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All-in-one indoor cycling studio software

Keep the wheels turning at your cycling studio with software that helps you manage your business, reach new clients, and create powerful experiences.

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Screenshot demonstrating Mindbody cycling studio software

More time to do what you love

Screenshot demonstrating how Mindbody cycling studio software can help you with your scheduling

Simplify booking for clients and staff with schedules that are super easy to set up, edit, and manage. Plus, list your workouts everywhere clients are searching.

Screenshot demonstrating how Mindbody software can help you with your cycling studio business management needs.

Make spin class personal with quick access to the info that makes clients feel special. Your software also tracks staff payroll and performance reviews, and automates instructor substitutions.

Screenshot demonstrating how Mindbody software can help you with your cycling studio payments needs.

Get the most from your cycling studio software and ensure a smooth checkout—from anywhere. Set up autopay memberships and run comprehensive reports to track revenue and spot trends.

Screenshot showing how Mindbody cycling studio software provides fast check-in for your customers.

Let your cyclists quickly sign themselves into class with our Class Check-in App—no lines, no waiting. Plus, it lets staff focus on what’s really important: making your clients happy.

Take your spin studio further with 
industry-leading tech

A view of the lead management capabilities of the MIndbody cycling studio software.

AI solutions to help you do more

Track visits, nurture relationships, and convert first-timers into loyal spinners—automatically. Your AI-powered CRM also predicts who’s at risk of leaving, so you’ll know where to focus your attention.

And with Messenger[ai] covering your front desk, you’ll turn missed calls into bookings, keep staff focused on clients, and get the peace of mind that comes with a 24/7 assistant.

A diagram showing how Mindbody cycling studio software provides automated marketing functionality.

Intelligent, automated marketing

Marketing Suite is built into your indoor cycling software and gives new clients all the reasons to come in and keep coming back. Smart contact lists let you send automated, personalized emails and texts to just the right clients. Our fully editable email templates fit your brand and your promotions.

Screenshots from the Mindbody and Classpass apps, demonstrating how Mindbody cycle studio software provides access to the largest network of wellness consumers.

The largest network of wellness consumers

List your studio on the Mindbody and ClassPass apps and be discovered by a world of new clients searching for cycling workouts. AI-powered class recommendations and intro offers automatically attract new clients and turn empty bikes into paying customers.

A screenshot showing a branded mobile app for a cycling studio using Mindbody software.

Your own customized app

We’ll build you a sleek branded mobile app that’ll make you look awesome and set your cycling studio apart. Your app offers clients a VIP user experience and gives them a friction-free way to book, buy, and manage their account. Send important messages like promotions and announcements—directly in the app.

"From scheduling for clients to billing and everything in between, it’s exactly what we were looking for."
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Heather Ruff

Co-Founder, Spenga

Everything you need in one software

Your classes are tough; managing your spin studio doesn’t have to be.

  • Exclusive access to the industry’s largest global network of fitness consumers
  • Automated marketing tools that bring in and keep more new members
  • Unmatched support and services with real people focused on your business 

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Frequently asked questions

What is indoor cycling studio software?

Indoor cycling studio software is wellness technology designed to help studio owners and managers automate their day-to-day and create memorable experiences for clients. Whether you’re looking to streamline scheduling, improve your point of sale, build a larger community, or bring new riders into your studio, indoor cycling studio software has you covered. With the management software, you’ll have more time to strategize for the future, focus on what you love, and create genuine connections with your members. Plus, it’s built to scale with your studio, so whether you’re opening your second location, bringing in franchisees, or expanding into global markets, you’ll always have the tools to keep your studio’s wheels spinning.  


There are a few on the market, but the best indoor cycling studio software options also have tools to keep you connected to your clients and community. These are features like marketing emails that automatically send the right messages to the right clients, lead management systems that convert more drop-ins into members, review and referral programs that generate buzz around your brand, and more. The features that come with indoor cycling studio software depend on which package you choose, so work with a sales rep to find the solution that’s right for your cycling studio.

How does spin software improve class scheduling?

Spin software simplifies your scheduling and makes it easier than ever for clients, members, and first timers to book a class with your business. When your spin studio is run with indoor cycling software, everything about your schedule is organized in one location, making it easier for you to find the info you need and simpler for your team to coordinate their days. You can post your schedule everywhere clients can book—online, on the Mindbody app, through your mobile app, or at the front desk. When they schedule, clients can even pick their bike ahead of time, personalizing their experience and making them feel more comfortable in your space. There’s an option to create waitlists that automatically notify clients when spots open up, as well as rosters for staff to view sign-ups ahead of time to prep for class and create personalized workouts.

Can I teach virtual classes with cycling studio software?

Yes, you can bring your studio online and teach virtual spin classes with indoor cycling studio software. Through the Virtual Wellness Platform in your software, you'll have the power to reach new audiences around the world by live-streaming your spin classes directly to their living rooms. They can log in as usual, book from your schedule on your website or the Mindbody app, and join the virtual class via the link that’s sent 30 minutes before the session begins. To add additional value to your spin studio, you can also use VWP to launch a video-on-demand library that clients and members can access 24/7. You can fill it with pre-recorded workout content or past live-stream classes, and your community can access it through your site or branded mobile app. Plus, you can combine these links with your email marketing campaigns to create an even greater client connection to your studio. VWP is an add-on for indoor cycling studio software, so work with a rep to learn more about the offering.

Does indoor cycling studio software improve member management?

Yes, indoor cycling studio software helps you manage members by keeping clients organized and memberships configured into convenient packages. Whenever a client books with your business, they are given a client profile in your spin software with their preferences, payment info, and service history. Clients can log in to their accounts to update billing info, view payment and visit history, redeem rewards points and gift cards, and more—and the software will always notify staff of milestones like first visits, birthdays, and positive or negative balances. 


The software also keeps your memberships in line so recurring revenue keeps flowing and riders stay loyal to your community. When setting up memberships in the software, you can configure packages with special members-only perks for riders like priority booking, retail discounts on your branded merch, and more. You can also set up automated billing in the software to make membership transactions seamless, and rely on the Card Updater feature to automatically update expiring cards on file. Membership features in indoor cycling studio software can vary by package, so speak with a rep to find the option that’s right for your business. 

Can I manage multiple locations with indoor cycling software?

Yes, indoor cycling software can help studio owners seamlessly manage multiple locations, whether they operate a small business, franchising corporation, or global enterprise. Within the software, managers have access to a powerful corporate dashboard for all locations and regions, complete with detailed reports, retail information, and user groups and permissions. You’ll be able to find enterprise data for your entire organization, with year-over-year metrics and cross-location reports on sales, clients, and visits. There are even automated marketing tools that work to retain new customers that can be built with your data, scheduled ahead of time, and applied across your entire network. And, if there’s a need the indoor cycling software can’t fulfil, you can tap into our API to build custom solutions specifically for your unique business. 

How much does indoor cycling software cost?

Mindbody offers a few options for indoor cycling studio software, each with their own set of software features. We have a solution for created for the most basic of indoor cycling studios, a premium option with everything we offer, and a few in between. Plus, you can round out your package with an add-on to your spin software, like Messenger[ai] front desk or VWP for virtual spin classes. For more information on pricing and packaging for Mindbody indoor cycling software, please visit the fitness pricing page.