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Mindbody Salon Software

Power your salon and amaze your clients with one platform

Manage your salon and grow your brand with a single, powerful system—so you can spend your time providing experiences your clients will rave about.

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mindbody salon schedule dashboard

Run & Manage

Focus on your clients, not your to-do list

The less you have to worry about your salon's day-to-day tasks, the more you can show your beauty customers what their best really feels like.

  • Coordinate your appointments, schedule, staff, and equipment in your salon software
  • See what’s selling with easy product inventory management tools
  • Run your salon on the go via our business app
  • Manage payroll with flexible compensation options
Person on phone and pop-out of appointment detail with options to resend waiver and reminders

Client Experience

Low touch, from booking to checkout

Minimize contact for your beauty clients so they feel safe throughout their salon experience—and maintain your personal touch.

  • Collect and save payment details during appointment booking for a contactless checkout when clients visit
  • Send automated digital appointment details, forms, waivers, and reminders from your salon software—and even collect signatures before they arrive
  • Keep your waiting area safe by letting your AI receptionist check clients in to your salon—automatically
Text conversation between client and AI receptionist

AI Front Desk

Never miss a customer

Automatically respond to missed calls, book appointments, and answer questions with Messenger[ai], your own 24/7 AI receptionist.

  • Turn missed calls into paying clients—entirely via messaging
  • Save time as Messenger[ai] makes bookings and answers client questions through SMS and webchat
  • Manage and track your conversations with an all-in-one dashboard and app
  • Text multiple clients and salon staff in a single click
marketing email example


Grow your salon business with loyal clients

Bring in more new customers—and give them all the reasons to keep coming back—with built-in marketing tools that increase your salon's revenue.

  • Increase your bookings and retain clients using targeted, automated campaigns in your salon software
  • Promote salon services and direct clients to a seamless appointment scheduling experience
  • Convert walk-ins and lost clients with customizable emails and texts
  • Automatically request client reviews and spread word-of-mouth by rewarding referrals
Client in chair using phone to check out for salon services

Integrated Payments

Easily sell your beauty services and products

Simplify your life with payments and POS built right into your salon management software.

  • Check out customers from the salon's front desk, your website, or from the chair with the business app
  • Reduce admin work, streamline transactions, and improve sales reports
  • Add revenue by selling gift cards, autopay memberships, packages, and multiple sessions online
  • Simplify transactions with a POS system that integrates with your salon software
salon booking interface

Client Booking

Show up where your clients book

Increase bookings by ensuring that your salon's brand and schedule are everywhere clients make appointments.

  • Let clients make appointment bookings anytime, anywhere without ever leaving your website
  • Showcase your salon's brand and create a lasting connection with your own user-friendly custom app
  • Get exposure to high-spending beauty customers by listing your salon in the Mindbody app
  • Never miss a booking—your AI assistant can text back and book clients in real-time

Partners help you grow with confidence 

Our Partner Store is full of solutions that work harmoniously with your Mindbody software. Does your salon have a unique need? We’ve got a partner to help!

One system—unlimited possibilities

Powerful experience technology backed by 20 years of expertise and designed for your salon—and your clients.

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Frequently asked questions

What is salon software?

Salon software is a digital tool that helps you manage your salon by streamlining or automating your daily tasks and grow your business by improving client experience. Whether your salon is a small business or a global enterprise, salon software is designed to scale to your needs so you can always stay one step ahead of the curve. It keeps your business running efficiently and smoothly, gives you more time to focus on the client in your chair, puts your business everywhere clients schedule appointments, provides customers with more ways to pay for your goods and services, and more. 


While there are many different kinds on the market, the best salon software options often include marketing features, staff management controls, salon POS solutions, and other ways to simplify and automate your day-to-day. Since salon software options range from simple salon booking software to advanced all-in-one solutions, there's an option for every business need, budget, and client volume. 

Why is salon software so important?

Getting your business off pen and paper is one thing, but there are many other salon software benefits that make it a valuable part of your business strategy. To start, it centralizes all your salon’s business data into a single system so it's easily accessible at your business or on the go. All of your appointments, staff profiles, client info, inventory, and other important details are managed by the salon software and readily available/editable with the touch of a button. Plus, with a mobile business app, your salon software lets you track your daily operations whenever, wherever. 


