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Here's What's Next for Mindbody

We strive for innovation that empowers your business to succeed. We’re excited to announce a variety of product improvements to help you attract new clients, retain your regulars, and seamlessly manage your business.  

Here’s what you can look forward to over the next year.

Smoother consumer experiences

The Mindbody app already supports 2 million+ wellness consumers and hosts 1,300+ bookings every minute. In 2023, we’ll make continued app improvements to drive even more discovery—and revenue—for your business. To start: We recently launched enhanced reviews and diversity identifiers. Up next: We’ll improve the search functionality through distance and relevancy filters and upgrade contracts within the app, too. 

We're also hard at work elevating the consumer booking experience. We have plans to revamp the branded web user interface as well as the admin configuration experience for you and your team.

Next-level client communication

2023 brings the power of Marketing Suite and Messenger[ai] together with a single phone number. This enhancement will give your team the ability to view and respond to client responses to Marketing Suite campaigns all in one place: your Messenger[ai] dashboard. Want to take replies off your plate? Enable AI-responses to assist clients with bookings, purchases, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Improved point-of-sale process

An integrated point-of-sale system simplifies routine tasks and makes running transactions faster and more secure. This year, we’ll release continued improvements to your check-out and point-of-sale experiences. We’ll also expand our support of fully integrated point-of-sale devices and accessories. A streamlined way to accept payments and new payment methods means a better checkout process for everyone.

Expansion of Mindbody Capital

Mindbody Capital is a new way to access capital for any business need, with offers now live and in-software for over 20,000 US fitness, wellness, and beauty businesses. Mindbody customers have already received over $22 million in funding to help them grow, and we’ll continue to expand our available offers in 2023.

Is your business eligible? Log into Mindbody to view, access, and manage new financing offers. You must have at least three months of payment processing through Mindbody.

Enhanced software performance

Our product and engineering teams are hard at work to ensure reliable experiences for you and your clients. We’re committed to reducing errors, improving speed, and optimizing the performance of our products so you can focus on managing and growing your business.  

As always, we appreciate your business and are excited for a successful 2023 with you.

Product and feature availability varies by region. Contact your account rep to learn more.

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