Finding the Best Candidates: Hiring Advice from Our Recruiters

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You’ve got the software, the space and the plans to finally make your dream business a reality. At MINDBODY, we know that hiring the right person for the job is key to successfully launching your business. Here are a few tips from the MINDBODY Recruiting team about finding and hiring the perfect fit:

Working team

  • Hire people with passion for the job, business and industry. If you want someone to stick around for a long time, make sure that person wants to do the job and grow in it long term.
  • Keep interview questions consistent for the same job. This makes applicants easier to compare since everything is on a baseline. Interviews don’t need to be 100% scripted, but the basic questions should be the same.
  • Trust your gut. Listen to what you think: Can you work with this person all the time? Do you trust this person? If you’re on the fence about hiring someone, the answer is probably no.
  • Post jobs to your social media accounts using pictures of your studio. Get creative! Snap a photo of the workspace and list any perks your business can offer (discounted haircuts, classes and growth opportunities). Think like a marketer to help build your recruiting brand.