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Attract. Convert. Retain. Repeat.

We’ve got the built-in marketing tools to bring in new clients and keep them coming back.

A collage of images demonstrating the marketing tools in Mindbody software.


Grow your client base

We help you reach clients outside your networks, keeping your schedule (and balance sheet) full.

Screenshots from the Mindbody Marketplace

More than 2.4M active fitness & wellness consumers are on the Mindbody Marketplace—you should be, too. The Mindbody app and website get your brand in front of consumers looking to book services just like yours.

A collage of images that demonstrate how you can provide special offers that get you in front of clients.

Give your intro offers front-and-center placement in the Marketplace. It’s a cost-effective way to get in front of new clients without the unknowns of traditional advertising. You only pay when someone actually books.

A collage of images demonstrating the ClassPass app.

List your business on the ClassPass app, where a new audience of consumers are looking for their next favorite class or appointment. We’re so sure you’ll earn more revenue, we guarantee it. (Terms apply.)

Engage & Convert

Automate your outreach

Our set-it-and-forget-it tools help you convert interest into action, 24/7.

A screenshot demonstrating the lead management capabilities of Mindbody software.

Our exclusive Lead Management dashboard gives you the tools to engage with leads at every stage of the pipeline—plus you can configure it to your unique business.

Screenshots demonstrating the communications capabilities of Mindbody Marketing Suite.

Set up automated email and text campaigns that reach out to clients for you—it’s easy with the Marketing Suite. Set it, forget it, and keep clients keep coming back for more.

Screenshot showing how Messenger[ai] helps automate your marketing.

Messenger[ai] is our AI-powered messaging platform that works 24/7 to automatically answer client questions, book classes & appointments, and respond to missed calls with a text.

Retain & Build Loyalty

Cultivate a thriving community

Our convenient retention tools foster long-term relationships at every touchpoint.

Collage of images demonstrating how Mindbody Marketing Suite can personalize your marketing campaigns.

Make sure every message is on brand with an integrated email editor and easy-to-use, customizable templates.

A screenshot demonstrating smart contact lists in Mindbody Marketing Suite.

Thanks to smart contact lists that continually update, you’ll hit the right inboxes with the right message or offer, every time. Segment clients based on visit history, membership status, purchase history, and more.

woman using SMS

One-on-one or as a group, you can send unlimited SMS texts to your clients, and see all your communications in one dashboard.

Automated marketing tool asks a client if she can provide a testimonial.

Automatically text to ask clients to leave a review on your website, Facebook, Google, and other social review sites.

Gift card award for a client referral

Reward clients with points for referring more people to your business. They can track their rewards in a dashboard, and redeem them towards purchases or membership dues however you choose.

Mindbody Partner Store solutions

There are 90+ preferred third party tools and services that integrate with our platform. Businesses that use Mindbody Integrations average 10% more revenue, 40% more bookings, and 35% more client purchases that those that don’t.

A collage showing Mindbody a branded mobile app

Put your brand in your clients’ hands with a branded and mobile app, where clients can book, buy, and manage their accounts and memberships. You get the benefit of a custom app without the hassle of custom development. Available on iOS and Android.


Make data-driven decisions

With our best-in-class reporting, you can adjust and balance your marketing strategy in real time.

Marketing Suite ROI dashboard

Evaluate your marketing ROI

See your marketing performance data at a glance with integrated, easy-to-use dashboards. Analyze and act on your campaign numbers with reports on new visits, memberships, revenue, and more.

"We needed a more robust software that allowed us to focus on client relationships, communication, sales, and marketing. Mindbody allows us to do all that and more."
Jen Lobo

Jen Lobo

Co-founder, bodē nyc

New York, NY

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Attract, convert, and retain more clients with integrated marketing.

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Frequently asked questions

Why is marketing my business important?

The best class in the world isn’t all that great if nobody’s in it. To truly thrive, your business needs a steady stream of new clients and a way of keeping existing clients loyal. Effective marketing strategies and tools are critical to the success of your business. They introduce your brand to future clients and then keep them engaged through every stage of the customer lifecycle. And you don’t have to be a professional advertiser or influencer to do it right: Mindbody can help you get the word out, bring more clients through your doors, and keep them coming back. 

How does Mindbody help me promote my business?

Business owners have a full plate, and traditional marketing can be time consuming, costly, and disjointed. Mindbody puts everything you need to manage your client attraction and retention in same place you manage everything else about your business: right in your Mindbody software. The Mindbody network and ClassPass help you get in front of more new clients, and our suite of marketing tools includes automated customizable email and text campaigns that encourage more repeat visits and seamless customer advocacy—with far less effort on your part.

How does the Mindbody app help attract new clients?

The Mindbody app is downloaded six times every minute and has nearly 2 million monthly active users. Displaying your services in the Mindbody app gives you exposure to the industry’s largest network of fitness, wellness, and beauty consumers who use the Mindbody app to book their favorite services and search for new ones. With automated features like last-minute deals and intro offers, you can put the right offer in front of the right customer, at just the right time. It’s free to list and simple to set up.

I’m a current Mindbody customer. How do I get started using marketing tools?

Log into your Mindbody software and click the Marketing tab from your home screen. Here you’ll be able to see and manage all of the marketing tools already available to you, and learn about new marketing tools. Ready to upgrade? Contact us to discuss your options. Not a Mindbody client yet? Let’s talk!