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5 Spring Email Promotions That Will Grow Your Business

By Emily Wiseheart

May 24, 2022

Spring is here, and your vegetable garden is not the only thing you should be planning.

Now is the time to start mapping out your upcoming promotions. With holidays like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, upcoming graduations, and a general feeling of getting out and stretching after the cold winter months, your customers are ready for you and any help your business can offer.

Email marketing is a great way to let your customers know what you have specially planned for them this spring. Using email to stay in touch, get the word out about your promotions, and automate your promotional processes make booking reservations and selling memberships easy. The best part? When you plan upfront, you can automate your email promotions to run on their own, so you can get back to operating your business.

Let’s get started. Here are five examples of spring promotions you can run using email marketing:

1. Help recent grads get ready for college.

Late spring is a great time to promote discounts to your members who may be or know someone who is graduating from school. With graduation gifts in high demand, offer your customers some deals on ideas of what to give.

For example, a fitness business or gym could send a promotional email offering to help recent grads avoid the “Freshman 15” their first year of college. This could be as simple as a “graduate discount” on a year-long membership.

Unlimited access to munchies and weight gain isn’t the only thing new college students should be concerned with. With a whole new level of academics ahead, stress management techniques will certainly come in handy.

Offer a “stress management” package for families to gift their recent grads. For example, a Yoga studio could promote a student discount rate on a package for students to use when they need it the most — like during exams. Or, a spa could introduce a “new student stress-relief massage special.”

graduation gift email

2. Package your promotions in connection to a holiday.

Another big event coming up this spring is Mother’s Day. Consider offering an experience, rather than a product. Make the process of gift-buying as easy and seamless as possible for your customers and help them visualize a great experience with the person they are celebrating.

If you operate a salon or day spa, you might offer a special mother/daughter pedicure package. The package could include discounted pricing on the treatment, muffins and mimosas, and even a small bouquet of tulips. Your customers will love the vision of a relaxing day at the spa with their mom, and be grateful for the gift idea.

You can make the gift-buying process even easier for your customers when you integrate your Mindbody account with your email marketing platform. This way, subscribers can book appointments right from your emails in no time.

Mother's Day Email

3. Add a new member referral discount to your welcome emails.

Spring is all about growth and is a great time to build your email list. When you get a new Mindbody customer, you can pull their contact information right into your email marketing platform.

You’ll want to set up a “welcome” email that introduces these new contacts to your business and everything you have to offer. This email is triggered when a new contact is added to your mailing list and automatically sends them a personalized message. All you have to do is set it up and let it run.

This spring, try adding in a referral code into your Welcome email, encouraging your new members to share your services with friends and family with an incentive. This way, members can benefit from a discount on their next visit, and the people they share it with will get a discount on their first visit.

referral email

4. Automate a birthday email for your spring babies.

Spring is certainly a popular time for birthdays. Create a special “Spring Birthday Discount” for all of your customers born in the upcoming months.

With email automation, you can customize an email to automatically send on an individual contact’s birthday. Just set up the email once, and everyone on your subscriber list will receive a special email from you on their birthday.

Birthday emails always have a way of making your customers feel appreciated. What could you offer as a small gift to your current members to make them feel special?

birthday email

5. Add on a service for free.

As a time of renewal, spring encourages reinvention for you and your customers. Thinking of offering some new services? This is the time. Try promoting your new idea by adding it onto one of your regular services for free. If someone tries it and loves it, they may be willing to pay for it next time.

For example, a masseuse could launch a spring promotion, adding a free peppermint foot scrub, stone facial, or aromatherapy to a regular 60-minute massage.  This extra add-on may be the exact incentive a customer needs to book an appointment. They get a preview of a service for free, you get their business and the chance to expand your menu. It's the type of win-win you need to help your business blossom.

add on promo

Make sure your buying experience is enjoyable.

When it comes to promoting your business during specific times of the year, creativity is only half the battle. You owe it to your customers to make their buying experience as easy as possible. By combining your Mindbody account with your email marketing efforts, it allows your customers to focus on treating themselves and their loved ones, leaving the technicalities to a minimum. Offer them great promotions with an easy purchase experience.

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About the author:

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Emily Wiseheart

Guest Blogger

Constant Contact

As Content Manager for Constant Contact, Emily is a passionate writer, marketer, and gardener with experience working for small businesses and a dedication to helping them succeed.

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