Lead With Your Heart

Do you make decisions from your head or from your heart? Which tends to produce the best results for you?

In traditional business leadership, our action plan and solutions tend to overpower our inspiration and intuition. We tend to disregard heart-based decision making as impractical – but in so doing, we are neglecting a more balanced leadership style.

Like a fingerprint, we all have a unique heart gift to share with the world – our own unique, heart-based leadership style. Do you know what your style is?

Here are three actionable steps you can implement today to start leading with your heart in business and in life. As you may know, “how you do anything is how you do everything.” So the idea is to activate this part of you, so you can live this way in your daily life.

Start Your Day Focused

What helps you get your day started in a positive direction? Do something on purpose every morning to start your day off with the right kind of focus. Every morning I drum and sing. I find this gets me into a very focused, intuitive and creative state of mind. Then, when I move through my day, I have already activated that area of my body, mind and spirit. I also do this before I make sales calls or need to accomplish a task that requires extra effort and positivity. Find what centers you and practice that each morning. People will wonder why you are so centered, focused and happy.


Do you tend to hold your breath? Breathing deeply is key to being an energized and connected leader. Did you know that 90% of our nourishment comes from our breath and only 10% from food and water? Do it now. Stop, sit nice and tall in your chair, breathe in and out through both nostrils deeply and repeat 3 times. Continue if you can for 1-3 minutes. Then take a moment and observe any changes. You may feel more connected, more relaxed, more focused on the present moment. When we are more present, clients and loved ones can feel this and it fosters a deeper connection.

Visualize Success

Do you visualize the outcomes you’re striving for, the happy customers? It’s proven that athletes who run a race in their mind activate the same muscle impulses as if they were actually running the race. On that same note, it’s also proven that watching a professional tennis player play live makes you a better player. Who do you look toward for inspiration in business and leadership? Visualize yourself as that type of leader and you’ll start adopting that style – in business and in life. 

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Alex is the Founder of yogagurl.

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