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All-in-one affiliate gym software

Powerful software solutions that take the sweat out of running your box. Attract new athletes, simplify your day, and deliver transformative experiences.

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A screenshot demonstrating how Mindbody software can support your affiliate gym.

More time to do what you love

A screenshot demonstrating how Mindbody software can support the scheduling needs of your gym.

Easily set up your class schedule and put it in front of clients wherever they search and book. And it's a snap for your team—they can effortlessly manage class rosters and handle their own schedules, too.

A screenshot demonstrating how Mindbody software can support the business management needs of your gym.

Keep member connections strong with quick access to the client info you need to personalize their visit. Run payroll, staff performance, schedules—and avoid cancelled classes with simple trainer substitutions.

A screenshot demonstrating how Mindbody software provides payments support for your gym.

No matter how or where your clients pay, every transaction flows through one system. Get the right point-of-sale hardware for your affiliate gym, and easily run reports to measure your success.

A screenshot demonstrating how Mindbody software provides marketing support for your gym.

Bring in new clients and engage existing ones—right from your affiliate gym software. Set up automated, customizable campaigns that boost business and build loyalty, with clear metrics on what’s working.

Go next level with cutting-edge tech

A screenshot demonstrating how Mindbody software provides lead management support for your gym.

Transform your gym with the power of AI

Automatically convert casual visitors into loyal athletes with our AI-powered CRM system. It predicts who’s in it for the long haul—and who’s at risk of leaving—so you know just where to focus.

And when you’re busy with class? Messenger[ai], your AI front desk assistant, automatically responds to missed calls, handles questions, and helps gym clients book or buy. 

A screenshot demonstrating how Mindbody software provides marketing automation for your gym.

Marketing automations that keep athletes engaged

You opened your affiliate gym because you love WODs, not marketing. Attract new members and keep them coming back for more with automated retention tools built into your software. Send fully customized promotional emails and texts to just the right clients, thanks to smart contact lists that update themselves.

A screenshot of a branded mobile app provided by Mindbody for an affiliate gym.

A customized app sets your gym apart

With your own branded mobile app, clients stay connected with you—everywhere they go. With your app on their home screens, they can easily book their next class and manage their accounts. Hit them with your best promos or give them a little nudge when you haven’t seen them in a while. It’s a simple way to turn dabblers into loyal athletes—and makes your brand look super legit, too.

A screenshot showing an affiliate gym listed in the Mindbody and ClassPass apps.

Turn empty class spots into paying customers

Expand your reach by getting listed on the Mindbody and ClassPass apps. AI-powered class recommendations and intro offers automatically entice new clients and help turn light classes into big business. The best part: listing on both apps is always free. Put your business where fitness lovers are looking and get ready to meet your future members.

"Mindbody is our touchpoint for everything. A lot of the blocking and tackling that you don’t always think about—Mindbody helps us do it."
Headshot of Cody Romness, Allegiate Gym

Cody Romness

Co-Founder, Allegiate Gym

Redondo Beach, California

Everything you need in affiliate gym software

Software for affiliates—done right.

  • Exclusive access to the industry’s largest global network of fitness consumers
  • Automated marketing tools that bring in and keep more new members
  • Unmatched support and services with real people focused on your business 

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Frequently asked questions

What is affiliate gym software?

Affiliate gym software is an online platform that helps gym owners and affiliate trainers manage their operations and build larger athlete communities. Software for affiliates is built to help gyms grow and cross fitness boundaries by simplifying class scheduling, improving point of sale, streamlining reporting, and more. It’ll give athletes more reasons to book with your business, members more motivation to keep coming back, and studio owners more time to strategize for the future. Plus, affiliate gym software is designed to scale with your affiliate gym, so you’ll always have the power to expand when your business and community are ready.

How can software for affiliates help with gym management?

Keeping your business details in order across fitness clients and staff can be quite a hurdle, but affiliate gym software helps organize and centralize your most important gym management data. When your gym is run on the platform, every athlete who schedules a class or appointment gets a client profile in your software that stores all of their preferences, payment info, and service history. To save you time, they’ll be able to log in to their accounts to update billing info, view payment and visit history, redeem rewards points and gift cards, and more. The affiliate gym software even keeps a watchful eye on these profiles and automatically notifies trainers of important client details or milestones like first visits, birthdays, positive or negative balances, and more, so they can create the personalized experiences that keep athletes coming back. 


