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Riding the Next Wave of Wellness

With a global pandemic, the wellness industry is facing disruption. What does the future hold for wellness? We can get a sense of what's next by taking a look at the past. 

The recent history of wellness is marked by changing trends throughout the decades. Fads retire and consumer preferences change over the years. Health and fitness were once synonymous with Jane Fonda workouts and Sweatin' to the Oldies with Richard Simmons. Then came the rise of boutique studios and day spas that offered a welcome reprieve from corporate life and a focus on achieving better health and work-life balance as well as to relieve chronic stress. 

Connected devices have blurred the lines between the workplace and home life, but it's also created additional avenues for wellness content and a way to find and book the next workout

No matter what the latest health and wellness trend is, technology plays a key role in creating new ways to work out and improve one's well-being. Technology empowers startups and unleashes innovators across the industry. The future will be no different. 

Now, health and wellness have never been so important. Yet, the industry faces challenges, globally, like never before. It's no longer "business as usual" for fitness and wellness businesses. They're no longer able to offer services or classes like they did before, having to take things outside or intermittently shut their brick and mortar locations. Virtual offerings (like live stream classes and on-demand workout videos), once a nice-to-have, are now a must, and a key ingredient for survival. The future for these businesses, and in many ways, the physical health of consumers, will be determined by how well fitness businesses can shift focus and adapt.

See what the future holds for your own health and wellness and book your next workout or wellness appointment now at

Riding the next wave of wellness infographic

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