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The Best Ways to Invest in Your Integrative Health Business

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The Best Ways to Invest in Your Integrative Health Business

With renewed focused on our health, many wellness businesses are as busy as ever right now. But what if you spent a few moments imagining all the things you could do with an extra cash infusion, that would potentially help your integrative health business in the long term? You might be surprised at the variety of options which could put your business in a stronger position for the near future.

1. Facility upgrades

Businesses in the integrative health space receive a tremendous amount of daily wear and tear. Investing in the following items can give your business a needed facelift and make the space look refreshed.

  • Replacing worn flooring
  • Refreshing faded paint
  • Swapping out chipped/damaged mirrors
  • Replacing mis-matched/worn-out furniture
  • Bringing in new artwork and decor

2. Addressing debt

Whether you took some short-term advances on a company credit card, or you had prior long-term loans from a buildout, renovation, or equipment purchase, consider consolidating or paying down these debts and making some progress on your balance sheet.

  • Pay down higher interest debt

3. Employee-related initiatives

Setting up benefits can help attract and retain quality employees. Here are some things to consider:

  • Health insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Ongoing training
  • Workshops
  • Conferences

Pro tip: Consider running a contest with conference travel as a prize for the winning employee—a great way to fuel competitive spirit as well as give sales a bump at the same time!

4. Equipment and treatment supplies

Your staff relies on a variety of tools to perform their work. There have been so many technological improvements and clinical upgrades over the last few years that it may be worth investigating the variety of new supplies that can allow your staff to more frequently upgrade services in both price and result. Consider investing in the following:

  • Treatment beds/tables/chairs
  • LED therapies
  • Vitamins, minerals, or gels used for treatments
  • Massage supplies like oils and creams

5. Technology upgrades

Could your business benefit from some additional tech equipment for use by either staff or clients? New webcams can help to produce higher quality in-house training videos, or you could update your security system with a few new strategically placed cameras. An AI receptionist can even help you turn missed calls into sales when your staff is busy.

  • Desktop computer
  • Tablets or mobile devices
  • Credit card processing equipment
  • Webcams for training videos
  • Updated security
  • AI receptionist

6. Starting something new

Consumers are eager to try new services and treatments right now; 49% of consumers say they’re more open to trying something new than they were pre-pandemic.1 Along with investing in new equipment, technology, or training, you may want to think about sprucing up your service menu to increase revenue and consumer loyalty.

  • New treatments
  • New services
  • New modalities that don’t require additional staff (e.g., meditation pods or infrared saunas)

7. Retail and e-commerce

An investment in a new retail line of treatment products could bring some excitement to those departments for both clients and staff. Beyond your traditional product offerings, retail self-care products that aid with digestion, sleep, and mental clarity are extremely popular right now.

  • Retail self-care products
  • E-commerce software

8. Short-term cashflow boost

Perhaps most importantly, a short-term cash infusion may be just the ticket to get you caught up on prior commitments, improve the look of your balance sheet, or to ease a month with an additional payroll cycle. The business that cannot benefit from an improved cash position is rare indeed!

  • Prior commitments
  • Balance sheet improvements
  • Payroll

No matter how you’re looking to invest in your integrative health business, Mindbody can help. See how you can get the capital you need to grow your business.

Learn more about investing in your business.

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integrative health checklist grow your business


The Best Ways to Invest in Your Integrative Health Business
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