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What’s New: Your Updated Navigation and More

By Mindbody Product Team

April 3, 2024

Whether you’re preparing or your site has already been updated, we’re excited to share more about what features and enhancements are in store. With this update, most of your software will still feel familiar, and we’re here to walk you through some of the top things to know about what’s changing and what new features you’ll have access to. 

Mindbody Owner Dashboard

A left-side navigation to allow you to quickly scan and focus

The first thing you’ll likely notice about your new navigation is that instead of being displayed across the top, all of the essential pages you navigate to are now on the left side of the screen. This is not a change that we’ve taken lightly, but one that is backed by research and feedback from Mindbody customers as well as the Nielsen Norman Group, world leaders in research-based user experience. 
Let’s dive a little deeper into the research to understand the reasonings and benefits that you will receive from this change. Nielsen Norman Group references research in psycholinguists that shows “visual search in a list is more efficient if the list is vertical than if it is horizontal.” What that means for you is that you should be able to find what you’re looking for more quickly. It may take time to adjust but we are confident that this new layout will increase efficiency while navigating the software. 

With all our latest feature releases we are paying special attention to accessibility. Previously, some customers may have found the navigation hard to read, but the new left-hand navigation allows for larger text sizes to make our software easier to use for all. 

Top 6 changes to know

Mindbody Client Acquisition Dashboard

We wanted to highlight a few changes to the name and location of pages that you may use frequently. As always, we have articles in our support center to address additional questions you may have about this update (like this one!), think of this as your quick access cheat sheet. 

Mindbody Reports Dashboard

1. Reports is accessible within Insights 

A new item on your navigation, “Insights”, creates a central place for reports, dashboards, and analytics. If your previous home page was the “Client Acquisition Dashboard” pictured above, you can find that in “Insights” too! 

Mindbody Branded Web & App

2. Access your Branded Web or Branded App portal within Marketing Tools 

Within Marketing, you’ll find “Add-On Services” which will have buttons to direct you to any additional portals you have, such as Branded Web or a Branded App. 

Mindbody Point of Sale

4. Retail has been renamed to Point of Sale 

The experience is unchanged, but the name of “Retail” has been updated to “Point of Sale” in your updated navigation. 

Mindbody Courses

5. Enrollments has been renamed Courses 

If you utilize Enrollments for your business, you will notice that in various places in the software, they are now referenced as “Courses”.

The “Advanced Courses” feature is still available and remains unchanged. 

Mindbody Settings

6. Manager tools has been renamed to Settings 

In order to provide quick access, “Manager Tools” has been moved to the main navigation (no longer a sub-menu item of “Home”) and renamed to “Settings.” 

Transition tips

We’ve collected 3 additional tips to help you transition to the updated navigation smoothly and allow you to utilize the new features that are available with it. 

1. Navigating to your “booking views” (Class or Enrollments Schedule and Appointment Calendar) and how to transition or make updates 

For most businesses, your “booking views” are where you spend the majority of your day, managing classes, enrollments, or your appointments calendar. Because they are such a crucial part of a daily workflow, the navigation is designed to always have them stay at the top of the left sidebar for easy access. In order to enable the greatest efficiency for you and your staff, owners can reorder, rename, and further customize these important views, within the top section of your left navigation bar. For more step-by-step instructions on all the features available visit this support article

2. Give yourself more space to focus by collapsing your navigation 

With the navigation now on the left-hand side, during certain tasks, you may find that you miss the horizontal space that you had when the navigation was on the top. By clicking the button in the top left corner with the 3 lines, you can collapse the navigation, giving you the best of both worlds with continued access to all pages, but gaining back more working space than ever before. You will still be able to reference the names of these pages by hovering over the icons in the navigation. 

3. Custom links in your navigation can provide quick access to places in and out of the Mindbody software 

If you utilize custom links in your site today, they will automatically move over your custom tabs when your site is updated. If you aren’t familiar with custom links, this feature allows owners to copy a URL from any web page to provide quick access within your Mindbody software.

In addition to adding external links, owners can also now add custom links to pages within Mindbody that staff frequently visit to provide quicker access. For example, maybe you utilize a feature that today is only accessible through “Manager Tools” (“Settings” in the updated navigation)—you can now add a link to that page within your custom links folder and can avoid extra steps it takes to get there.

Feature spotlight: New AI-driven client insights

Mindbody Owner Dashboard AI Insights

One of the most exciting new features for owners and staff with this update is access to our new Client AI predictions tool. Owners see this directly on their dashboard; while staff can access it by clicking the ‘Client AI Predictions’ button at the top of their dashboard.

Client AI Predictions uses artificial intelligence and a machine learning algorithm to identify new clients from the past 30 days that are most likely to become Big Spenders, and which existing clients are at risk of churning based on their historic visit data. Pair this data with your marketing strategies to use the best of todays technology to gain a competitive edge.

For more details on this feature visit this support article.

As always, we’re here to support you. We’re confident these improvements will increase your business’s efficiency and help you grow. Stay tuned for more exciting updates to come! 

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