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Business Consulting Certification

Learn the business of wellness

The Mindbody Business Consultant Training provides specialized education on proven best practices in the wellness industry. You'll walk away with actionable insights and the opportunity to join our reputable network of consultants, which has helped thousands of businesses succeed for over 10 years.

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Who this is for

Anyone looking to:

  • Continually evolve their business growth and problem—solving skills
  • Start a new career as a business consultant in the health and wellness industry
  • Expand their knowledge and opportunities within an existing consulting practice

What you’ll learn

  • How to analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) for businesses using Mindbody
  • Solutions to common problems faced by wellness businesses
  • How to put your training to use as a Mindbody Certified Business Consultant
  • Effective strategies for growing revenue, retention, and attendance

Benefits of Certification

  • Eligible to get listed on the Mindbody Partner Store
  • Monthly consultant meetups
  • Continuing education opportunities

Course Overview

What to expect


Participants are guided through a hybrid of on-demand courses, coupled with "Live" office hours led by instructors sharing insight and perspectives on business best practices and consulting.


Participants will be required to complete knowledge assessments at the end of each module. Assignments are required if applying for the Mindbody Business Consultant Certification, to help fully integrate your training into both your business and consulting practices.

Supplemental resources

You’ll gain access to recorded webinars, private social media groups, and more than 100 pages of supporting documentation, including the course manual.


This course is comprised of eleven modules, hosted every two weeks, over a four-month timeframe, consisting of both live and recorded courses. Course topics include:

  • Introduction to Mindbody and the Wellness Industry
  • Getting to Know the Mindbody Customer
  • Consulting Logistics
  • Key Performance Indicators: Revenue & Attendance
  • Key Performance Indicators: Retention
  • Retention I: Pricing
  • Retention II: Sales Process
  • Retention III: Guerilla Strategies
  • Retention IV: Staff Management
  • Marketing I: Best Practices
  • Marketing II: Online Marketing
  • Budgeting & Payroll
  • Starting your Consulting Business
  • Virtual Wellness Best Practices

Becoming Certified

Once the training is completed, participants are eligible to apply for certification. Certification requirements are as follows:

  1. Completion of all eleven modules of educational courses, and an 80% pass rate on all quizzes
  2. Submission of one case study from a wellness business with whom you’ve worked, inclusive of feedback from this business on their experience with you
  3. Checkout interview with the Mindbody team, displaying command of the KPI process and consulting methodology

An investment in your career

Becoming a Mindbody Certified Consultant opens up a world of professional opportunities. Coursework and certification pricing is $1,999. (The boost for your career? Invaluable.)

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Along with new career possibilities, certification also gives you:

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m in a different time zone and/or cannot attend live webinar sessions. How will this affect me?
No problem. Each session will be recorded and available to watch or re-watch any time throughout the course. We’ve had individuals complete the program from all over the world. We’re also available during office hours and through email support, so you can get your questions answered.
Why does this program cost so much?
We understand that certification is pricier up front than some of our other offerings. We’re confident that the return on your investment will be more than worthwhile when you see direct results in the growth of your own business, and/or as an official Mindbody Certified Business Consultant. Consider this an investment in yourself and your business’s future. You’ll get access to hundreds of hours of content created by our expert business education team. We see businesses who participate in any MBU program grow 20% more than similar businesses who didn’t participate.
I've been using Mindbody software forever and have been helping my friends with their questions. I feel like I’m already a consultant.
This certification program focuses on best business practices beyond Mindbody software knowledge, so you can consult with businesses on how to grow their attendance, revenue, and retention. If you’re interested in participating in a certification program that is specific to the software, check out our Software Certifications page.

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