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BODYROK x Mindbody – A Partnership Built on Growth

BODYROK studio front desk

Since its inception in 2012, BODYROK has reshaped the boutique fitness landscape. We had the pleasure of interviewing Jakob Irion, the CEO and co-founder of BODYROK, whose own journey began with a shift from traditional gym workouts, inspired by his wife's foray into boutique fitness. This marked the genesis of BODYROK, leading to the creation of their own durable equipment and an emphasis on high-intensity, Pilates-based workouts. 

At the heart of BODYROK's culture is its commitment to quality and inclusivity. With class sizes limited to 12-16 participants, the studio fosters a strong community spirit. BODYROK's partnership with Mindbody signifies a shared commitment to innovation and support, driving their mission to empower people on their wellness journey. This collaboration propels the BODYROK story forward, redefining fitness and well-being. 

The start of a lasting partnership

BODYROK's partnership with Mindbody began in 2011 when they opened their first store. Jakob notes that, at the time, Mindbody was the go-to health and wellness industry provider for online sign-ups, point-of-sale systems, and more. The exceptional support from Mindbody's team, coupled with meeting company leadership at Mindbody events, made it an easy choice for BODYROK. 

As the company grew, the unwavering support and dedication from Mindbody continued. The strategic and technical account managers became the lifeline of BODYROK, offering valuable guidance and support, especially as the company pursued franchising opportunities. “As we’ve grown, that level of amazing support has never changed and as we’ve added franchisees that support has only increased. I also think the trajectory of where Mindbody is headed right now with some of the new technologies is exciting,” said Jakob. 

With these developments, BODYROK and Mindbody have continued to strengthen their partnership, ensuring that BODYROK studios have the tools they need to provide exceptional experiences for their members. Jakob emphasizes the importance of having a reliable partner like Mindbody, who understands the unique needs of the fitness industry and consistently delivers innovative solutions. 

Building on the partnership with tools for success

Jakob highlights Marketing Suite as one of Mindbody’s innovations essential to BODYROK’s success. This multifaceted feature allows for seamless campaign planning, targeted outreach, and marketing performance tracking. Staff can easily manage BODYROK’s marketing initiatives through the Mindbody platform and see test and campaign results in real time. This not only simplifies the advertising process but also provides Jakob and his team with one source of truth to measure success and make improvements. “The messaging tool compared to the price of our old solution is much less expensive. Yes, Mindbody Ultimate 2.0 has gone up in price, but ultimately, we still ended up saving money, and it’s built into the Mindbody software where everything else is already running.”  

Additionally, Jakob praises Mindbody's reporting and analytics capabilities, which provide valuable insights into BODYROK's business performance. The ability to access real-time data on class attendance, revenue, and client feedback allows BODYROK to make data-driven decisions and optimize their operations. This helps them provide an exceptional experience to their members while maximizing business growth. 

BODYROK’s ease of expansion

As BODYROK continues to expand and evolve, they have ambitious plans to bring their unique fitness experience to even more people. They’re always planning new franchise opportunities to make BODYROK accessible to a wider audience. The success of their franchise model relies on the robust support system provided by Mindbody's software, as well as account managers who streamline the process. All Jakob has to do is connect new franchisees with the Mindbody team to get their location up and running. 

Empowering transformation through partnership

As Jakob looks to the future, it’s clear that the partnership between BODYROK and Mindbody will continue to foster growth, innovation, and empowerment within the fitness industry. “I really believe in where Mindbody is headed, I’ve seen and experienced the growth to this point, and I want to continue to be a part of that and benefit from it in the future. I really value our partnerships, and relationships, and those aren’t formed overnight, they’re formed over a long time, and we’ve been with Mindbody now for a long period of time, and we expect to be with Mindbody for a lot longer.” 

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