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Unstoppable on the Main Stage: BOLD 2021


There is no greater force for changing the world than a powerful idea. We curated an immersive, experience-based session featuring six short presentations and performances by extraordinary individuals. They’ve all tackled big stumbling blocks, personally and professionally. But through intention, and with unstoppable commitment, they’ve overcome those challenges to bring wellness to themselves, their communities, and our world. These are their transformative stories of grit, resilience, and creativity.


Logan Aldridge: Co-founder, Adaptive Training Academy

Alison Hadden: "No Time to Waste" Podcast Host

Tyra Hawthorne: Founder and President, Heartbeat Music and Performing Arts Academy (with members of the Thunder Squad)

Chieh Huang: CEO and Co-founder, Boxed

Butterscotch: Musician and Beatbox Champion

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Get inspired at BOLD 2022 with us.

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