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Kim DeAnda

Using Software to Promote One Consistent Brand

By Mindbody

May 23, 2022

After moving from Washington D.C. to Arizona to establish a business and a family, Kim DeAnda decided to open Lotus Day Spa with her husband. About a year after they opened, Kim realized that competitors were offering membership programs for their clients. She wanted to follow suit but needed a business software that could accommodate for their specific needs.

Through trial and error, they struggled to find a software that was adaptable enough for their business model. On the pursuit of a new salon management software, Kim and her husband attended the International Beauty Show, where they found Mindbody salon software.

“We loved the membership capability. We’re able to manipulate the reporting enough that we’re able to get indicators that work for our business,” Kim said.

Around that same time, Kim rebranded Lotus Day Spa and created a new logo, which she could use across all the business’s Mindbody platforms. Kim said that the use of a branded website and a branded app gave Lotus consistency and credibility in the eyes of her clients.

“I like that I was able to brand all the pieces of Mindbody so that my guests could see that logo everywhere. I was proud of it,” Kim said.

Aside from just the business management software, Kim takes advantage of other facets of Mindbody including Mindbody University, where she learned the importance of key performance indicators (KPIs). Now, she analyzes her data frequently to see Lotus’s progress and improve her business.

“If you’re not meeting industry standards, just try to do better than you did last time, last month, last quarter or last year,” Kim said.

Kim also uses the Perkville customer reward program to provide incentives for her clients to engage while simultaneously promoting Lotus Day Spa. “We keep our perks fresh, and then if something goes over really well, we just keep it as part of the menu,” she said.

Kim believes that Mindbody's capabilities are beneficial in an industry that values one-on-one relationships with clients. It makes scheduling easier but doesn’t take away the human factor.

“We’re a high-touch industry, and Mindbody gives us the opportunity to keep our hands on our guests and off our computers trying to book appointments.”

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