Affiliate gym software also provides you with all the tools you need to manage your team, so your operations run effectively and smoothly. The affiliate gym software clocks in staff, tracks hours, and calculates pay, tips, and commissions, so your payroll tasks are easier and error-free. Plus, it even integrates with payroll partners like ADP. You can set staff permissions in the software platform to maintain privacy or give trainers access to the right tools, and you can motivate your employees to excel through data gained from user-friendly performance reports. Affiliate gym software can even simplify staff substitutions by automatically finding replacement trainers when staff call out, saving you time, keeping classes on schedule, and keeping clients engaged.

Does software for affiliate gyms support memberships?

Yes, affiliate gym software supports membership programs so you can keep recurring revenue flowing and athletes loyal to your community. When setting up memberships in the software, you can configure membership packages with special, members-only perks for athletes like priority-access booking and retail discounts on your branded merch and more. The software platform takes the stress out of membership payments processing for clients and your team by setting up automated billing, making transactions seamless and maintaining earnings on time. Plus, the Card Updater feature in the affiliate gym software automatically updates expiring cards on file, so your coaches can focus on counting burpees instead of tracking down new payment details. Membership features in affiliate gym software can vary by package, so speak with a rep to find the solution that’s right for your business.

How does affiliate gym software make payment processing easier?

Affiliate gym software coordinates payment processing for your athletes and team by integrating it with the same software that powers your business. Whether transactions are online, via mobile, or at the front desk, they all go through a single location, so your admin and reporting processes are simplified. In the affiliate gym software, you can store cards linked to client profiles for contactless checkout, or with the right hardware, you can use the Mindbody business app to meet them where they are. You'll always have every client’s payment history a few clicks away, and you’ll be able to rely on user-friendly reports to track your revenue and spot trends in your sales data. Plus, all of your card details and payment processing history are stored securely in the affiliate gym software at PCI Level 1, the highest standard available in the industry.

Can I train athletes online using software for affiliates?

Yes, with affiliate gym software, you can train athletes online through on-demand and live stream sessions using the integrated Virtual Wellness Platform. Whether you’re looking to keep existing members loyal or reach untapped markets, live streaming your sessions is an easy way to add extra value to your business. You’ll simply schedule your virtual sessions in the platform, clients will book and pay just like they normally do, and the affiliate gym software will send them a link to the live stream 30 minutes before the class begins. To create closer connections with members, you can also offer your training sessions 24/7 by creating an online, on-demand video library with your affiliate gym software. The VOD library can be filled with live stream uploads or new, custom workout content, and clients can access them online or through your branded app whenever, wherever they want to work out. The best part? All of your virtual content is connected to your affiliate gym software so clients can easily log in as usual, book from your class schedule, and enjoy your services without the hassle of any extra third-party systems.

How much does affiliate gym software cost?

Mindbody offers a few packages for affiliate gym software at varying price points, each with its own set of included features. We have an option that offers the basics for the affiliate gyms that are just starting out and a top-of-the-line tier for businesses that need everything we have to offer, as well as a few other solutions in between. We also have a few add-ons that can be bundled with your affiliate gym software to complete your package, like Messenger[ai] virtual assistant or FitMetrix performance tracking. To get more details about pricing and packaging for affiliate gym software, visit our fitness pricing page.

Will affiliate gym software grow my clientele?

Affiliate gym software can grow your clientele by bringing new customers through your doors and giving you the lead management tools to make the most of your opportunities. When your business is run on affiliate gym software, you can list your training sessions on the Mindbody app, the world’s largest wellness consumer network, and showcase your brand to millions of potential clients. It’s simple to set up, easy to list, and gives you exposure to an unrivalled pool of high-spending fitness lovers. Once you’re listed, you’ll even be able to promote your services with intro offers for first-timers or last-minute deals for athletes that might still be on the fence.


After they’ve tried your services, your affiliate gym software will automatically pull new client profiles into the lead management system so they’ll enter your sales funnel. The CRM will keep track of all lead touchpoints and account information, give staff the tools they need to effectively connect and follow up with leads, and more. Plus, it’ll give you user-friendly metrics on your conversion rate, so you'll know where to improve and how to convert more members in the future.

Can affiliate gym software support a mobile app?

Lots of consumers like to book via mobile, and affiliate gym software can help you create and launch a branded mobile app so they can always stay connected with your brand. They’ll be able to schedule classes and appointments, manage memberships, save spots on waitlists, and more—directly from an app that looks and feels like your brand. To keep your business top of mind, you can send clients push notifications about deals and events announcements, automatic “we miss you” messages when they’ve been gone for a while, and class cancellation notices so they’re always up to date. You can even connect your app to your video-on-demand library so they can access your business any time they want. Plus, it’s easy to put the mobile app together. We’ll create it using your logo and colors, you’ll review the design, and we’ll help you launch it in the Android and iOS app stores. The affiliate gym branded mobile app isn’t available in every package, so speak with a rep to get the software solution that fits your needs.