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Mindbody CEO: Resources & Programs to help Get You Ready to Reboot


As government officials begin laying out plans to reopen the economy, the wellness industry is preparing itself to enter a post-COVID-19 world. Mindbody CEO and Co-founder Rick Stollmeyer shares what his company is doing to help customers come roaring back—from a free trial program that allows customers to try out powerful products and upgrades, to a partnership with a company helping businesses navigate the PPP process.

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Hello MINDBODY customers. 

Here we are seven weeks into this COVID-19 pandemic crisis. And what an incredible seven weeks it has been. You know, in the middle of this crisis, it's been so inspiring to see how you've been leaning into this, how you've been keeping first and foremost, your optimism. Secondly, looking at ways that you can improve your businesses, ways that you can continue to deliver value with your customers in ways in which you can write out this crisis and maintain as much cash on hand as possible. Because the industry is most definitely going to come back. And it looks like in multiple regions around the world, those days are coming sooner rather than later. 

You've been inspiring us at every level in our business, you inspired us to accelerate the release of our virtual wellness platform, and now thousands of studios integrated health centers, spas and salons have implemented this platform to stay connected to their clientele. And we're seeing a rapid consumer adoption on the other end as well. And this is completely free of charge during the quarter. So we really urge you to give this a try. 

I also want to remind everybody that we have free add-ons right now. And all the way through the end of this quarter. This is a great time to try our Marketing Suite and the Accelerate and Ultimate tiers of our software, which use AI-enabled technology to enable you to stay more connected to your clientele, ways in which you can engage with them, so that when the time comes and you reopen your doors, they're going to come streaming back in. 

And the latest news is very encouraging. It looks like that a phased reopening of various regions around the world is starting as we speak. Of course, all eyes are on places like Georgia and Oklahoma which are opening early and we wish those of you that are in those locations, all all of our best wishes as you're demonstrating that you can restart your businesses in that environment. And we know these are tough decisions as you think about whether to reopen now, whether to wait a week or two weeks or three weeks if your local government is saying that you can do so. And for our customers around the world, the same thought goes out, the principles apply to all of them. 

And for you, we've developed a Reboot Kit. Now this is a kit where we pulled together all the best information we've been able to access and the best thought leaders that we've spoken to, to help you navigate the reopening of your business in the post-COVID-19 world. It should have everything that you need to consider and on the email that you receive this on, you'll see links to access that it's free to all of our customers. 

I also want to remind you about the Payroll Protection Program for the US customers and our Lendio integration. If you have not put in your application for a PPP loan, please do so as soon as possible. Again, we're not making anything from it. This is a free solution that and work that we did to help our customers. 

And lastly, just as of this morning, we're hearing news of possible COVID-19 treatments being released. Various pharmaceutical companies biotech companies are working on on this. 

There was a really fascinating article, we'll put a link on it in this email from the wall street journal that is centered around COVID-19 prevention and cure. This is extremely exciting. This is some of the best and the brightest and smartest people in the world, as well as a whole lot of capital coming in to solve this problem. And I think we can have a high degree of confidence that we are going to solve this problem sooner rather than later. And the economies are going to be able to reignite around the world and we'll be emerging into a world in which COVID-19 has made people, hundreds of millions of people, more focused than ever on the importance of their health and their wellness. The number two cause of complications, serious hospitalizations and death from COVID-19 is obesity. So this is in addition to we all know that our elderly relatives and friends are at greater risk. So to our folks who are significantly overweight, and folks who are not eating right, and folks are not taking care of themselves. Well, you folks have the right solutions to that you can help them live healthier, happier lives, and you can help them be even more resilient. If another one of these pandemics were to come in future years. So be well be safe, safe focused on your future. And we'll see you at the other end of this crisis.

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