Professional Services

Professional Services pairs you with a dedicated MINDBODY product expert who knows your business, understands how you operate and develops strategies to improve your processes and help you grow your business.

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1-on-1 attention from dedicated product experts

For all things software related, your Professional Services Specialist becomes your go-to person.

  • Project Manager

    We personalize your onboarding experience while aligning your MINDBODY site with your unique needs and goals.

  • Liaison

    We facilitate a close working relationship to assist in prioritizing business initiatives, add-ons or partner services.

  • Software Support

    We provide highly accountable, personalized support for all MINDBODY-related questions.

  • Staff Training

    We prepare and train staff members, while also limiting disruption to the business by helping combat staff turnover with customized materials.

Exclusive perks for Professional Services clients

  • Be the first to know about software updates and upgrades, and your feedback will be considered through enhancements to our product.

  • Receive exclusive discounts on MINDBODY events and the BOLD user conference.

Ideal for businesses that forge their own path

  • Want to maximize the potential of the software

  • Have a unique, complex or high-volume business model

  • Expand to new locations or want to franchise

  • Manage staff across multiple locations

  • Innovate and focus on differentiating from competitors

Helping clients in your industry develop a strategy to grow and thrive

  • Zoe

    Premium Services Specialist for

    “We love Zoe because of her willingness to go above and beyond to ensure our company, a franchisor with 7 franchisees, is successful. We are newer members to MINDBODY, and from day one Zoe has been so great to work with, often extending herself, such as jumping on late night conference calls to prepare for Black Friday madness! We are honored to have Zoe as our account rep and appreciate her hard work and support!” —Kym, Amenzone
  • Hannah

    Premium Services Specialist for
    Bodhi by Anthony

    “Hannah is awesome! She is patient, diligent and walked me through all of my questions when we first enrolled with MINDBODY. Everything I needed was uploaded prior to my training, which made my life easier. Thank you, Hannah!” —Karen Monetti, Bodhi by Anthony
  • Sharley

    Premium Services Specialist for
    CrossFit Sevier

    “Sharley is beyond amazing! She is number one in my book—to have my whole family on the phone with her and answer all our questions, I just want to know how I can have her work for me. She is truly the best!” —Jeremy, CrossFit Sevier
  • Emily

    Premium Services Specialist for

    “My shout-out to Emily the Great: I think I may be the biggest pain-in-the-neck client! I lack the technical gene—which means that I probably need my account rep more than most. Emily never makes me feel dumb when I ask questions or forget how to change a setting, etc. She is knowledgeable, patient and really a pleasure to work with.” —Susan, Equinox
  • Andre

    Premium Services Specialist for

    “Andre is the best. I appreciate his patience in helping me learn—his kind voice and genuine concern shows through each phone call. Sometimes I think he giggles at me listening to my Southern way of talking, but most of all I enjoy our short talks about our families. He has made our change to MINDBODY a great decision. I look forward to learning more.” —Janet Stanley, Fitness1440
  • Matt

    Premium Services Specialist for
    Flywheel Sports

    “Matt has been a huge help to me in both the learning process at the beginning and in all of the detailed changes we have made since. Whenever I have a question or a concern, Matt is very responsive and detailed in his response. I personally am very grateful you have Matt on your team and on mine.” —James, Flywheel Sports
  • Patrick

    Premium Services Specialist for
    Holden & Co. Salon

    “Patrick has blessed me by his patience in helping me through our transition. He was not pushy or demeaning. He never let on that he was frustrated with me, which he probably was. Instead he was always gentle, very professional and prompt in replying to my questions. I felt that he was genuinely interested in my success.” —Ben DuBose, Holden & Co. Salon
  • Jenny

    Premium Services Specialist for
    Joy of Motion Dance Center

    “Jenny is great at taking care of our needs. With each question I have, she either addresses it or digs deeper to find the best solution to the process. Jenny is great!” —Heidi, Joy of Motion Dance Center
  • Sarah

    Premium Services Specialist for

    “Sarah is great—always very helpful and I look forward to chatting with her each week even though she is obsessed with Justin Timberlake!” —Meagan, Kosama
  • Denise

    Premium Services Specialist for
    Massage Club

    “I am a huge fan of Denise; she has been great since we jumped ship to MINDBODY. Nothing is ever too difficult and, more importantly, if she knows she can't answer it, she admits it and finds someone who can. She is like a spouse without benefits: reliable, always keen to help, cleans up the odd mess, and not afraid to keep me in line.” —Grant, Massage Club
  • Sarah

    Premium Services Specialist for
    Menlo Swim & Sport

    “Sarah has to be the best account rep at MINDBODY because she is efficient, knowledgeable and super fun to work with. She has a great sense of humor, which makes the work we do much more enjoyable. Sarah has even offered to give us cupcakes when they appear at the staff table at the San Luis Obispo office. She must know that we can’t get there before they disappear, but hey… it’s the thought that counts. Sarah is great!” —Chris Mogensen, Menlo Swim & Sport
  • Bola

    Premium Services Specialist for
    MESO Business Center

    “I would really like to thank Bola for his help in building our booking site. Bola is very accessible, flexible and friendly—nothing is too hard for him to solve, even when we have to change our booking system several times. He caters to all our site needs and thinks everything through. I'm confident that with people like Bola in your team, MINDBODY will continue to provide an excellent service to all your customers.” —Michelle, MESO Business Center
  • Michael

    Premium Services Specialist for
    Shen Shen Health & Harmony

    “Throughout the setup for our MINDBODY site, Michael was great. I felt completely at ease during what was a crazy time—he helped me set up everything and was great about answering every question we had and trying to make both the customers and staff’s experience with MINDBODY as wonderful as it could be. We couldn't be happier with what he did for us. Many thanks to Michael and the entire staff at MINDBODY!” —Bob Jones, Shen Shen Health & Harmony
  • David

    Premium Services Specialist for
    Staylight Corporate

    “David is the glue that holds my business together. Without him, I would be lost. There has never been a question he hasn't known the answer to. Additionally, I have a weird feeling he would make a great wingman.” —Jordan, Staylight Corporate
  • Amanda

    Premium Services Specialist for
    Wild Horse Fitness

    “Amanda is always willing to go the extra mile to help our business. I only had three weeks to get our software up and running for our gym, spa and cafe, and she really went above and beyond to teach me the ins and outs of the software. She is a huge part of the success of the launch of our business.” —Lauren O’Brien, Wild Horse Fitness

Account and Project Management packages start at $499. Please contact us for more information.

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