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How Mindbody Branded Web Tools Can Make Booking Appointments a Breeze

Let’s talk about your website—you’ve put a lot of effort, and probably money, into your web presence. Your site is the centerpiece of your brand. It should tell your customers who you are, what you do, and why they should use your services.

Once they decide what treatments and services they want to use, it’s time for them to book with you. They have invested time with your website and your brand; they’re hooked. They are ready to book treatments and services, but many salons, spas and wellness businesses send their customers away from their website to book appointments.

Good news, though. With Mindbody branded web tools, your customers can book or request their appointments directly on your website.

Here are three ways Mindbody customers are keeping their clients’ attention right where they want it—on their website.

Yoso Wellness Spa, Santa Cruz, California

Yoso Wellness Spa offers many different types of services, including facials, massages, acupuncture and makeup, to name a few. When a client goes to book an appointment at Yoso, all they have to do is click the Book Online tab in their site navigation, select their appointment type, and pick their appointment time—making booking a breeze.

Ohana Wellness, Bethesda, Maryland

Ohana Wellness focuses on creating a peaceful atmosphere for its clientele, and that starts with how they book on their website. Clients can click on the Schedule Online button, and select what type of service they want—complete with how much it costs. After selecting their service, the client is taken to a schedule page that matches the rest of Ohana’s website.

Root Whole Body, Portland, Oregon

Because Root Whole Body offers both appointments and classes at their business, their branded web widget is embedded to allow both types of bookings. To do this, they have their classes listed on their schedule page, as well as links to each type of appointment. This allows their customers to choose what type of experience they want and book it.

With Mindbody branded web tools, your brand is front and center—meaning that your customers always keep it in mind when looking for wellness and beauty services. And the best part? All Mindbody customers get them included in their subscription.

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