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Spa software that focuses on you and your clients

Booker spa management software takes care of your day-to-day so your clients get the most from their experience, at every appointment. They can book whenever and wherever they like, on any device—and you can give them the attention they deserve.

The most convenient booking for your clients

It’s their day—make sure booking it is fast, easy, and liberating for both of you. With our spa booking software, your clients have the freedom to book when it’s most convenient, from their phones, on your website, or on Facebook. And you get a client who’s relaxed and happy from the moment they walk in.

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You’re selling a feeling—we can help

Sales are important, but what really drives you is making people feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Booker’s spa POS system ensures that paying for your services completes that feeling—whether they’re checking out online, at the front desk, or anywhere in your business.

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Online marketing tools free up your time

Less time marketing means more time for spoiling your clients. By displaying your open appointment times on Google and plugging your specials on social media, Booker makes it easy for clients to find and book your services. And easy for you to give them the best possible treatment.

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Let us manage your data

Data isn’t your specialty, but you know that managing it well keeps your business growing. With our software, all your client profiles, reports, staff and schedules, payroll, and commissions live in one place. Plus, our business app lets you schedule, book, and take payments from anywhere.

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Make every appointment exceptional

Your clients come back for the revitalized feeling you give them, every visit. Booker keeps them engaged and ready to schedule their next one. Send custom emails, membership updates, and special offers—freeing you to focus on making them feel fantastic.

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More than 130,000 specialists, at over 11,100 locations, used Booker every day to grow their business in 2017.

Spa success stories

“My experience with Booker has been so streamlined, so smooth, so perfect.”

Jamie Conrad, Booker Client
Owner, Willow Creek Day Spa

“If you're going to go with a product that performs, we find that Booker is the best in the marketplace.”

Benjamin Nissanoff, Booker Client
Owner, ME Spa

“Booker makes booking appointments and charging clients easy.”

Annatte Wolf, Booker Client
Owner, The Spa at Bear Mountain

Check out these insights to help grow your business

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Spend more time with clients and less on marketing

Frederick’s automated appointment reminders keep clients looking forward to their next day with you. With marketing tools that talk to your software, Frederick fills slow days and open appointments, and even drives online buzz about your spa.

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Give clients the best possible experience—get two weeks of Frederick free with your software.

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Frequently asked questions about spa software

  • What is spa software?
    Whether you’re a med spa, day spa, or anything in between, you’ll save yourself time and money and watch your business grow by letting software do the heavy lifting. An appointment scheduler makes your schedule available for clients to book online or from an app. You can view, schedule, or sell from anywhere, not just your front desk. You can track sales and run detailed reports on inventory, staff, new clients, and much more.
  • What are the benefits of spa booking software and online booking?
    When you start using spa software, the first thing you’ll notice is how much work is offloaded and automated. You won’t have to worry about mundane tasks like calling for appointment reminders, finding times to reschedule, and charging no-show fees. You’ll see your no-show rate drop, your sales go up, and your schedule filled. Think of software as extra staff that handles the things you don’t want to, so you can focus on your clients, find new ways to market your business, or train your staff.
  • Will spa software lead to more sales?
    It can, if you use all the tools available to you. Smart, automated tools will get your business in the right places and in front of the right customers. You can display your availability, promos, and introductory offers and clients can book on your website, on social media, or even on your own branded mobile app. Plus, with powerful reporting, you can see which staff are better at upselling, selling products, or bringing in new clients, and you can incentivize them accordingly and even reward performance. Most importantly, you can see how many new clients come in each month, which ones stick around, and which ones can be won back. Software can help you market to clients to keep them engaged and active with your services. Finally, with an integrated point-of-sale system such as Clover, you can take credit card sales at the front desk, online, or through monthly recurring memberships.
  • Will I need support to run spa software at my business?
    As with any robust piece of software that powers business-critical functions like payments, scheduling, and marketing, some training is involved. Proper training will give you the full benefits of the software. For example, you’ll want to understand how to run payments on desktop and mobile and how to drive traffic to your website so you can create a great booking experience when they visit your site. We’ll walk you through all that.
  • What hardware will I need at my spa to run my software solution?
    It all depends on what you want to accomplish, but we recommend you think of your customer first. Is there congestion at the front desk? Consider adding some iPads so clients can check out away from the front desk. Do your customers pay with credit cards? Then you might need the Clover Mini for easy front desk checkout. Sell a lot of products? A mobile swiper will be necessary so you can easily scan products.
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