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5 Tips for Marketing Your Fitness Business With Instagram Video

Of the 800 million people on Instagram, 80% follow a business account. In fact, in Facebook's 2017 Earnings Call, COO Sheryl Sandberg reported, "About two-thirds of the visits to Instagram business profiles are from people who don’t follow them yet—and this is helping bring in new customers." Most consumers will likely check out your Instagram feed before stepping foot into your facility, or even visiting your website. It’s no surprise that businesses are flocking to Instragram to find success on social media.

So, what type of content resonates with consumers? On social media, video wins hands down. In fact, Animoto’s 2018 State of Social Video: Marketer Trends report found that video is the #1 type of content users want to see from a brand. And since the fitness industry is a visual one, it has a distinct advantage over other businesses when it comes to video marketing. Here are a few video tips to help set your fitness business up for success on Instagram.

1. Foster trust with a testimonial video.

On Instagram, people are looking to get to know your brand and gauge if its the right fit for their needs. And hearing how current customers feel about your brand establishes credibility without being overly promotional. According to a recent survey, 90% of consumers say positive reviews impact their purchase decision. So share a rave review or highlight a loyal customer to build trust with potential clients.

Tip: Don’t have time to shoot video footage? Create eye-catching video content quickly using stock images and online reviews of your facility or services.  

2. Motivate your audience with inspirational quotes.

More and more, consumers are scoping out a brand’s social media before inquiring further. In fact, your online presence is often the only touchpoint you’ll have with a potential customer. Consistently sharing positive, uplifting content helps your fitness brand gain the visibility and credibility it needs to get your audience excited about your product or service.

Tip: Don’t know what to share? Use inspirational quotes from those you admire, or even from yourself or your team like below.

3. Get personal with Instagram Stories.

On Instagram, polished or curated content is successful in the Feed. But on Instagram Stories, more organic, DIY-type content outperforms polished content. Leverage the behind-the-scenes appeal of Stories to give followers a sneak peek at classes, equipment, and facilities.

For instance, have an instructor do a Stories “takeover” once or twice a week, where they walk viewers through their approach and style. Fitness is personal. Allowing your audience to get a feel for your brand before visiting is a key component to connecting with them, and getting them through the door.

Tip: Instagram Stories is also a great place to share exclusive, “followers-only” offers.

4. Engage your clients with weekly content.

Instagram videos don’t always have to be about a sale or membership offer. More than that, Instagram is a great platform to showcase your expertise. To get some eye-catching photos and video clips for your next Instagram video, have an employee record a few on their phone. Drag and drop the assets into a video-creation tool, add text, and your logo, and you’re all set. Share weekly content that adds value to your current followers and add relevant hashtags to help you reach a wider, more engaged audience.

Tip: Try a weekly series focused on a specific diet or exercise and pair it with the hashtag #TuesdayTips. Share a new one each week and use Stories to tell followers to look out for the next video.

5. Stand out with storytelling.

With the rise of Instagram marketing, it’s likely that your competition plans to be on Instagram in 2019—if they aren’t already there. So what sets your brand apart from other fitness brands? It’s your story. Show your audience why your business is unique by sharing your brand’s story.

Start by shooting a 30-second video clip on your phone, letting viewers know why you’re passionate about your work. You can also share an overview of your brand like New York Yoga does in the video below. Upload the footage into a video creation tool, add background music, text, and your logo to create social-friendly content that’s quick and easy to share.

Tip: For the camera-shy, try a voice-over video paired with images and video clips of your facility or services.

Fitness businesses have a unique advantage when it comes to video marketing on Instagram. Use these tips to engage your current clientele, and get prospective clients interested in learning more.

Marketing effectively on Instagram doesn't have to be difficult. We've got tips and tricks to set you up for success.

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Sally Sargood is Head of Social at Animoto, an award-winning online video maker that makes it easy for anyone to create professional marketing videos.

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