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Mindbody Customer Story

Hit Fit SF x Mindbody and ClassPass: Generating New Revenue with Ease

Hit Fit SF x ClassPass

Simon Redmond moved to San Francisco in 1996 while competing as an amateur boxer. He spent his spare time teaching boxing classes and quickly discovered an untouched market: People wanted to learn authentic boxing and get fit at the same time. So, in 2003—nearly 10 years later—he opened Hit Fit SF.

Hit Fit SF members truly can have it all. This inclusive, well-rounded gym offers boxing classes, HIIT (high-intensity interval training), and training for both professional and amateur fighters. The variety in offerings means members can get the results they’re looking for while learning technical skills. Hit Fit SF also challenges the stigma that all boxing gyms are tough, grimy, and exclusive to pro fighters. “It’s the real, authentic boxing experience in a cleaner, more pristine environment, and people of all fitness levels and all walks of life are welcome."

Extra cash, no extra effort

As a Mindbody partner for 12 years and a ClassPass partner for 10, Redmond has seen tremendous success and growth with Hit Fit SF. After the first few months using ClassPass to sell extra class spots, his revenue increased so significantly that he gave the platform its own line on Hit Fit SF’s profit and loss statements. “It’s just money in the bank with no extra expense,” says Redmond.

Redmond also highlighted the plug-and-play implementation of ClassPass, all the way down to the app’s promotion of Hit Fit SF.

Some business owners hesitate to sign up for ClassPass in fear of losing members to the platform—a concern Redmond understands but disagrees with. “The amount of revenue and new members I’ve gotten from ClassPass have far outweighed any loss of membership,” he explains. “It’s extra revenue, extra exposure, and it feeds you potential new clients.”

Marketing made easy

ClassPass isn’t the only product bringing in revenue for Hit Fit SF. Redmond also uses the Mindbody branded app and Marketing Suite to unify branding and marketing efforts. The branded app allows Redmond to market directly to his members—a strategy that surpasses mass email campaigns. Members with the app can view class schedules, book trainings, and make purchases directly from the app.

Redmond uses Mindbody’s Marketing Suite to send out newsletters and targeted email campaigns to bring in new clients and promote retention. “Marketing Suite is good for staying in touch, engaging with consumers, and getting clients back in the door,” says Redmond. 

The recent integration of Mindbody and ClassPass has streamlined many of the processes at Hit Fit SF, eliminating the need for two separate platforms, dashboards, reporting systems, and more.

Hit Fit SF marries boxing and traditional fitness classes in a clean, welcoming environment that’s open to people of all experience levels. After using ClassPass and Mindbody for 10 years, Redmond has found huge success in increasing revenue, gaining extra exposure, and acquiring new clients. “I think wellness means being fit, happy, and healthy,” says Redmond—and Hit Fit SF continues to deliver just that to its community.

ClassPass brings you more money—guaranteed.

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