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How to Increase Your Business Presence in 2021

Communication is the key to success for most businesses—and the salon and spa industry is no exception. It was hit hard with the pandemic in 2020 and as a service industry, when you cannot effectively serve your clients, it’s a big hit to your business model.

As salons and spas were forced to navigate through the challenges of COVID-19, communicating to their clients became a more demanding priority. Whether it’s about their operating hours, the safety precautions they have in place, or what clients need to know before they arrive for an appointment, many salons and spas have taken this opportunity to build a more successful customer relationship through effective communication. At SalonCloudsPlus, we help salons and spas connect with their clients in several ways.

Mobile app convenience

As consumers are relying on their mobile app more and more for setting appointments, shopping, and doing their day-to-day activities, a branded mobile app for your salon and spa is a great way to stay connected to your guests. You can push out messages, appointment reminders, and special offers to your clientele while they use your app to make appointments, earn rewards with your loyalty program, get updated info on your salon, and much more. Custom push notifications allow you to create targeted messaging about COVID-19 protocols that your clients need to be aware of before they arrive at your salon or spa.

Optimized website

Having a customized, branded website with the best search engine optimization available is important both for Google rankings and organic search. By creating a user-friendly website, visitors to the site can easily navigate to find all the information that they are looking for about your salon, the services you offer, and the easiest way to book an appointment.

Adding an e-commerce store to your website can be a valuable tool so clients can order all their hair and skincare products and have them delivered right to their home—adding a profitable revenue stream to your business without the client having to come into the salon.

Pay-Per-Click ads

Using landing pages linked to your website with PPC Google banner ads utilizes the most-searched-for keywords and can give you the edge over your competition. SalonCloudsPlus can use professional analytics to find the most-searched-for keywords for your services in your area to ensure that your marketing dollars are being well spent.

Effective email marketing

Reach your clients with monthly newsletters and other email marketing pieces that offer monthly specials and valuable information to help them with their hair and beauty needs. When your clients receive useful branded content, not only are you top-of-mind when it’s time to make an appointment, but it’s also an easy way for them to refer a friend. Getting started on an effective email marketing strategy in 2021 can increase revenue by increasing both sales and referrals.

Download this guide to learn the essential steps of creating and sending a successful email.

Businesses need to evolve by finding better ways to reach their client base and more efficiently communicate with not only their current clients but to grow their clientele as well both onsite and online.

Ready to optimize your business presence? SalonCloudsPlus can help.

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