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Mindbody Customer Story

Redline Athletics x Mindbody: “Greater than Yesterday”

redline athletics and mindbody customer story

The best at getting better—Redline Athletics’ origins 

Redline Athletics is a youth sports performance brand that specializes in comprehensive athletic development for athletes. The brand has been making waves in the industry with its ongoing commitment to helping young athletes unlock their potential. From aspiring collegiate athletes to those simply looking to compete at recess, the students at Redline Athletics get dedicated help to achieve that next level of performance. Redline's programs are designed to help athletes develop in key areas like speed, strength, power, control, agility, character, and confidence.  

The programs are tailored to appropriately meet the athlete at their current level of ability and safely progress them at an appropriate rate. All of the services offered are led by trained and certified coaches, many of whom played at the collegiate or professional level.  

We had the opportunity to speak with Connor Miracle, vice president of business operations and technology, to learn more about the company's origins, culture, and long-standing partnership with Mindbody.

Unique culture = unique results 

Redline Athletics was founded as a single studio with a simple yet powerful idea: to give kids the tools and coaching necessary to make their athletic dreams achievable. John Leonesio—known for growing franchise brands such as Massage Envy, The Joint, and Amazing Lash—was compelled to invest in Redline after witnessing the benefits his daughter, an elite figure skater, was experiencing as a result of her training there. She was not only emerging as one of the best in the nation, she was also avoiding the injuries plaguing other skaters. Recognizing the competitive advantage Redline was giving his own kids, John took the initiative to bring Redline to as many kids as possible by lending his experience as the brand opened up for franchising in 2015. Today, Redline Athletics has grown to 55 locations and continues to thrive under the leadership of CEO Chance Pearson, with continued support from Leonesio. 

What sets Redline apart is its unique culture, focused on continuous improvement and a can-do attitude. According to Miracle, “Redline's motto, ‘Greater Than Yesterday,’ embodies our commitment to progress, even if it's just one percent at a time.” This culture is rooted in Redline’s coaches, franchisees, and executive team, and extends to the young athletes they train.  “If we can be consistently focused on doing the next activity a little bit better than we did it previously, our capacity for excellence elevates,” said Connor.  

Exceptional customer experience and scalability with Mindbody 

Since 2013, Redline Athletics has been a valued Mindbody customer. From the beginning, “Redline recognized the value of partnering with Mindbody as the go-to wellness software of choice for running business operations,” said Connor. The initial decision to partner with Mindbody was influenced by the positive experiences of Redline’s staff who had used Mindbody in previous roles. “As the relationship between Redline and Mindbody has grown, the exceptional customer experience provided by Mindbody's strategic account manager and technical account manager has become the driving force behind our continued partnership,” said Connor. He deeply appreciates the support and alignment they receive from their Mindbody representatives, working closely with them on a weekly and sometimes daily basis.  

Mindbody has played a crucial role in Redline’s continuous growth over the years. “The scalability of the Mindbody platform has been instrumental in expanding Redline Athletics’ reach, allowing us to utilize templated sites whenever we add a new franchise, streamlining the process and ensuring consistency across locations.” 

Mindbody's willingness to listen and explore Redline’s unique ideas allowed them to develop an innovative membership program, which has been well-received by their customers and has helped Redline increase retention. Redline values Mindbody’s supportive and collaborative spirit and credits the partnership as invaluable in achieving their business goals. 

Mindbody & AXLE: a strategic partnership and winning combination 

In addition to support, the partnership between Mindbody and AXLE has been instrumental in enabling Redline to achieve their business goals. AXLE works closely with Mindbody to meet the custom needs of Redline, especially concerning their unique business model. This collaboration has proven to be a powerful combination for Redline. According to Connor, “The fact that Mindbody is eager to work with strategic partners like AXLE to help businesses solve the specific and custom nuances and complexities that companies like Redline face is very reassuring to us. And we couldn’t have released our new membership format without it.”

Redline recently leveraged this partnership to introduce their "Flex" membership, which caters to the seasonal nature of their business. Their customers love the program since it aligns with their changing schedules, making it an easy decision for families to stick with Redline. This project wouldn’t have been possible without Mindbody and AXLE’s close collaboration. 

Empowering growth through Mindbody Capital 

In addition to partnering with Mindbody for membership format improvements, Redline is excited about using Mindbody Capital to further solve their business needs. The funds provided by Mindbody Capital will be allocated towards various franchisee needs, including rebranding efforts, equipment upgrades, payroll, and rent. Connor envisions limitless opportunities for franchisees using Mindbody Capital to meet the specific requirements of Redline and drive their continued growth. “When I first heard about Mindbody Capital at Mindbody’s annual BOLD conference, I thought there must be some catch to it. But as we’ve learned more, and learned there’s no catch, we can’t wait to offer it to our franchisees to help cover immediate costs and grow their businesses.” 

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