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Bring in more new customers

With powerful marketing built into your software.
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Be seen—and bookable everywhere

Mobile device with MINDBODY App class booking screen

On the Mindbody app

Displaying your services in the app gives you exposure to millions of users. There are people ready to book, and it's simple to set up—all you have to do is list.

More than 7.9 million classes and appointments are booked each month on the Mindbody app.*

*Data reflects monthly average Mindbody app usage from Looker data reporting through July 2021.

2 product screens showing booking on Google and Peerfit

On Google and Peerfit

We’ll put a Book button everywhere they’re looking so they can sign up directly from search and social. And every booking connects with your software.

Grow your clientele

Yoga class with a dynamic pricing listing in the MINDBODY app

Fill empty class spots

Promote your selected classes with premium placement on the Mindbody app and price them to attract last-minute buyers as well as those willing to pay a little extra for in-demand services.

58% of clients who purchase a dynamically priced service make a subsequent purchase at the same business within the following 90 days.*

*Data reflects monthly average Mindbody app usage from October 1, 2018 through September 30, 2019. (Dynamic pricing is not available in Canada.)

Boxing training with a pop-out of an intro offer in the MINDBODY App

Attract new members

Listing your promoted intro offers in the app is a powerful way to get new clients in the door so they can experience your studio.

67% of clients who purchase a promoted intro offer are new to the business.*

*Data reflects monthly average Mindbody app usage from October 1, 2018 through September 30, 2019.

Pay only when clients book

Marketing your services with Mindbody gives your business higher visibility to potential clients. And when they book, the money goes directly to your account, minus a small marketing fee.

Hands using a mobile phone to browse the MINDBODY App
"Promote is like a crockpot: I can set it and forget it, and it stays turned on. I see consistent revenue from those promoted offers—without putting in any additional marketing time or dollars."
Katie Donzanti

Katie Donzanti

Founder, The Peaceful Peacock

Orlando, FL

Bring in more clients

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my current customers be targeted through Marketing Suite?

The suite targets fitness and wellness seekers who are not already your customers. Your inventory will be surfaced in areas where consumers are searching outside of your particular class schedule, app, or website. The goal of Marketing Suite’s acquisition tools is to attract and convert NEW consumers for you—however, we can’t guarantee that your customers won’t see a promoted offering.

How do I opt in to Marketing Suite so I can attract new customers and promote my business?

You can access the suite by either clicking on the banner on your client acquisition dashboard, or navigating to manager tools and clicking the Marketing tab. Once on this page, you can set up dynamic pricing and introductory offers, and list them on Google.


*Note: If you are a franchise location, your franchisor must delegate you as the owner of your location before you may use Marketing Suite.

How do I create a Payouts account?

In your Mindbody software, navigate to manager tools. Under client acquisition settings, click on Mindbody Promote. After you click Get Started on this page, you’ll be prompted to create your Payouts account. More information on Payouts.

Who uses the Mindbody app?

Our app users are dedicated enthusiasts who make fitness and wellness a regular part of their lives and are actively looking for services like yours. Accessing these types of clients helps with business promotion and keeping your classes full. Check out our consumer website.

What is dynamic pricing?

Dynamic pricing is a pricing algorithm to help with promoting your business. It helps fill slow classes and maximize revenue from classes already on the schedule. It gives you full control of minimum and maximum class prices, and the number of available spots in each class. The algorithm works to offer the right price, at the right time, to the right customer to keep classes full. Read more about dynamic pricing.