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Create Your Blueprint to Success With These Top Tools to Grow Your Business

By KK Hart

Let's be honest, being a business owner takes a considerable amount of time, energy, money and resources. Some things take up too much of our energy (energy drainers) and things that need more of our energy (energy gainers). What's needed is a streamlined way to deal with the required agenda items of our day, and a process to delegate the rest.

Many tools and apps can be highly beneficial for wellness industry owners and professionals. Whether your goal is to improve in marketing, sales, retention, attendance or any of the key operating indicators of your business, streamlining your admin time is a must.

Marketing and Productivity Tips

Here are best practices to solve the issues you need, so you can reach the goals you have sooner.

  • Creating marketing collateral can be costly and a significant drain of time. Canva allows anyone to create beautiful digital and print marketing with no experience or additional tools necessary. Simply drag and drop to customize a professional looking marketing piece in no time!
  • Ripl is for the business owner that knows they need to do more on social media but may not have the vision or savvy to get there. The app is known to create beautiful, easy to implement short clips that will make any Facebook or Instagram feed pop with your brand and showcasing all your business has to offer!
  • Keeping all of your communications and initiatives can be challenging, but that’s why the Google Suite for Business was created. It makes collaborating, organizing and tracking very efficient.

What’s the next step?

As you determine to make your efforts more productive, a great next step is to examine the things that tend to take up the most time for small business owners. Come up with a plan to delegate to a trusted staff member and then give yourself intervals and timelines to deal with the remaining items. The keys to success are time management, focus on the needs of the business (life hack: deal with the urgent and essential first!), then continue to organize and look for efficiencies to improve over time.

Trust an expert, watch your business go boom!

It may be time to work with a professional to better understand your business's needs for growth and to strategize how to get there. Many solopreneurs or single business owners tend to over-rely on themselves to do too much with no proven blueprint to ensure their success. Working with my clients as a business coach for over 14 years, I help proactive business owners reach the next level of success by providing industry-proven best practices and expertise in marketing, sales, operations, staff management, and profitability—your blueprint to success.

Let's make your business strong, together!

Meet the Consultants

About the author:

KK Hart

KK Hart

Mindbody-Certified Business Consultant

KK owns and operates several fitness studios and beauty businesses. She’s also the CEO of a boutique marketing agency specializing in the health, fitness, wellness, and small business industries. With extensive experience as an international fitness and business expert, KK is regularly featured on Fox and The Huffington Post, among other media outlets. She has a graduate degree in Health and Business and over 15 years of consulting experience specifically helping fitness, wellness, and beauty businesses grow. 

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