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Mindbody University

With content tailored to your industry, Mindbody University’s high-impact coursework gives you the business education you need to reach your goals.

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Expert guidance, in the classroom and one-on-one

Absorb the knowledge of our Certified Business Consultants and tech experts, who specialize in growing your business. It’s an established, comprehensive program designed to give you actionable ideas and the path to make them reality.

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What you’ll learn

At Mindbody University, you'll get powerful business strategies and in-depth software walk-throughs that help you make the most of your business management system.

  • Marketing
  • Software Optimization
  • Client Retention
  • Staff Management
  • Financial Planning
  • Business Success

"I wish I would have come years ago and plan to now come annually. My notebook is full and I’m excited to get home and apply all that I’ve learned. Thank you so very much."

—Nicole DeLoveto, Owner, Yoga Mix

Virtual and in-person business education, offered worldwide

The knowledge you need to grow
From marketing that brings you more clients to sales techniques and optimizing your software, get the inspiration and skills to reach your goals.
Marketing Best Practices
Learn how to create inexpensive but compelling marketing materials and improve your brand. Our Mindbody University product experts will review best practices and the most effective marketing techniques, from social-buying platforms to guerilla marketing, so you get the most out of your marketing dollars. Through case studies and examples, you’ll gain confidence to invest in marketing with proven results.
Online Marketing
Wellness business owners, like most entrepreneurs, often wear many hats. Although the goal is always to generate revenue, owners find themselves with little to no knowledge of how to run a business or create cost effective marketing strategies. Learn the best practices used for social media, online marketing and crafting your digital storefront. Find out specific ways that you can capitalize on your marketing efforts, resources and time.
Software Optimization
Contact Logs & Tasks
Contact logs are notes stored in clients’ profiles. They allow you to track preferences, accomplishments, complaints and anything else that you would like to remember about each client. Contact logs and tasks can assist in staff communication and help with CRM techniques to organize your sales process.
Activating & Customizing Auto Emails
Streamline your sales process with Mindbody University’s step-by-step guide to enabling specific auto emails. Automate your correspondence with clients and learn to optimize the copy and informational details within these set-them-and-forget-them resources.
Required & Custom Fields
Learn how to strategically use the required fields section of your software, specifically within your branded web tools. Custom fields can also be used within business mode for creative internal client management.
Referral Sources & Reporting
Discover how to track the ways that customers find your business and which marketing strategies work best. Mindbody University experts will show you the right reports to reward your best referrers, or simply to determine which of your clients bring in the most business.
Gift Cards & Promotions
Learn best practices to set up gift cards and promotions in the software. Gift cards produce quick and easy revenue, while promo codes allow you to offer discounts on products and services for a limited time and provide insight into the success of your marketing campaigns.
Workshops & Enrollments
Offering continuing education workshops, teacher training programs and other special events can provide an alternative revenue channel for your business. Mindbody University will show you the correct software setup for workshop and enrollment scheduling, proper management for enrollment rosters and how to accept installment and payment plans.
Autopays, Contracts & Memberships
Increase revenue and client retention through autopays, Mindbody’s automatic billing feature. Explore the Contracts feature to make recurring revenue effortless. Learn how to set up memberships so that clients receive perks and special privileges for being loyal to your business.
Retail & Product Management
Learn all there is to know about product management and best practices for introducing or expanding the retail component of your business. Mindbody University’s experts will cover inventory management, related reporting, online store orders and purchase order management.
Staff Profiles, Payrates, & Commissions
Staff profiles provide a comprehensive summary of relevant information on your staff members. Learn about the fields and features available on your staff profile screen, as well as efficient ways to set up pay rates for each staff member.
Client Management
This session will explore the depth of features within the Client Profile screens that are used to manage your clients’ information—specifically, the client indexing and alert tools.
Making the Most of Your Mindbody Mobile Apps
The Mindbody app offerings are expansive and can help to streamline and automate many of your business functions. This Mindbody University course will help you differentiate and optimize the features, functionality, and application of the Mindbody app, branded app, business app, and Class Check-in by Mindbody.
Client Retention
Intelligent Pricing
Learn how to strategically price your services to realize your true revenue potential and improve retention. We’ll focus on proven strategies and pricing specific options like memberships and showcase several examples. Discover how to create a foundation for commitment and community.
Creating a Sales Process
Improving sales is one of the fastest ways to grow your bottom line. Mindbody University will explore creating a sales process, incorporating sales best practices, and using Mindbody for effective sales communication and follow-ups. Learn ways to train, galvanize, and effectively incentivize your entire team, so that everyone is invested in the process.
Creating Additional Revenue Streams for Your Business
Are you utilizing all avenues of your business potential to optimize your profit? There are sometimes simple strategies you can implement to simultaneously build your brand and boost your revenue. This Mindbody University course will cover some creative ideas for retail and merchandising, as well as ways to optimize your space and the talent of your team.
Staff Management
Learn industry-specific payroll averages and explore why payroll can be such a hot topic. We’ll review some informative payroll reports and effective tools to evaluate whether you’re overpaying your staff. You’ll also learn successful tactics for modifying pay rates without creating anarchy amongst your team.
Strategy, People, Performance & Leadership
This session will cover valuable staff management insights to help you operate your business more effectively. Mindbody University experts will discuss hiring, training and incentivizing a great team, staff performance reporting and recommended software permissions to protect your business. Learn about the specific resources available within Mindbody that will help train your staff more efficiently.
Financial Planning
KPI: Retention

We’ll look at Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports that measure client retention, the effectiveness of your social deals and the rate of your intro offer-to-autopay conversions. Learn how to use the No Return report, so you can reach out to clients who haven’t been back to your business.

The Level 1 Mindbody University course is designed for Excel novices or those that are new to reporting in Mindbody in general.

The Level 2 Mindbody University course is designed for those who are comfortable running reports within Mindbody and using Excel.

KPI: Attendance & Revenue

We’ll look at Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports that show revenue, attendance, new client growth and average attendance. Learn how to generate these reports and analyze what they tell you about your business.

The Level 1 Mindbody University course is designed for Excel novices or those that are new to reporting in Mindbody in general.

The Level 2 Mindbody University course is designed for those who are comfortable running reports within Mindbody and using Excel.

Business Success
Define Your Why to Drive Your Bottom Line
Learn how every business decision you make—from people to process to product—can be more successful when guided by your WHY. The development of your brand, the scale of your growth and the depth of your impact are a direct reflection of how well you and your team can be relentless in your pursuit of your “True North.”
Industry Breakouts
Hosted each day, these small group sessions provide a forum for you to discuss proven strategies in marketing, customer service, and pricing, with your fellow Mindbody University attendees. Hear from industry peers on what is working and what is challenging. On the concluding day, they allow a space to discuss your takeaways, top action items, and implementation strategies for once you leave the event.