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All-in-one Pilates software

Manage your day-to-day with software that balances power and flexibility as well as you do.

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Mindbody pilates studio software dashboard

More time to do what you love

Mindbody software for scheduling Pilates classes

Mindbody Pilates studio software takes the time and hassle out of scheduling. Let your staff view and edit their own schedules. It’ll automatically update with every edit and booking.  

Mindbody Pilates business management software

With client info whenever you need it, detailed breakdowns on your entire sales pipeline, and automated number crunching, you’ll know exactly where you’re heading—and how to get there.

Payments processing in Mindbody Pilates software

Your system integrates seamlessly with point-of-sale hardware options to suit your needs. Every transaction gets tracked and moved through the Pilates software you use every day.

Mindbody Pilates software email marketing

Stay connected to your community and reach out with automated, customizable messages and campaigns. Pilates seekers can easily find you through search, social, and promotions. 

AI-powered, people-focused software

Mindbody lead management screen

Turn first-time clients into returning members

Easily track, nurture, and convert clients directly through your Pilates software. Your system automatically anticipates which clients may need an extra nudge, so you’ll know exactly who you should be focused on. Plus, you can measure your impact directly through your software.

Mindbody marketing software screen

Smarter client communication

Build powerful, automated marketing campaigns that send based on criteria you set. Segment your clientele by their visit history, message interaction, and more, so they always receive content from your Pilates studio that’s relevant.    

And make sure everyone can easily get their questions answered and sessions booked (even when you’re away from the front desk) with Messenger[ai], your own AI front desk assistant.  

Mindbody branded mobile app

Your own custom app

Give clients a constant, convenient connection to your brand—straight from their phones. Branded mobile apps let clients book, buy, and manage everything about their experiences with you, from anywhere, at anytime. It’s an affordable, powerful way to create stronger relationships with the people who matter most for your Pilates business.

Mindbody and ClassPass mobile apps

Apps to reach more clients and fill your classes

With your business on the ClassPass app, new clients can discover your business and book your empty class spots, right from their phones. Listing your business on the Mindbody consumer app expands your audience and entices clients with your best deals and discounts. The apps are meant to get new Pilates practitioners through your doors—without any extra time or effort on your end.

"I use Mindbody to pull all my data, everything from ratings to how many people were in the studio to cost per customer. We also look at average class size, attendance revenue, and overall sales. I use all of Mindbody’s tools and don't really need anything else."
Cricket Wardein

Cricket Wardein

Founder, Mighty Pilates

Santa Monica, CA

Built to power your purpose

  • Exclusive access to the industry’s largest global network of fitness consumers
  • Automated marketing tools that bring in and keep more new members
  • Unmatched support and services with real people focused on your business 

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Frequently asked questions

What is Pilates studio software?

Pilates studio software is an all-in-one program that helps Pilates studio owners and managers streamline their day-to-day and grow their business. It’s designed to help Pilates studios save time on daily tasks so they can focus their energies on creating the amazing experiences that keep members coming back. Whether you’re looking to simplify class scheduling, get more marketing tools, take online payments, or something else for your studio, Pilates software can give your business a leg up on the competition.


Although there are plenty of options on the market, a focus on improving client connection is what sets the best Pilates software options apart. These solutions can help business owners automate text and email marketing, launch branded customer apps, improve member management, and more. The right Pilates software will change the way you interact with your clients, as well as give them more ways to engage with your brand, growing your business in the process.


Pilates software is also designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, from small community studios to global household names—and everything in between. Depending on your studio’s requirements, Pilates software scales its reporting features, payment options, staff permissions, and more to fine-tune your control over your business. The features available in Pilates software vary by package, so consult the fitness pricing page or discuss your studio with a rep to find the package that’s best for you. 

How can Pilates software help with member management?

Pilates software can help streamline your studio’s member management to keep your clients loyal and continuous revenue coming in for your business. With Pilates software, all of your client and member details are stored as profiles in a single location, giving your staff easy access to their preferences, payment info, and service history. You’ll also get instant notifications in your Pilates software about all your clients’ most important details before they show up for class. These can be first visits, birthdays, positive or negative balances, and more, so your Pilates instructors can start their days with everything they need to create memorable experiences. Plus, they can even access this member info from their phones using the Pilates business app.


