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7 Things Every Salon and Spa Should Communicate to Clients During COVID-19

Don’t keep your clients and community guessing about the status of your salon or spa during the coronavirus pandemic. If ever, now’s the time to overcommunicate. Make sure you’re reaching out to your entire subscriber list over email, sharing updates across all your social media accounts, and updating any signage at your physical location. Looking for an even more memorable touchpoint? You can send postcards with quick notes to clients, text, or even call to check in. Make it even easier with Messenger[ai] (and here are five ways to use Messenger[ai] now).

Not sure what to say? Here are the seven things every salon and spa should be sharing with its customers. 

1. How your clients can support you

Salons and spas across the country have been forced into temporary closures. Your clients know this is a tough time for your business, and they want to help. Let them know how they can continue to support your business by purchasing retail products you offer like shampoo and other hair products, skin care, candles, and branded swag.

See how salons and spas are upping their retail games during COVID-19.

2. How to get by until the next appointment

Much of the country has been unable to visit their favorite beauty businesses for a while now. The need for a haircut, color, or manicure is starting to feel dire for many. Stylists at hair salons have never felt more like essential workers. Don't let your customers make a beauty or hair mistake they'll regret. Offer at-home solutions or even products (that they can order through you) that can help them manage until you see them again.

Share video tutorials with your community that can help them feel confident—and keep them looking their best for their next video conference. They'll be grateful your salon or spa came to the rescue.

Check out our blog post all about how to leverage video in the time of the coronavirus.

3. What your staff is up to

Your clients love your team. Whether your employees are stylists, colorists, nail technicians, massage therapists, wax specialists, estheticians, or cosmetologists, your community wants to know how they're doing. Don't forget about your front desk staff and managers, too. 

Have a different staff member share an Instagram story each day on your business's account. Have them show how they're coping (let them have fun with it!) and what they're most looking forward to when your business reopens. It's a great way to keep your business top of mind, keeping your staff engaged, and show how strong your team is—even during a pandemic. 

4. The updates you’re making to your space

A temporary closure is a perfect time to update your space. Whether you go full-blown reno or just freshen up a few things, you should absolutely share your progress with your clients. They see your salon or spa as their sanctuary. Get them even more excited to come back for your grand reopening.

No update is too small to share. Post video tours of the newly organized retail section, photos of the new accent wall, or new window display.

5. How you’ll handle booking when you reopen

Many of your clients have missed appointments during your closure. They want to know when and how they can rebook. They know how many others are in the same situation, and they're probably feeling a tad anxious about whether it'll be difficult to get an appointment on the calendar.

If you have a plan already in place, communicate that with your clientele. Let them know if you’ll have a waitlist, offer first slots to members, or something else entirely. 

(Read how Barbers of the Lowcountry sent an email to customers with missed appointments, encouraging them to book online or through a text to Messenger[ai].)

6. The steps you’re taking to ensure safety when you reopen

It's going to be hard for your clients to go from staying at home (and leaving only for essentials) to booking services that inherently can't follow social distancing rules. You need to reassure your clients that you're taking every possible precaution to keep them as safe as possible. It's time to broadcast your cleanliness.

Have a designated page on your website that details all of the procedures you've put in place to protect clients and employees. When you email your clients about your reopening, make sure you include this info. You might even consider making a banner or pop-up on your site.

Spotlight the cleaning products you're using at your salon or spa on social media. Are you adjusting the spacing between stations? Post about it. Did a shipment of disinfectants and hand sanitizer arrive? Pics or it didn't happen. This is another chance to share before and after photos.

Explicitly communicate how your salon or spa will follow any federal, state, and local guidelines and restrictions when you reopen. Your clients will take comfort in your serious efforts. Show how you’ll disinfect and keep your clients and staff safe.

Need ideas for how to reduce contact at your salon or spa? Check out our infographic.

7. How much you miss them

Let your customers know that they’re what makes your salon or spa special. They're the reason your team loves coming to work. Communicate just how much they mean to you.

Have favorite photos of clients getting services from last year or photos of special events that you hosted for your community a while ago? Now's the time to share them. Reflecting on how important this network is to you will resonate with your clients.

Hang a banner or create a window display with the message "We Miss You!" Make it known that your salon or spa exists to support your community, and that you can't wait to get back to it. 

Let your clients know that you're working to come back stronger than ever. They're here to support you. You just need to let them know how they can help and how you're working to keep them safe.

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About the author:

Katherine Wernet

Katherine Wernet

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