Mindbody vs. Vagaro

Need another reason to choose Mindbody over Vagaro? We've got seven good ones.

Unparalleled live, premium support
The largest wellness consumer marketplace
The broadest partner network
Built-in live streaming and video-on-demand features
The most comprehensive educational and networking resources
Booking on Reserve with Google
AI front desk receptionist

With Mindbody, you get industry-leading product innovations, expert business education, superior support tailored to your business, and an unsurpassed network of consumers guided to your door. Vagaro can’t compete with that.

Marketing email offer

Automate your salon marketing

Bring in new clients and turn them into regulars with automated marketing tools built into your salon software. Send customized, personalized email and text messages on a programmed schedule to grab clients’ attention. Fill slow days and last-minute openings with no effort. Let smart lists identify the right clients for your promotional messages. Reward clients for customer referrals. And set up requests for reviews from every happy client.

salon online booking

Put online booking in your clients’ hands

Give your customers the mobile, 24/7, state-of-the-art salon booking experience they expect by putting your schedule directly on your website. Highlight your logo and match your schedule with your salon’s colors for a sleek, easy-to-use online booking site. Plus, your salon software automatically upsells clients, gives them the ability to manage their hair salon appointments from anywhere, and lets them purchase gift cards, packages, and series.

AI Receptionist Salon

Never miss a customer again

Make sure you never miss an appointment booking again with an around-the-clock AI receptionist that automatically texts back any customer who calls when you’re busy. Focus on providing an exceptional experience for the client in front of you while your salon software's virtual assistant books beauty appointments, securely captures credit cards, and answers questions just like your staff would.

"I switched from Vagaro to Mindbody because it’s much more user-friendly and easier to navigate."
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Kerri Trahan

Owner, Yoganic Flow

Detroit, Michigan

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Mindbody import all of my clients?

Mindbody converts or imports your client data from your previous software platform. Our Data Services team will import your data during your new client onboarding training.

Is it difficult to transfer from Vagaro to Mindbody?

Switching to Mindbody is a smooth process. Our conversion team is dedicated to making the transition as easy as possible.

Vagaro also has a consumer app. How is Mindbody’s different?

Mindbody’s network is much larger, helping millions of fitness consumers find beauty and spa services. Plus, the Mindbody app facilitates cross-promotion, so that fitness users can also find beauty services.

Vagaro has live streaming video. What makes Mindbody’s better?

Mindbody’s live streaming video feature is native (built into your software) and includes video on demand. No third-party integrations like Vagaro requires, and no training for your staff—just easy-to-use video features directly in your software. Our video features are another reason why Mindbody is the clear-cut Vagaro alternative.

What marketing features does Mindbody offer?

Mindbody Marketing attracts and engages more of your new and existing customers for you. We’ll make your business findable and bookable from everywhere potential clients are searching, put the right offer in front of them at the right time, and keep them engaged with automated, personalized messages that keep them coming back. More exposure and more customers mean more ways to grow your revenue. Mindbody also displays your business in the consumer app for no fee, giving you exposure to millions of consumers who use the app.

Is there training available to support my switch from Vagaro to Mindbody?

All of our customers receive training and onboarding to ensure they’re set up to succeed with Mindbody. We also offer ongoing training and resources, including webinars, guides and blogs, Mindbody University, the Mindbody One Community, and the BOLD Conference, all designed to help you make connections, learn business strategies, and get inspired.

Does Booker compare as favorably against Vagaro as Mindbody does?

Yes, Booker’s platform is better than Vagaro’s in all the points of comparison outlined above. You get access to the largest global marketplace for wellness consumers, powerful tools that help you provide exceptional client experiences, industry-leading customer support, and much more. If you’re an appointment-based business choosing between Booker and Vagaro, Booker is the best option for managing your day-to-day and growing your business.