Salon software also makes for a modern and streamlined client scheduling experience at your business. By putting your business everywhere people book, making an appointment at your salon will be easier than ever for new or returning clients. Whether they’re scheduling on your website, through Google, using your branded mobile app, or on the Mindbody consumer app, they’ll appreciate the ease of access and you’ll enjoy fuller books. And, you can also use your salon software to send waivers, reminders, and appointment details to clients ahead of time so they show up confident and ready to look their best. 


Also, salon software can simplify payments at your business and make paying and tipping for services easier for clients. When your point of sale is integrated with your salon management software, your admin and reporting duties are handled automatically and your clients’ payment details are stored in your software for a speedy checkout when they return. Plus, you can have confidence that all of your clients' card data is securely stored at the highest industry standard. And with the right hardware, you can accept transactions anywhere in your business, not just at the front desk. 


And that’s just the start. Salon software also can automate your marketing, provide low-touch tools for your clients, support multilocation management, and more. Salon software features can vary by package, so consult a sales rep to learn more about what’s right for your business. 

How much does salon software cost?

Mindbody has a variety of pricing and packaging options for salon software. From the simple essentials to top-of-the-line features, there are software options to fit every business size and business need at several price points. Mindbody also offers a number of add-on solutions that can round out any package, from Insights advanced reporting to Messenger[ai]’s front desk. Check out the pricing page for more information on our salon software pricing.

Why use Marketing Suite at my salon?

Unlike other third-party marketing programs, Marketing Suite is built into your salon software so it knows your business operations and numbers inside and out. It takes all your data on customers, staff, services, and sales and optimizes your salon’s marketing approach with custom drip campaigns, referral and reputation programs, and other flexible client retention tools. Marketing Suite also uses detailed algorithms to build unique customer profiles based on each salon client's personal visit history, purchase habits, and past responses. Plus, these salon software marketing campaigns automate your processes and reduce your admin work.

What types of salon services are listed in the Mindbody app?

Within the Mindbody app, salon offerings are separated into the “Beauty” section and have their own filters under “Beauty Type.” In the salon software, services can be organized into categories and subcategories. When categorizing listings in their salon software, businesses try to select the one option that best describes their service even if it isn’t a perfect match. Their goal is not to so narrowly categorize their services that they’re only shown to a niche audience, but to promote their salon to a wide variety of potential clients through the salon booking software.

How do I make my salon’s Mindbody app listing stand out?

The Mindbody app connects your business to a global wellness network of consumers looking for salon services—but it only works if they can find you. When uploading your services to the app, make sure you correctly tag your offerings in your salon software with the right categories and subcategories so potential clients know exactly what you’re providing. Also, be sure to add up-to-date photos of your business to give them a glimpse into your salon space before they arrive. Finally, make sure that staff members have quality pictures and unique biographies to show off their personalities to anyone browsing your business.

How does my salon’s AI receptionist learn how to respond correctly?

Messenger[ai] actually gets most of its knowledge directly from your salon software, including your services, schedule, and staff availability. Although, just like any human staff member, Messenger[ai] needs a bit of extra training to fully understand your salon and clientele. To help the bot achieve its full potential, you also need to prepare it for the questions your customers have that may not already be in your salon software. To do that, you can create a Messenger[ai] FAQ list that serves up custom responses when a message matches one or more of your programmed keywords or questions.  


To make things easier, Messenger[ai] automatically tags other possible spelling variations and meanings that clients have used for similar services at other businesses. Plus, if a client question ever confuses your bot, your salon software will flag it for your front desk staff to follow up.

Can I customize what my AI receptionist says to salon clients?

Your salon has its own energy and vibe, and Messenger[ai] can be customized to match its look and feel to better connect with your customers. Not only can you customize your bot’s name and picture, you can also change its tone and voice to align with your brand. Whether you set it up to use slang, emojis, or whatever inside joke you have with your clients, Messenger[ai] can be set up to sound just like one of your team.