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A hair stylist wears a mask while she blow dries a client's hair

5 Ways for Salons and Spas to Maximize Revenue as They Reopen

By Katherine Wernet

September 1, 2023

As salons and spas reopen, they’re not able to operate at the same capacity they were before the coronavirus pandemic. Social distancing limits the number of both clients and staff who can be at your business at any given time. Some businesses have even been forced to close again (or operate exclusively outside). The pressure’s on for businesses to make the most of each client who books.

Salons and spas need to focus on productivity more than ever. It’s crucial that you consider how your business can increase efficiency while boosting the average ticket. You can only see so many clients, but you still have to pay rent. Plus—you’re making up for revenue loss when you were temporarily closed.

Here are five ways to maximize revenue when you reopen.

1. Invite your best customers back first

You know who your loyal clients are. This is the group you can consistently count on to grab extra product or come in for multiple services at once. Let them know how much they mean to your business and give them exclusive access to your waitlist first. (Don’t have a waitlist yet? Here’s why you absolutely need one.)

It’s a win-win. They’ll be delighted to be part of the core community at your salon and spa, and you can count on them to spend.

2. Impose a COVID-19 tax

There’s no way around it; you're going to have additional costs when you reopen. Cleaning during this time is crucial (and expensive). Many businesses are opting for a “COVID-19 tax.” Rather than changing prices for individual services, these salons and spas are adding a small percentage to all services. Consider something around 5% or less.

Communicate to your clients how you’re keeping them safe with your upped cleaning efforts and how this tax helps pay for it. The peace of mind alone will make it worth it.

3. Ditch your waiting room

With only so many people allowed in your space at once, you need to be thoughtful about who’s coming when. In the new normal, we’re already seeing salons and spas forego the waiting room—and for good reason. Make sure every client who is in your salon or spa is actively getting a service. Implement a virtual check-in process to keep everyone as safe as possible and make the most of your space. 

See how you can implement virtual check-in at your salon or spa. 

4. Optimize your menu and service cycle

Make sure you’re only offering services that make financial sense for you. While you may have been offering 90-minute facials before, as you reopen, try to keep all services to an hour or less. This allows time for cleaning and lets you see as many clients (all of whom might want to make retail purchases...) as possible.

Take a hard look at your service cycle, too. See if there’s a way for you to optimize your efforts. Maybe as you reopen, you ask clients to come in with clean hair or you temporarily skip blow drying. While there may be health reasons for refraining from certain things, there are also financial ones. Consider how you will get clients in and out more efficiently while still ensuring they feel pampered.

Learn more with our 8 Tips to Turn Constraints into Opportunity video. 

5. Emphasize add-ons and retail

Speaking of retail, start upselling before clients even walk into your salon or spa with Marketing Suite. Share new products or enticing add-ons with easy-to-use templates you can customize to showcase your brand.

Empower your staff to recommend both add-on services and retail products to clients, too. Have a goal (and reward) set for your team to work toward (for instance, at least one retail item sold for every two clients).

Have a long waitlist? Reach out to clients who aren’t going to be able to come in for a while and offer product recommendations to help them maintain (or just get a little zen).

It’s time to work smarter than ever. With a defined strategy and the help of automation, you can make the most of your constraints and boost your revenue. Your business might look different than it did pre coronavirus pandemic, but now you have the chance to show just how resilient you are.

Come back stronger than ever with our reboot kit.

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About the author:

Katherine Wernet

Katherine Wernet

Senior Campaign Program Manager


Katherine leads the salon and spa marketing strategy at Mindbody and is part of the team behind the Mindbody Wellness Index. While she started her career in film and television, a passion for small businesses won out and led her to Mindbody. She earned her MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management.

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