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Promotion Codes Make a Healthy Halloween Treat

By Mindbody

It’s almost Halloween. You’ve put together a spooky playlist, and found a great costume that you can wear at your salon or studio . . . but what about the treats? We recommend cooking up promotional discount coupons, no sugar added. They’ll make your clients smile, and keep them coming back for more.

The only trick is to decide what you’d like to promote. You could choose an introductory deal to pull in new clients or pick a popular service or product that everyone will enjoy. Next, decide on a discount. If you’re really feeling the spirit, you might even offer something for free.

Once you’ve planned your promotion, log in to Mindbody and set it up on the Promotions screen. You’ll need to create a promotion code, which is what staff or clients will enter into Mindbody to get the deal. You might set up a holiday-themed code, like “HALLOWEENTREAT,” or automatically generate a random number.

Next, you can choose to set a percent or flat amount discount. We recommend going with whichever number will look the most enticing to clients. For example, 50% off a $10 service might look better than $5.00 off.

You’ll also need to decide how long clients have to cash in on the promotion by setting start and end dates. These dates determine when clients can use the promotion in your Mindbody site. You can even choose how many times clients can use the promotion: set it to expire after anywhere between one or 100 uses, or allow clients to use it an unlimited number of times. If you want, you can set the promotion to sell online. This makes it possible for clients to pass along the promo code to people who have never been to your studio before. If you want to keep things exclusive, you can make it so that the promotion is available only at your business, so that clients have to come in with the coupon in hand to take advantage of it.

You can even choose the days of the week when clients will be able to redeem the promotion. Initially, it will be set to apply to all products and services; you’ll need to narrow it down to just the items you want to include. You can choose to discount all items for an entire service category, revenue category or supplier. Or you can set up the discount for an individual item.

Just search for the service category, revenue category, supplier or specific item that you want to discount. Select it, and then add it to the promotion with one quick click. The item will appear in the Promotion Applies To section. Repeat this step to include more items, if you want. You could even include a combination of items that clients might buy together—like a class pass and a popular energy drink, or a color appointment and a great shine spray. Any items you add will be available for the same discount. Once you’ve added all of the items that you want to include in your promotion, just save all the details.

Your promotion is all set up, and ready to sell! Just print out your promotion code and details on slips of colorful paper, place those slips in a decorative bowl on Halloween, and invite clients to help themselves. They’ll appreciate the healthy treat, and the special deal will keep them coming back for more great services and products at your business.

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