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The Best Ways to Promote Your Live Stream Classes, Virtual Sessions, and Workout Videos

Going virtual can not only help you expand your class capacity—but also your reach. You can bring in people from all over the world to work out with you—provided they know where to find you. That’s why it’s essential you promote your live stream fitness classes and on-demand (or pre-recorded) workouts. 

Here are a few ways you can make sure you’re getting as many eyes as possible on your video content. 

1. List your live stream class on Mindbody

Are your live stream classes available through your Mindbody schedule? Did you know that people all over the world can easily find virtual classes on the Mindbody app and Anyone who hops onto the app or /explore can search “virtual” to see classes they can take from their living room. 

Make sure your live stream shows up by enabling Live Stream at the service category level (here’s how). You’ll also want to add the word “virtual” in front of your class name (for example, Virtual Power Flow). If you're used to going wild in naming, now might be the time to experiment with a more standard class name that even people unfamiliar with your brand can readily recognize.  

Listing your class on Mindbody makes it easier to stay organized, too. The moment a new person signs up, you’ve got their info and can kick off your sales process to try to convert them into a regular. 

Pro tip: Want even more of a boost in the Mindbody app or on Create a promoted digital intro offer for people to try your virtual version. You can also use dynamic pricing to boost visibility of your live stream. For more on pricing your digital offerings, check out this guide.

2. Email, email, email

It’s important you build awareness of your virtual offerings. This isn’t something reserved for your most active members; your virtual offerings are for everyone. Email your members, occasional drop-ins, and even past clients who have moved away (they’ll be so pleased to work out with you once again). 

It’s all about getting the word out. Not sure how to start? There’s a template (a few, in fact) for that. In Marketing Suite, we’ve made it easy to plug in your info and hit send. Learn more about how you can readily use these easy email templates here. 

3. Share on social media

Social media is the perfect place to celebrate your virtual offerings and get people excited to join in on the fun. Each week, share your streaming schedule and tease any pre-recorded video “drops.” You can even share clips of the live stream or workouts on your accounts. 

Want to take it to the next level? Create a series of ads for Facebook and Instagram that promotes your digital intro offer.

4. Update your digital presence

You want to make sure that anyone Googling your business knows that just because your physical doors might be closed doesn’t mean you’re not offering classes. Even if you're open and offering in-person classes, you’ll still want to showcase your virtual offerings as an option. 

Learn more about how to update your website, your Google My Business and Yelp profiles, and more here. 

5. Take advantage of Mindbody Flex

You’re offering virtual classes regularly, so why not make the most of them—attendance and revenue-wise? Mindbody Flex is a recurring monthly membership built to connect people all over the country to your existing live stream classes. Once you've listed your virtual schedule on Flex, you’ll be paid for every attendee who joins your live stream classes. It’s a passive revenue stream that attracts new clients to your business nationwide. Give them an exceptional experience and you could convert them into long-term, virtual members. 

By taking to the screen, you can operate without the same constraints of you’re a solely brick-and-mortar business. This is your chance to get your brand out there and expand your reach. It’s not about just creating the video content, though, promotion is everything. Make sure people don’t miss the chance to sweat and connect with your business—no matter where they are in the world.

See how Mindbody Flex can expand your virtual reach.

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About the author:

Katherine Wernet

Katherine Wernet

Senior Campaign Program Manager


Katherine leads the salon and spa marketing strategy at Mindbody and is part of the team behind the Mindbody Wellness Index. While she started her career in film and television, a passion for small businesses won out and led her to Mindbody. She earned her MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management.

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