The software can also help your Pilates business simplify memberships for your clients. To keep payments coming in smoothly, you can also set up easy autopay memberships in your Pilates software that run automatically with on-file card details. Using Card Updater features, expired credit cards are instantly brought up to date without staff intervention, saving you the hassle of tracking down new info. Your Pilates memberships can even be customized to offer great perks like priority booking access and retail purchase discounts, if you want. And you can crunch all your membership numbers to measure your success using easy-access reports.

What does Pilates software do at the front desk?

The front desk can get a little hectic at your Pilates studio, especially during the mad rush before class, but Pilates studio software can simplify or automate a lot of the work for your staff. When your business is run on Pilates software, all of your front desk details are easily accessible from a single dashboard, so your daily schedule, notifications, metrics, and more are always just a glance away. If long lines are an issue, you can run a check-in app on a tablet that’s synced with your software so clients can check themselves into Pilates. Even your front desk point of sale can be streamlined, as your Pilates software syncs directly with your hardware to quickly process every payment.


No computer? No problem. You can even run your Pilates software on a phone or tablet using the Mindbody business app. It has all the important details that your desktop Pilates software has: schedules, client profiles, and more, and it’s all on a device that you can take on the go.


For an even more hands-off approach, your Pilates software can support an AI assistant that’ll handle the front desk. If you miss a call, Messenger[ai] follows up automatically via text and can answer questions, upsell clients, and book classes. You can even personalize its speech to keep it on-brand. It’ll give you the peace of mind that your front desk is covered, and give your staff more time to engage with the clients in your Pilates studio. Pilates software front desk features vary by package, so check with a rep to ensure that you’re getting the right plan for your business.

How does a Pilates booking system work?

When you run your studio with Pilates software, you get a booking system that places your class schedule on every platform they book with. Whether your clients schedule classes at your front desk, on your website, through Google, with Facebook, on a mobile app, or via the Mindbody app, your classes will be there to greet them—and your schedule will always update automatically. To give clients more choices, you can even map your studio layout in the software so they can reserve their favorite spot before they arrive. You can use the booking system to run waitlists, let staff manage their schedules, and more.


Pilates software can even help you launch your own branded Pilates booking app so clients can stay connected to your business 24/7. We’ll put it together with your logos and colors, you’ll provide feedback, and we’ll help you launch it on the Android and iOS app stores. Clients can use the app to schedule classes, manage memberships, and more directly from their phones. You can interact with them via push notifications that send deals and announcements, and they’ll enjoy a new way to experience your brand.

What marketing tools are in Pilates studio software?

There are a number of marketing tools in Pilates studio software, and all are designed to bring new clients through your doors and keep them coming back. To help you acquire more customers, your Pilates software lets you list your classes on the Mindbody app, the world’s largest wellness consumer marketplace, so you can promote your services to millions of potential new members. To elevate your offerings, you can offer intro offers and last-minute deals to entice app users to book with your Pilates studio.


You can also run automated marketing campaigns in your Pilates software to grow your business. Using smart contact lists, the software can automatically send email and text messages to motivate first-time customers, convert new customers to members, and encourage loyalty with just the right rewards. These lists create segments based on client info and visit and purchase history, so you can always send the best message to the right customer at the best time. Your software can even manage review and referral programs that encourage happy clients to leave feedback and refer their family and friends.

How much does Pilates software cost?

There are a few pricing plans available for Pilates software from Mindbody, and they all come with a varying set of features. There’s a choice for studios that only want the most foundational tools to start and all-inclusive packages with everything that we offer, as well as plans with everything in between. You can also add on special products to your plan to round out the functionality of your software. From video live streaming services to an AI front desk, there’s an add-on solution to fit any business need. For more information on plans and pricing, please visit the fitness pricing page.

Can Pilates software make payment processing easier?

Your Pilates studio needs seamless transactions to run smoothly, and Pilates software can make payment processing simpler for staff and clients. To start, Pilates software manages all your transactions with a single system, so whether you’re accepting payments online, at the front desk, or on mobile, they’re all organized and your admin processes are easier. With client profiles, accounts can be linked to their payment details and preferences for easy checkout later. The Pilates software can help you avoid manually collecting membership fees by setting up automated recurring payments, plus you can collect payments on the go with the Mindbody business app. The best part? You can rest easy knowing all your data is protected at the highest industry standard available.