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Studio Story: Liber8Fit Underground


Alyssa Charbonneau and Angela Balistreri met mopping sweat off of a gym floor, and after working together for a few years, they realized that they wanted more than what they were getting at that gym. After attending the BOLD conference, they realized that they could create the studio they dreamed of—and Liber8Fit Underground was born.

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[00:00:01] Welcome, everyone, you're here for 6:30 Hybrid class.

[00:00:04] Just have a good time. That's the only thing I want: for you guys to have a good workout tonight. All right? Here we go? Three, two, one. Let's get to work.

[00:00:14] So, Ang and I met about four years ago our former position. We kind of instantly became friends. We hit it off and we both started essentially base-level, wiping sweat. Fitness was always a passion of mine. But I know Ang had no experience with the back end and things like that. And we pretty much learned on the job and adapted and very quickly became notable that it was something we were both passionate about and wanted to pursue.

[00:00:44] Fast forward, three and a half years later, we were missing something in our current career path and it essentially sparked something in us that we could build our own dream. All we need is four walls.

[00:01:00] We took the leap on the exact same day and left our jobs on the same day.

[00:01:05] It was terrifying, yeah. And decided to jump into it.

[00:01:12] Everything that I needed to learn with Mindbody and just the business back-end came really organically. And we just had this vision and we knew that the only way we were gonna be able to get it was to make it ourselves and to just build from the inside out.

[00:01:25] That was kind of the tipping point where we're like, let's just go for it, let's find a spot and Liber8 grew. I know that I have a lot to learn in terms of becoming a business owner, a manager on the back end. I love lifting weights, moving around the gym. It's my forte to be able to design these really creative sets and the workout side, the physical. But I want to make sure that I can also balance out and learn everything I need to know in terms of our numbers, growth, marketing, things like that. You know, I never thought this would be something I would have to tap into. And so I'm not afraid to admit that I don't know much about that. We're very capable. We've gotten this far. And it's just it's something I definitely want to master.

[00:02:09] It's just making sure that I can take care of the business in the back end as well. We have no reason not to trust Mindbody. They're definitely a part of our business and a part of our growth and the success.

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