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2022 US Mindbody Wellness Index

Mindbody’s annual Wellness Index explores what wellness means across the US. The study takes a holistic look at American wellness across a number of different dimensions. Spoiler alert: In 2022, the definition of wellness is evolving.

Using insights from this year’s survey, we’re able to compile and share the latest health and wellness trends through a range of informative reports, lists, articles, infographics, and more.

Ready to see where wellness is headed in 2022?


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Mindbody Wellness Index FAQ

What is the Mindbody Wellness Index?
We surveyed thousands of people across the country, asking them about their wellness habits, including how stressed they feel, how close they are with friends and family, how much alcohol they drink, what their workout habits include, how they practice self-care, and much more. To rank each of the top 50 cities, we use a proprietary statistical scoring algorithm that incorporates anonymized, city-level analytics data from the Mindbody software and this large-scale Mindbody consumer survey. The scale ranges from zero to 100, and the resulting scores for each city are ranked—with the highest ranking associated with the healthiest city, and the lowest denoting the least healthy city.
Who did we survey?
To gather the most accurate information, we asked 16,433 US adults in the largest 50 cities to participate in an online survey between October 14th and November 8th, 2021. Survey participants, provided by a 3rd-party recruitment agency, are general population adults spanning the ages of 18 to 65, with a mean age of 39. The survey included a variety of behavioral, attitudinal, and preferential questions related to consumer engagement. The sample is 58% female, 40% male, and 2% who do not identify with either gender.