite gives you everything you need to attract and keep new clients, and it’s all built into your medspa software. List your business and promote your offers on the Mindbody app to get your brand in front of the largest global wellness marketplace. Create loyal customers by pinpointing the right audience at the right time with smart contact lists and automated, customized emails and texts. And get the metrics you need to understand what’s working.

Text booking conversation between client and ai front desk

Turn missed calls into paying clients

Phone ringing and your team is busy with customers? Ready for a 24/7, always-on, always-booking front desk? Messenger[ai] can do all that and more, automatically texting clients back when you’re too busy to pick up the phone, answering client questions, capturing credit card numbers, and booking appointments. Messenger[ai] speaks to your clients the way they prefer—via text. Handle all your communications in one place via a unified dashboard, and provide around-the-clock, real-time customer service.

Branded medical spa mobile app with color swatches

Put your brand in your clients’ hands

Give your clients a branded way to book with you via your own mobile app, designed with your brand logo, colors, and images. A branded app gives clients another way to stay connected with you and experience your services, increases your visibility, and helps you retain clients. They can book, buy, and receive direct messages from you. Clients can also manage their info and schedules directly from their phones, and your schedule automatically updates.

"Mindbody has become an integral part of Yoso and our success, creating software that helps me run my business. But they're more than just wellness software. They've become my partners and my cheerleaders."
Jennalee Dahlen

Jennalee Dahlen

Founder, Yoso Wellness Spa

Santa Cruz, California

Everything you need in one software to manage your practice

Give your clients the best medspa experiences

  • Exclusive access to the industry’s largest global network of wellness consumers
  • Automated marketing tools that bring in and keep more new clients
  • Unmatched support and services with real people focused on your business

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Frequently asked questions

What is medical spa software?

Running a medical spa means delivering comprehensive care in every aspect of a client’s well-being. And doing it right means having a comprehensive software solution to help manage everything from daily tasks and bookings to marketing campaigns and payment processing.


Medical spa management software is a digital platform that helps you run your medical spa and bring more clients through your door by automating your day-to-day tasks and creating a modern experience for your community. Whether you’re trying to streamline appointment scheduling, shorten your to-do list, automate your reporting and marketing process, or get more time to focus on the clients in front of you, medical spa software helps you stay on top of the far-reaching demands of running a wellness business.


There’re quite a few options out there, but the best ones offer a range of services that can meet and adapt to your unique needs. Marketing automations, integrated point-of-sale choices, staff management controls, and tools to help you scale are just a few services you should look for when choosing which management software is right for you.

What makes medical spa software beneficial to my business?

Modernizing your medical spa business and getting it into the digital world of cloud-based management is one thing, but there’s plenty of other software benefits that can help make strategy-based decisions for your business and grow your brand. To start, it centralizes all your medical spa’s business data so it’s easily accessible wherever and whenever you need it—without the need for any third-party solutions. And automatic reporting features give you fast, accurate insight without the hassle of manually calculating, organizing, or sifting through physical documents.


Medical spa software also makes for a streamlined appointment management experience at your business. Whether your clients are booking through your website, through google, on your branded mobile app, or on the Mindbody consumer app, they’ll enjoy a seamless booking experience, and you’ll enjoy the influx of new clients. Plus, your medical spa software allows you to touch base with clients before they see you, so you can ensure they have all the details they need to know before arriving for their treatments.


Medical spa management software can also transform the way you accept payments at your business. With point-of-sale hardware that’s integrated right into your software, your client credit cards are automatically tracked and logged in a single place, simplifying an otherwise complicated (and time-consuming) process. Certain hardware also lets you go mobile and handle payment processing wherever you and your clients are.


Some software options also provide automatic marketing campaigns to help spread the word about your offerings to the right people and bring new clients through your door. Medical spa features vary by package, so consult a sales rep to learn more about what’s right for your business.

How does scheduling software work for a medspa?

Allowing your clients to book wherever and however they prefer is essential to creating the best possible customer experience—and building loyal customers in your community.


Businesses can list their brand on Mindbody’s consumer app: the largest global network of wellness enthusiasts who are looking for medspa services like yours. In the app, potential clients can discover offerings near them and book appointments from the convenience of their mobile device or computer.


Mindbody also offers custom-made branded mobile apps for medical spas to have their own personalized platform. This gives clients another way to book, connect with, and experience the business’s services directly from their phones.


The primary software solution that allows potential guests to self-book and pay directly through your medical spa website is through online booking. By integrating your offerings into your website, clients who visit your site can easily learn about the services offered and complete their reservation all in one place—and it’s automatically reflected in your software.

What is marketing automation for a medspa?

Creating the medical spa experience you’ve always imagined means you’re constantly looking for ways to elevate the experience for your clients—and create a brand that people know and love. Marketing automation lets you focus on the important in-person aspect of your brand, while your medical spa software takes care of your client acquisition efforts.


By listing your services in places like Google and the Mindbody consumer app, potential clients can easily find you where they’re already searching. Your medspa management software can also encourage new clients to try out your services with automated features like last-minute deals and intro offers.


And when you’re too busy to reach out to new customers, medical spa software also helps with your retention efforts. Automated marketing campaigns help win back lost customers, and keep clients engaged with customized emails and text messages that are sent based on your criteria. These targeted, personalized messages allow you to send promotions you know your clients will like, without having to manually analyze all your visitor info and history.

How much control do I have over what Messenger[ai] says to medspa clients?

Messenger[ai] gathers most of its intelligence from your medspa management software, including your services, schedule, and staff availability. But, just like any human staff member in your medspa, Messenger[ai] needs a bit of training to fully understand how you’d like your bot to communicate.


Your medspa has its own vibe, and Messenger[ai] is built to adapt its look and feel to fit right in with your culture. Not only can you customize your bot’s name and picture, but you can also change its tone and voice to align with your brand.


After you’ve set up your bot, it’s important to spend some quality time together to get it acquainted with your offerings and lingo. You can help Messenger[ai] decipher messages and respond effectively by tagging and categorizing certain words or phrases your clients use, so your bot knows how to respond. And if a client request ever confuses your bot, it’ll be flagged for your front desk staff to follow up.


Messenger{ai] also has a built-in FAQ (frequently asked questions) feature to help train your bot to answer specific questions about your business. With FAQ, your bot will offer a custom response when a customer’s text message matches one or more of your programmed keywords or the question you’ve taught it.


And if you feel the need to give your bot a break, you can adjust your settings in the preferences screen and pause, disable, or turn on live chat only. You can also change the booking settings to update how your bot books clients and the information it requests from them.

How does medspa software help with client management?

A growing client community means you’re on the right track, but more members can also lead to more problems with managing all your clients’ info. With client profiles and preferences, and membership options for your clients, medical spa software helps make sure every client feels important, and that you’re not missing out on a consistent revenue stream.


Medspa software lets you easily access your client management info in personalized profiles—from your front desk, or on your phone via the Midbody business app. View and edit their preferences, payment info, SOAP notes, and service history exactly when you need it, so you can create the impactful, personalized experiences they come to you for. Your clients get access to their accounts too, so they can check-in from their phone, adjust their own billing and payment info, and redeem rewards points—making gift card management simple and time saving easy.


Medspa management software also allows you to generate recurring revenue through membership offerings. When someone becomes a member at your medical spa, it means you’re not only going to build deeper client relationships, but you’ll be able to easily drive growth by incentivizing your members to keep coming back with special discounts, gift cards, and booking privileges when they refer their friends.