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collage of different marketing placements and new green color palette

Visualizing Vitality | Our Brand Refresh

By Mindbody Creative Team

May 8, 2024

Mindbody started with a simple goal—to make it easy to find and book a yoga class (or fitness class, or beauty appointment, or wellness service of any kind). More than 20 years later, we’re still honoring that goal, while evolving our brand to stay at the forefront of our dynamic and growing industry. Our mission? We’re powering the world’s fitness and wellness businesses, and connecting them with more consumers, more effectively, than anyone else. Together with ClassPass, we serve more than 70,000 businesses around the world.

There’s been a lot to celebrate. We’ve grown with the wellness industry, helping to scale global brands and nurture neighborhood gems. And now we’re entering a new chapter, with a focus on bringing more revenue, more clients, and more growth to our customers than ever before.

Revitalizing our brand

A shift like this requires a whole new way of thinking, and an identity that aligns with our promising future. That’s why we’re launching a new look for Mindbody—a brand built for our customers and everywhere we’re going together.

second collage of different marketing placements and new green color palette

Bold. Modern. Built for growth.

Our technology is specifically designed for the wellness industry. We’re the catalyst, the jolt, the spark that sets these businesses in motion—and we’ve established a new color palette to tell that story. An array of greens represent growth and vitality, which we balance with deep charcoal, a grounding color to symbolize stability. A pop of punchy pink reflects passion and play, underscoring our commitment to businesses providing joyful wellness experiences to consumers around the world. Together, these three main colors have an electric energy that will extend throughout every touchpoint of our brand.

palette of colors for new Mindbody branding

We've also shifted to using the Mindbody wordmark as our base identifier, evolving to a simple, more modern brand expression that is scalable for the future. While our legacy ensō remains a part of our icon family, the clean and humanistic lines of our wordmark reinforce a genuine commitment to being a trustworthy leader in wellness technology.

Additionally, our updated voice and tone reflects the relationship we have with our customers and the trust they place in us to support their livelihoods. We’ll communicate as experts in innovation, while remaining supportive, authentic, and inclusive.

Over the next few months, you’ll see us aligning around this new direction: on our website, in advertising, and in our product (though our customers’ brands will remain our focus.) We’re still Mindbody, but we're evolving to match our vision for what lies ahead. 

TL;DR We’ve got a whole new look, and we’re excited for our future together. To learn more, you can explore updated brand guidelines or download the Mindbody wordmark.

About the author:

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Mindbody Creative Team

Our in-house creative team crafts the story of Mindbody’s products and services, emphasizing the value we deliver to fitness, beauty, and wellness businesses.

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