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How to Determine if ClassPass Is Right for Your Salon, Spa, or Wellness Business

By Kinsey Livingston

April 9, 2024

As we emerge from the pandemic, salons, spas, and wellness businesses are focused on finding new customers to help rebuild their business. One way to fill your empty appointments is to use ClassPass. Here are three steps to determine if ClassPass is right for your business:

1. Look at your current capacity

Most salons, spas, and wellness businesses do not operate at maximum capacity 100% of the time. Typically, there are a lot of empty chairs and appointment times during certain days and times, particularly during weekday afternoons, leaving a lot of money on the table.

Review your current capacity. Are you filling all available appointments? If not, ClassPass can help you fill capacity that is often left unused.

2. See if ClassPass operates in your area

ClassPass is currently available in 30 countries across the globe. Check to see if they operate in your area. Don’t see your location? ClassPass is actively expanding to new locations so you can always reach out to request your city be added.

3. Calculate your revenue potential

This ClassPass earnings calculator can help you estimate your revenue potential. The calculator takes into account the number of locations you have, the types of services you offer, the number appointments you offer per week, your local competition, and the normal price of each appointment.

ClassPass helps you fill appointments that would otherwise go unfilled—with no extra effort or marketing from you. Once you partner with ClassPass, those empty pedicure chairs, massage appointments, or salon stations could soon be filled with paying customers.

We’re so confident ClassPass will increase your visibility and revenue, we guarantee it. If ClassPass doesn’t increase your revenue in 90 days, we’ll write you a check for 2x the difference. (Terms apply.)

Learn about the ClassPass Guarantee.

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About the author:

Kinsey Livingston

Kinsey Livingston

VP of Partnerships


In her role, Kinsey oversees the sales, account management, corporate sales, sales operations and enablement teams, in addition to leading the Women at ClassPass group. Previously, Kinsey spent nearly a decade at Yelp leading, training and scaling large acquisition and upsell organizations. She holds a degree in Business Economics and Communications from University of California, Santa Barbara. After growing up in southern California, she is adapting to the ski slopes of Montana with her husband and twin toddlers.

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