Take Your Workout on Vacation

Are you planning a vacation in the coming months? Taking a break from your daily grind doesn't mean you have to leave your workouts behind. Here are four ways to make sure you stay on track, even if you leave town.

  1. Ask your favorite instructors for workouts
  2. If you ask, there’s a good chance that one of your favorite instructors will help program a special workout for you while you’re away. They can help you figure out how to fit in a WOD on a cruise ship, program a sandy beach yoga sequence or make use of the hotel fitness center.

  3. Try new classes
  4. Is there a trendy new workout style you’ve been dying to try? Search for it on the MINBODY app and book your place in class before you ever leave home. Every city is different and you never know what you’ll discover!

  5. Explore on the run
  6. Take your workout outside and explore your destination on foot. Be sure to carry ID and the address of where you are staying, just in case you get lost.

  7. Make use of a guest pass
  8. Many gyms and health clubs offer guest passes for short visits. If you’re going to be in the same location for a couple of days, purchase a pass to get a variety of workouts or access to fitness equipment.

Do you work out when you travel? Tell us more in our survey about working out while on vacation.

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