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Wellness management software that lets you do what you do best

When clients come in, it’s for more than rejuvenation—what they’re really after is the confidence they need to navigate the world.

Booker’s wellness center software helps them find you, schedules their visit, makes payments simple, and keeps it all organized—so you still have enough in you to give them the best possible experience.

Convenient booking is the start of something good

Our wellness scheduling software guarantees fast and accurate booking so they feel confident about coming to see you from the first click. Whether they book on their phones, online, or on Facebook, make it the beginning of an experience to remember.

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For you, wellness is more than sales

Sales keeps your business growing, but your real bottom line is about improving clients’ well-being. Our POS system enables checkout online, at your front desk, or anywhere that’s convenient. Spend less time on transactions and more time sharing the skills you’ve worked so hard to hone.

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Keep focus on your clients, not your marketing

Your dedication to clients is the best advertisement for your brand. That’s why we give you the freedom to focus on their health. Get customized and targeted online marketing that puts you in front of clients wherever they look—so they can find and book with you on Google and social media.

Client reviews left on social media such as Yelp.

Data is key—let us handle it for you

We can help you balance attention to your clients with the details that managing a business requires. That means you can store and access all your client info, staff scheduling, payroll, commissions, and reports from the same place.

Plus, with HIPAA-compliant SOAP notes you’ll know that all your client info is safe and secure, create new notes right from your schedule, and easily store them in each clients’ profile.

Away from the front desk? Use our app for scheduling, booking, and payments.

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Repeat business is the only business

When you started this, it was about giving enough of yourself to improve and even transform your clients’ lives. That hasn’t changed. What has is that with Booker, you can track client history and send custom emails about special offers and memberships that keep that relationship strong.

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In 2017, more than 130,000 specialists at over 11,100 businesses used Booker each day to grow.

Stories from our clients

“We could not be more impressed with the capabilities of Booker, which are surpassed only by its ease of use.”

The Phoenix Eastern Medical Center, Booker Client

“Nothing compares with Booker’s ease of use and available features.”

Natural Family Health, Booker Client

“The way Booker empowers people to be able to get away from the software and spend more time with their clients is just awesome.”

Allan Share, Booker Client
Owner, The Day Spa Association

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Get professional marketing and more client time

Marketing your business takes time and energy better spent making your clients feel like the best versions of themselves. Let Frederick automatically fill your open appointment times and slow days, and help increase online reviews that get more people in your doors

Tablet and smartphone displaying client reviews.

When you sign up, we’ll give you two weeks of Frederick free to see the difference it makes for your brand.

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Frequently asked questions about wellness center software

  • What is software for health and wellness centers, acupuncture, and chiropractors?
    When you’re opening your practice, you’ll quickly find that there’s more to running a business than providing a great service for your clients. Let software manage most of it for you so you can focus on your clients and your craft. Software—such as an appointment scheduler, a custom mobile app, or online booking—offloads some daily tasks and helps you book and sell 24 hours a day, not just during your office hours. You’ll be able to sell and track services and keep detailed information about your clients, all while being HIPAA compliant with SOAP notes. Plus, you can run reports on your client and staff performance and track the progress of your business.
  • What are the benefits of booking software and business management software?
    Online booking will open up a whole new world of possibilities for your business. Setting up online booking and software helps you focus on what’s most important—your clients. Keep your staff focused on the service they’re providing, not on juggling their schedule or figuring out how to take payments. Use software to reduce no shows with appointment confirmations and reminders.
  • Will software lead to more sales?
    When used the right way, software can work for you to bring in new clients and keep existing ones. You can promote introductory offers, track client visits through reporting, and monitor sales and staff performance. Display your availability on your website or on social media, or make it available to your clients through your own branded app. Track new clients as they build their relationship with you so you can keep them coming back. Add a powerful payment processing system to your business management software and you’ll be able to sell your services online, on mobile, or at your front desk with Clover point-of-sale systems.
  • Will I need support to run software at my business?
    Think of it less as support for a product, and more as having a team of people who are here to help you grow your business and take it to new heights. As with any robust tool, you’ll want to know as much as possible so you can take full advantage of all the features—but you don’t have to be an expert at everything. We’re here to help you become versed in the software and our support team is available via email, chat, and phone to help make sure your software is running smoothly.