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What Mindbody’s New Partnership with AXLE Means for Your Business

By Mindbody

May 10, 2022

As part of our long-term effort to add value for enterprise customers, Mindbody recently signed an exclusive, multi-year reseller agreement with AXLE. This leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform specializes in creating a branded consumer journey that drives revenue while seamlessly providing enterprise-level insights through the Mindbody system.

This milestone partnership gives Mindbody customers exclusive access to purchase AXLE’s suite of enterprise-first products all in one place.

What AXLE offers to Mindbody enterprise customers

AXLE has already been a game-changer for some of Mindbody’s multi-location customers, including [solidcore], Spenga, Shred415, Y7 STUDIO, and bodē nyc. With features like automatic no-show fees, bring-a-friend, and a sleek, flexible consumer interface, AXLE’s tools empower Mindbody’s enterprise customers to take their customer journey and revenue streams to the next level. Additionally, it’s the first full-service, enterprise CRM in the wellness space that helps empower businesses to manage their sales funnels, marketing communications, and member lifetime value from a central place.

AXLE offers a robust menu of complementary products that will benefit business owners and operators depending on their individual needs, including but not limited to:

  • Waivers and digital forms: Allows digital signing of forms and uploads to the Documents section of the client's Mindbody profile.
  • No-show/late cancel fees: Automatically charge late cancel and no-show fees.
  • AXLE Talk: A VoIP phone system that logs calls in the CRM and allows texts to be sent from the studio phone number.
  • AXLE branded app: An iOS/Android app, custom-branded for businesses, that allows clients to showcase their branding, easily manage multiple locations, and utilize features like bring-a-friend and pick a spot.

To find out more about how to add AXLE products to your offerings, reach out to your Mindbody account representative.

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