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Help Med Spa Clients Feel Confident and Comfortable with Automated Communication

By Maria Prokopowicz

August 29, 2022

Visiting a medical spa can be intimidating for patients, especially if it’s their first time or they’re trying a new type of treatment. While your med spa is likely more welcoming and calming than a typical doctor’s office, you can still expect clients to have pre-appointment questions (and maybe even some nerves). By getting in front of your visitors’ questions and concerns—from where to park to if and how they should prep for their services—you can dispel their jitters before they walk in the door.  

With tools like Marketing Suite and Messenger[ai], it’s easier than ever to send timely, automated communications to your patients. By anticipating their needs from pre- to post-appointment, they’ll feel confident, comfortable, and cared for. 

Prepare clients with pre-appointment communications

Want your patients to come to their appointments feeling calm and ready to make the most of your services? Set them up for success! With Marketing Suite, you can create custom, automated emails to send after a client books an appointment. Depending on the services they’ve requested, you might include pre-appointment information, advice about anything they should do before coming in, and what to expect when they arrive.  

Say your medical spa offers lip filler or BOTOX®. You might use Marketing Suite to automatically send an email one week prior to these types of appointments with preparation tips and recommendations, like avoiding inflammatory foods, alcohol, or certain medications during the few days beforehand. For facials, you might set up automated text reminders to skip makeup on appointment day. Even if your patients don’t need to do anything to get ready for their appointment, a simple “We’re looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!” message will let them know your team is prepped and pleased to see them soon. 

Have answers on-hand (and on-call) for FAQs

Your staff has probably noticed clients call or message to ask a lot of the same questions. And while you can easily answer them without thinking twice, wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to? Enter: Messenger[ai].  

Messenger[ai] is the ultimate virtual front desk employee. Not only can it handle missed calls, bookings, reschedules, text communications, and more, you can program Messenger[ai] to respond to FAQs with your business’s unique answers. From hours to pricing to the average length of an appointment and beyond, your staff can spend less time answering questions on the phone and focus even more on providing stellar in-person service.  

Follow up with friendly reminders

For some of the services your med spa provides, after-care can be just as important as proper preparation. You want your clients to get the absolute best results possible and feel knowledgeable about how to take care of themselves after an appointment. With automated communications, you can send post-visit texts or emails with all the info your clients need. Easily schedule reminders to be diligent about sun protection after a chemical peel or recommendations for how to calm post-injection swelling and more. Your clients will feel well-looked-after and appreciate that your service and care doesn’t end after they’ve left your spa.   

Set up their next session

Whether a client has an appointment coming up or hasn’t booked one with your medical spa in a while, keep your business top of mind by sending a quick text or email. Use Marketing Suite to schedule appointment reminder emails that automatically hit a client’s inbox a few days before they come in. Or take advantage of Messenger[ai] to reach out to customers who haven’t booked with you in a while or are due for another round of treatment, like laser hair removal or microneedling—timing your communications to line up with their optimal session schedule. Your AI receptionist can even help clients schedule appointments through conversational text that feels like chatting with a friend.  

As a wellness practitioner, you want both new and returning patients to know your care extends beyond their in-person experience. While it may seem overwhelming to send personalized pre- and post-appointment communications to every client, you don’t have to do it manually. With automated communication tools from Marketing Suite and Messenger[ai], you can guarantee your med spa visitors will receive the right information at the right time to make their experience with you as seamless and successful as possible.  

Simplify your day-to-day with automation.

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